Gears Selection Guide – Best for Each Function

GoW Gears Selection Guide

Every job has a uniform.

You need the correct tools to get the job done! So why not equip your hero with the best gear available?

Let’s take a look!!

What's the Best Gear for Each Function?


Current best gear for attack is the Teal Divine Grave Knight Gear (Hidden Gear). Check out our Divine Grave Knight Gear Article for more info!!


Current best gear for wonder is Teal Divine Grave Knight Gear! Check out our Divine Grave Knight Gear Article for more info!!


There are multiple choices for defense gear currently! Here is our preferred list!

  1. Divine Magisters Gear
  2. Divine Grave Knight Gear with Bracers
  3. Radiant Marksman

Eco-Training, Research, Crafting, and Power-up

New Eco gear arrived on the scene and it provides several functions! No longer do you need multiple eco gear for different functions... this one can do it all! Divine Sandguards Gear is your go-to gear for your cities needs!


Ready for a trip to the dungeon and take on ferocious monsters? Don’t forget to equip your Wander Gear Set to empower your hero!

Speed Gear

Save time in Agile Duelist! It is the best gear to speed your march in! Set your rally and send and swap to attack gear for a faster march!

Monster Gear

Battle the monsters in your kingdom for boosts and prizes! Best gear to do this currently is the Divine Magisters Gear!

The Little Things

As always don’t forget to gem, rune, and take a trip to your power forge to make your gear the most effective!

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  1. What do you recommend for gems in regards to the new Sandsguard gear set, since it is multipurpose? Should we be replacing gems as back and forth as we use it for example troop building then on to research etc?

  2. Maybe dumb question – but is there any reason to keep old gear anymore? Like lava titan, salvage, paladin, oracle, etc. if you have the Barbarian, Sanguards, radiant, and wanderer? Also the red kunais or red hero rings? My inventory is full of just stuff, and I have 63 unopened red hero rings. Are cores even worth thinking about?
    I think its all a waste, but would like someone else’s opinion.

    • I broke all my old gear once it was replaced by newer better gear. No need for eco sets once they have been replaced. Just be sure all aspects of the gear have been upgraded before you break them.