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Gear Workshop Guide – Level Up and Slay!


So you’ve got the newest gear! You’re excited to set it up and take it out for a spin and you think.. Hey, I can just level it up later right? Wrong!

Gear Upgrades – A Whole New Beast

Check out below the stats of my Barbarian King Gear before visiting my Gear Workshop!

Barbarian King Set Stat

So then I took a trip to my Gear Workshop, leveled up my gear and improved the quality. Now check out the stats of my Barbarian King Gear.

Barbarian King Set Stat

These functions drastically increased the stats on my gear!

GoW Gear Workshop

A visit to your Gear Workshop is of the utmost importance! In it there are three categories that will help make your gear the best of the best!

Power up

Power up provides increased stat levels and goes all the way to level 50. When powering up your gear don’t forget to toss on your Power Forged Gear to decrease costs!

Set Gear Leveling

Here you are going to get huge stat increases! This uses different charms for different gears and increases different things based off of what gear you are leveling up. Those eco gears are great to max level to reduce costs! Leveling on other gears provide increased Attack, Defense, Health, and Defense Debuff stats.

Improve Quality

This currently goes to level 10. For the newest attack gear, it provides huge boosts as well as for your Harbinger gear! Different materials are required based off of what you are improving! See article on Barbarian King Gear for more information on Improve Quality function.

So visit the Gear Workshop first and take that new gear out for a spin!

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  1. EDWARD says

    Power Shaman or Powerforged for gear leveling?

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