Set Gear Levels 500: Gain Incredible Defense or Attack

Set Gear Leveling Game of War GoW

The Gear Workshop has a feature called Set Gear Leveling.  Set Gear Leveling allows you to upgrade your gear sets. Maximum set gear level is now 500.

New set gear levels provide rally leaders incredible attack and defense annihilation while defensive players gain troop, type, legion, and resolute defense with some troop attack as well. In this guide, we discuss all set gear levels including requirements, strengths, and benefits.

Want to level up your gear but lack the required Gear Workshop level?  Visit our Gear Workshop guide for more information on upgrade requirements.

Gear Levels 500

The in-game blog shows the boosts for Level 500 of the newer gear sets.  Defense Titan Overlord gains 1BT% attack, 1 KT% Troop Defense, 1 KT% Legion Defense, 2KT% Resolute Defense, 1 KT% Type Defense. Meanwhile, Warmaster Gear Set receives boosts of 100 BT% Troop Attack, 10 BT% Type Attack, 150 BT% Onslaught Attack, 2 KT% Defense Annihilation and considerable health.

Gear Levels 300

This gear level should be the minimum that defensive players have on their Titan Overlord gear set.  Less than 300 and you risk burning if you don't have some other savior like high research on the new Battle Mark Mastery research tree.

Gear Levels 250

Most players will now have above 250 on all their gear sets.  So many items in packs, you'd have to intentionally have a low gear set level at this point. Keep this in mind when deciding on a target to solo or rally.

Gear Set Levels 250 Game of War

Gear levels require Gear Level Experience and Charms which vary depending on the gear set. Warmaster's and Defense Titan Overlord Gear Set Level 500 requires approximately 1 billion charms each.

Gear Set XP Game of War GoW

How to Level Up Gear

Go to your Gear Workshop. And find the Set Gear Leveling. Next, choose a set you wish to level up. Hit it with Set Gear XP then use the appropriate Charm from the chart above that will level it up!  It's very similar to leveling up your Hero.  You need Set Gear XP to max out the current level then a Charm to upgrade to the next level.

Pro Tip: You can save on Set Gear XP with this tip.  Equip the Gear Set you wish to level up.  Now hit monsters with it.  You will gain XP simply by hitting monsters while wearing it. Then all you need is charms to level up.

Charms Needed for Each Set Gear Type

Each set gear requires a type of Charm to level up.  Keep in mind that some gear sets share the same Charm. So choose wisely which Gear Set you'd like to level up first!

Combat Gear SetsProtection Charm
Economy Gear SetsCitizen Charm
Monster Gear SetsHunter Charm
Attack Core Gear SetsStriking Charm
Wonder Core Gear SetsWondrous Charm

Legion Stats

Many players are a bit confused about Legion Attack and Health. These stats are simply bonuses you receive from Gear Levels.  These stack on your gear stats. These stats can't be debuffed until Legion Debuff is introduced.

So, when you see Legion stats just think of those a tertiary stats that stack on your type and general boosts.  Legion stats are obtained from gear, research, gems, runes and other places.  Whether the Legion stat is applied to your troops depends where you obtained the Legion stat.

For instance, Legion stats obtained from research apply to troops regardless of where they are located, wonder, tile, stronghold, marching etc unless specified otherwise. For example, "with Hero" or "while defending Wonder" means the Legion stat is applied in those circumstances.

Gear Leveling for Trap Players

So you're a trap and new Set Gear Levels are out. SWEET! You search how it can benefit you?

Pegasus, which is used by many players to fight tiles or take rallies isn't included as one of the Set Gear Leveling options. We now have available Agile Duelist's set to replace Pegasus. You may upgrade Agile Duelists gear set levels.


If you have additional requirements information please provide them in the comments below! Thank you GoW Real Tips Family *high five*!

Gear Level 200 for Rally Leaders

The 500,000% Defense Debuff is a bit misleading. If you take a look at the next image below then you'll see its actually split between 250,000% Empire Defense Debuff and 250,000% Legion Defense Debuff.

Set Gear 200 actually provides zero Troop Defense Debuff. However, it may be enough given the added 2,500,000,000% attack.

Gear Level 200 for Defensive Players (Traps)

Defensive players are adding 600,000% defense.  At first glance this seems like a lot but when you consider the defense is split among 250,000% Empire Defense, 250,000% Legion Defense, and 100,000% Troop Defense. This split makes it much easier for rally leaders to debuff.

It would benefit traps more to provide a great deal of one type of defense than to spread it around because the higher it is the harder it is to be debuffed by the leaders.  Since we have no Legion Defense Debuff resistance, set level 200 is no gain in legion defense over rally leaders.

The same could be said of Empire Defense.  250,000% Empire Defense for traps is great! Unfortunately, rally leaders also gain 250,000% Empire Defense Debuff. However, traps also gain 100,000% Troop Defense!  Nice advantage!

Rally leader's gain zero additional Troop Defense Debuff from Gear Set 200.

Which banners are best to use? Check out our Banner Selection Guide to learn more.

Gear Level 200 Charm and XP Requirements

The requirements for level 200 are coming soon.

It is 240,000,000 of the appropriate charm types to get all normal gear to level 100 from level 50. The same number of charms will get you to 134 on cores.

Core Level 200 Requirements and Benefits

core 200 GoW requirements

Please help this project by providing your findings in the comments below!

Learn more about Gear Workshop

Thank you to K386 - Stotty83 for his contributions to the requirement findings!

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  1. “Level 9 set gearitis” is a widespread problem. Defense, Monsters and anything needing Citizen charms are hopeless. No response from MZ. This is a functional game problem they don’t want to solve. It is NOT a “sales” issue. If you would like a refund join me at If your game cannot progress due to a problem they won’t fix they should refund your pack costs.

    • Are you able to upgrade now that they added new gear that requires charms? The citizen charms at least are in packs now.

      • I don’t see any citizen charms in any packs. You do? I need Hunter, Protection and Citizen charms to fully use my gear.

        The only charms I see in packs are Anniversary World Slayer Charms (would these work?) and the Royal Charms which I have. The last packs I bought were DBC and an add-on Athena Ring pack and this is where I am. Stuck at Level 9 Set Gear. I appreciate your interest in helping.

  2. I was trying to figure out if there was a way too get charms without purchasing packs. I’m asking because I haven’t seen regular charms in any of my packs yet. So I’m a level 35 stronghold and I can’t level any of my gear past 9.

  3. Hi!! Love checking out the website – but I have a question. I have ROYAL protection charms, ROYAL citizen charms, etc… etc… that were given to me in packs. But to ‘level up’ my gear it asks for Citizen Charms, Protection Charms, etc… I questioned MZ and they were absolutely no help whatsoever and said I ‘should have read the pack contents better’. Lovely. They want more of my money with an attitude like that?

    Anyway, is there some kind of token or whatnot that unlocks the leveling or am I just out and out screwed. I’ve been looking and combing EVERY pack for the last month trying to find something – thought they finally did it with the ‘Set Gear Leveling’ in a lot of the packs now, bought it and that wasn’t it. Just curious because this is driving me nuts!! Thanks for your help!!

    • Which set are you attempting to upgrade?

    • I’m currently dealing with the exact same thing. I can’t level any of my gear past level 9 because I only have the second tier version of the charms and none of their packs have any of the regular charms in them now. I sought out mz about it, and they said their marketing team would look into. I now find myself combing through packs and realizing they are doing nothing. Nothing has happen, and now I can’t level my gear past 9. Which makes me feel like there is no point in me continuing to play.

      • I am looking into this issue and will create a ticket as well as I can’t upgrade my troop levels on my trap either!

      • A friend of mine had a similar issue with the materials needed for the first round of specialized building upgrades. She took a long break from the game. When she returned to upgrade her buildings, only the 2nd upgrade items were available. We wrote Mz multiple replies and screenshots explaining what we were talking about. One day she had a pack of all building items needed to upgrade. She decided she didn’t need the buildings after all though. Classic!

        So, perhaps you will see that pack with troop level items in it. I will keep looking as well.

  4. How much gear XP is needed to level defense gear to 100 (max)? I recently got a big pack (haven’t gotten one for, what, half a year) which came with the new sets like Valiant Knight and all the new runes and a bunch of gear XP. I got both 50T gear Xps and 100B ones. I’m afraid if I use a 50T extra XP would go to waste. So should I use the 100B XPs or the 50T ones?

    • I used a 50 T and it didn’t get me all the way to 100. You can start with the 50 T then tap the 100B until you are at 100.

  5. How do you create a core gear set? I can’t even find where to make the new Sea God gear

  6. Ctesse isn’t empress ‍♂️

  7. My myithc monster gear set won’t even register in gear workshop. It’s level6. I forged it in the forge with all top level (6) pieces. Why is this?? Will it be able to get pumped up in the future? Thank you.

    • Unfortunately the only monster gear that is eligible for Leveling Up is Behemoth.
      On the other hand, you should be able to Power Up your Mystic Destroyer(?) gear to level 25, which should make it considerably stronger.
      Good luck!

  8. Are we able to upgrade the Stallion set in the gear workshop? Thanks!

  9. Can you stack legion stats with individual troop stats as well as troop stats? If not not which one can they be stacked with?

  10. Hi Darkthrone:

    Do the Attack, Defense and Health mentioned here refer to normal Troop Attack, Troop Defense and Troop Health?

    Incidentally, you can add Glacier King to the combat gear sets eligible for Gear Leveling.

    Agree that it is a shame that Gear Leveling doesn’t cover Pegasus – hope that if MZ ever release an upgraded replacement for Peg it will be among the Chosen.

    (Actually it’s even more of a shame that Gear Leveling only applies to complete sets rather than individual gear items!)

    • Yes, it does refer to normal troop attack defense and health.
      I’ll add Glacial King absolutely. Overlooked that set.
      Indeed individual gear items would make it more dynamic.

      • At least a 7-item full defense set isn’t required to obtain (some of) the benefits of Gear Leveling; a 5-item base set plus 2 Kunai does appear to work.

      • hey,im a fellow gow blogger( I was just about to release a set chart when this popped up in my email.DYou Guys mind if I use your chart?ill give full credit to you guys