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Gear Workshop

Whether you want to defend your Alliance, destroy your enemies, or simply grow your Empire, it's all about the gearPower Up and Level Up your equipment to MASSIVELY enhance its strength with the Gear Workshop!

Level up the Gear Workshop to raise your gear's power!

Set Gear Leveling

Gear Workshop contains the ability to level up your set gear.  Cores can be leveled to a maximum level of 100 while normal gear maximum is 50.

Gear levels requires Gear Level Experience and Charms which vary depending on the set gear.

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Gear Workshop: What Does It Do?

The Gear Workshop allows you to Salvage your old equipment into reagents that you can use to Power Up your top tier gear. Gear that is Powered Up has additional bonuses for each Power Level.

That is what we are given in the tooltip for Gear Workshop but what does it mean? Basically, you can break gear items down to receive Power Essence that can then be used to Power Up or boost other gear items for attack, research speed, training speed and more. The amount of boost given to an item increases as you level up the Gear Workshop.

Gear Workshop: What Do I Need To Upgrade

In order to upgrade the Gear Workshop you need Power Essence from breaking items, Power Jewels, Booming Power Jewels and Seething Power Jewels obtained from completing events or purchasing from the gold store, and resources.  Also, the Forge and Stronghold levels are a requirement for upgrading the Gear Workshop.

Gear Workshop Upgrade Requirements

Gear Workshop Level 30

Gear Workshop Requirements

Gear Workshop Level 25 Requirements

Gear Workshop Level 25 requires the following items to upgrade:

  • Stone Column: 200,000
  • Booming Power Jewel: 10,000

Upgrade Rewards include Powering up your cores to level 6.

Power Level Benefits include:

  • Enemy Troop Defense Debuff or Attack Debuff: 30%
  • Specific Troop Attack: 195% Total.

Gear Workshop Level 26 Requirements

Gear Workshop Level 26 requires the following items to upgrade:

  • Stone Column: 600,000
  • Booming Power Jewel: 70,000

You can use the Gear Workshop to Power Up normal or core gear. Power Essence is required to power up normal gear. However, Power Essence and Raw Power is required to power up core gear. The amount required to power up the gear item depends on the building level.  As you increase Gear Workshop level, your Power Up Efficiency improves.

Gear Workshop 30 GoW Game of War

Powering Up Core Gear

Let's try to Power Up Core Gear using Nike Core Set accessory Victorygod's Renown.

Find your gear workshop and then the Power Up Tab:



At the moment I'm using just a Level 4 Gear Workshop. But for our purposes we can see what kinds of boost the Gear Workshop will provide.  So, using Nike's Victorygod's Renown we see this:

Power Up StatsPower Up Requirements

On the left side are the Power Benefits.  At my current Gear Workshop level the amount of boost is not significant.  However, you can see the type of boost that is given to the accessory. In this example, it will boost Infantry Attack.  Below the stats displays how much Power Essence and Raw Power is required to boost the item.  Raw Power can be obtained from Sales or from Salvaging gear at Gear Workshop 24.

Potential Boosts

With my current building level I'm not able to boost my gear much. However, take a look at what is possible with higher building and power level.

Power Up Potential

Let me break down what we are seeing here.  We see Level 1-5.  If we take a look up at the Gear Workshop building details you will see Power Level 1-5.  This is what the levels refer to here.  For instance, to reach level 1 and receive 4% to infantry attack you need a Gear Workshop of level 10.

For this core in particular we will gain 180% Infantry Attack at Gear Workshop Lvl 24. If this type of addition is typical for all cores in Nike we can look forward to adding 1,260% Infantry Attack to our set.

Power Up Efficiency

Power Up Efficiency will reduce the cost of powering up your core equipment.  This means it will reduce the Power Essence and potentially the Raw Power required to Power Up your items.

Power Shaman Gear Set is used to reduce the cost of Power Essence.

Also, it requires Raw Power to power up a core set.  Salvaging at Gear Workshop only returns Raw Power if you already used some Raw Power in the item to boost.

Obtaining Power Essence

So, as mentioned above, we need lots of Power Essence both for upgrading the Workshop and for Powering Up items.

How can you obtain Power Essence easily?  Buy them in packs.

How can you obtain Power Essence cheaply? Craft items and break them.

How can you get Raw Power items? Unfortunately, only from playing Inferno and in packs, or salvaging items that were previously powered up.

Any legendary item you craft, Normal, Relic, Core and break down will yield 2,048 Power Essence.

Check your inventory for gear items you no longer use or that you received as a reward.  Relics, Normal Gear, old Cores that are no longer destructive in the current Game of War.

Next, craft some cheap items and break them down. I would start with normal materials of level 1-10 normal items because they require very little silver or speedups.  Next, craft some relics.

Finally, if you are like me, you will have hundreds if not thousands of unused and previously worthless cores and pieces which you can use to craft and breakdown.  Take a Legendary core item and add one level 1 piece and craft it. Then break it in your inventory. You will soon accumulate hundreds of thousands of Power Essence.

Salvaging Your Gear

Salvaging Gear is not available until Lvl 24.  Salvaging gear provides additional Power Essence, not raw power unless previously powered up.  Also, you cannot salvage burning cores.

You can use a Salvaging Mallet to eliminate the cooldown timer of 20 minutes between salvaging.

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  1. If i power up my cores to max level will i get my power essence back after the core has burnt out, just wondering because it costs a lot to power them up to max

    • Only if you use a Salvaging Mallet will your receive anything back. It cannot be used once the core is burning and it has a cool down. So basically, the answer is no. The power essences are used up. You can, however, break items to receive Power Essences. I recently broke a bunch of old materials I no longer needed to upgrade buildings such as Stone Columns. I received 3.6 billion power essences.

  2. Just to put up a chart of gear workshop for all..

  3. Looks to be stoned columns are gonna be the next big item for upgrading to 25…. ,sare insane as it is and ‘s can’t imagine what stoned columns will cost

  4. WhAts good dark throne great site… about the gear workshop what if you have powered up a piece of gear while level of shop was at say 21 it has a 16% power up efficiency ….. now work shop has leveled up to 24 where power up efficiencyis now 20%… does that stay at 16% or does it just role over as you level up? I raise this question cause there is no rewind like with orbs in buiding power.. ( which when you click the link read more on this site) page can’t be found.. makes me wonder should we wait till level. 24 or even 25 comes out. But that’s crazy if we can get a vantage point at current level… I did my oracle helm 10 at level 21 now I’m level 24 workshop ….do I have to salvage helm re craft and repower again? Is that the most it can get or am I not understanding power up effiency? Great site brother gonna like it on here…

    • I believe you will be stuck with whatever you had at time of boosting. Same as cores when you level up Forge. Your cores don’t get boosted as you level up Forge or VIP level until you recraft.

      • But all that’s different is power up efficiency what exactly does that mean ? Like is 4 % worth salvaging item recrafting if you can?

        • I believe the Power Up Efficiency relates to the cost of powering up the item – i.e. if it costs 1000 to powerup an item to level 1 (1% boost) then it will be discounted by 20% (only cost 800 essence)

  5. if I power an item up at gear workshop level 1 then upgrade the gear work shop am I able to power that same item further with the next workshop level or is it as powered as it will be? or if i power up an item at workshop one then upgrade the workshop with the item become more powerful as I upgrade the building?

    • I believe you will need to redo the power up. It will likely ask if you wish to replace the current power boost. However, it won’t automatically increase boost as you upgrade the gear workshop unless you redo the boost. I’ve not confirmed these theories however.

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