Gem Set Recipes: Level 20 Mythical Liberator Gem Set!

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The following article provides Gem Set recipes, stats, bonuses and research tree requirements for your gem sets and gem set research.

Gems are a powerful way to enhance your gear’s potential, but Gem Set Bonuses make them even more powerful. Equip the right combination of gems to create a set that contains massive bonuses.

Newest Gem Set Released:

Mythical Liberator gem set is the latest gem set release in Game of War.  This set is unique because you can combine it to level 20. Currently, I’m using a level 19 set in my Anniversary World Slayer.

To combine your Mythical Liberator Gems head to your Forge, or tap “More” and then “Crafting.” Find the Combine Tab:

Find the Mythical Liberator you want to combine.

Next, combine to your desired level.  Keep it mind it requires four of each type of gem to reach the next level.  So, after you combine you no longer have those lower level gems.

To upgrade a gem set to the next level you need to have 3 extra of each gem in the set before you upgrade or you won’t have enough to complete the set.

Rule of 28

Use the rule of 28. If you have at least 28 of each of that level of gem then you can safely combine them to the next level. You will have enough for an entire set of 7.

I recommend using Master Combine only to the current level you are using.

Next, take a look at how many gems you have of that level. If more than 28, then you can safely combine them and have 1 full set of the next highest level gems.  However, should you need two sets, then you need to double the rule of 28. You will now need 56 of each gem and combine and have two full sets.

When combining to the next level of gems, be sure to pull gems from equipment and cores you wish to upgrade.  This ensures you gain maximum upgrade potential for each gem.

If I have a set of Level 13’s, I will wait until I have at least 10 of a gem before I combine it to the next level.

Why 10 gems? Well, I need 7 of any one gem for all the slots in my core preset. It requires 4 of them to combine to 14, but then I need 6 left over to fill the remaining gear slots with Level 13.

This method can be used to incrementally increase your strength as you gather Mythical Liberator Gem Sets.

Mythical Liberator Stats

Liberator Gem Set Game of War GoW

Mythical Liberator Gem Set Level 20 Max Research Benefits:

Troop Attack1,424,999,999%
Empire Defense Debuff834,999%
Empire Defense1,080,000%
Wonder/Rally Health2,754,999,999%
Legion Defense207,149

A few comments about higher levels of this gem set.

  • Empire Defense is added at level 10.
  • Gem set bonus applies when using any level gems. You can have three level 13’s and one level 6 and still trigger the bonus.
  • Research Sockets: Higher level gems provide greater points for purpose of research sockets.

Gem Set Bonus Recipes

With the release of Gem Set Bonuses you now have a wide range of powerful bonuses you can gain from equipping the right combination of Lvl 6 Gems on a piece of Legendary gear. Here are some of the potent Gem Set Bonuses you can take advantage of now – watch for more to become available in the future:

General’s Training Gem Set

Lvl 6 Training Gem + Lvl 6 Recruiter Gem + Lvl 6 Silver Gem + Lvl 6 Discipline Gem

Gem Set Bonus

Training Speed4%

Summary & Stats

Troop Queue Bonus25%
Silver Production20%
Training Speed20%

Architect’s Construction Gem Set

Lvl 6 Wood Gem + Lvl 6 Stone Gem + Lvl 6 Ore Gem + Lvl 6 Mason Gem

Gem Set Bonus

Construction Speed4%

Summary & Stats

Ore Production20%
Wood Production20%
Stone Production20%
Construction Speed10%

Oracle’s Research Gem Set

Lvl 6 Wisdom Gem + Lvl 6 Architect Gem + Lvl 6 Knowledge Gem + Lvl 6 Scholar’s Gem


Gem Set Bonus

Research Speed4%

Summary & Stats

Research Speed19%
Training Speed5%
Construction Speed3%

Beastmaster’s Monster Gem Set

Lvl 6 Fire Gem + Lvl 6 Jester’s Gem + Lvl 6 Hydra Gem + Lvl 6 Hero Brawn Gem


Gem Set Bonus

Hero Attack Bonus8%

Summary & Stats

Maximum Energy Limit16500
Energy Recovery100%
Hero Attack Bonus32.5%

Gem Set Bonus Research Requirements

If you just want to unlock the Gem Set Bonus section it will require about 7 trillion resources and 500,000 days of speed.

However, to complete the tree through “Super Wonder Rally Capacity Increase II” will require approximately 23 trillion resources and 1 million days of speed up.

Finally, to complete the entire tree will require ~5,000 T each resource and with 1000% research speed the entire tree is 345,000,000 days.

Gem Set Bonus Video!

This is actually the first video of our new video series on Youtube! Please Like the video and Subscribe to our channel if you like what you see!

This video will tell you some of the most pertinent information about Gem Sets right now.

Gem Set Bonus Research Requirements

If you just want to unlock the Gem Set Bonus section it will require about 7 trillion resources and 500,000 days of speed.However, to complete the tree through “Super Wonder Rally Capacity Increase II” will require approximately 23 trillion resources and 1 million days of speed up.

Gem Set BonusConstruction Time Reduction

Reduce a flat amount of time from the original time it would take to complete a building upgrade.

Level 10 – Total Bonus: 22:13:20 Reduction

Research Time Reduction

Reduce a flat amount of time from the original time it would take to complete a research.

Level 10 – Total Bonus: 22:13:20 Reduction

Troop Training Gem Set Bonus

Unlocks the Troop Training Gem Set Bonus.

Level 2 unlocks the Troop Training Gem Set Bonus 200% Multiplier.

Treasury Deposit BoostGem Set Bonus 2

Increases the maximum limit of Gold in a Treasury deposit.

Level 10 – Total Bonus: 100,000

Troop Training Capacity V

Increases the Troop Training Capacity of your Barracks

Level 10 – Total Bonus: 400%

Mythic Gather Speed

Greatly increases your gathering speed on Mythic Tiles.

Level 10 – Total Bonus: 500%

Construction, Research, Monster Gem Set Bonus

Unlocks Construction, Research, Monster Gem Set Bonus

Level 2 Unlocks Construction, Research, Monster Gem Set Bonus 200% Multiplier. I believe this means it will double the bonus on your Construction, Research, Monster Gem Set Bonus.

Construction II

Construction Speed Bonus of 25% at Level 10.


Boosts Research Speed Bonus 25%.

Hero Attack V

Increases your Hero’s Attack against a Monster by a total of 50%.

Gem Set Bonus ModifierGem Set Bonus 3

Increases your Gem Set Bonus Modifier by a total of 25%

Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Attack Gem Set Bonus

Unlocks Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Attack Gem Set Bonus and adds 200% Multiplier.

Attack Bonus for all Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Troops

Increases Attack Bonus for all Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Troops by 250%.

Troop Defense, Attack, Health Gem Set BonusGem Set Bonus 4

Unlocks Troop Defense, Attack, Health Gem Set Bonus and adds a 200% Multiplier for Level 2.

Hospital Healing Speed II

Increases Healing Speed by 100%.

Resource Send and Receive Capacity Increase

Increases the amount of Resources you can receive from and send to your Alliance Members by a total of 50,000,000.

Crafting Speed III

Increases  you Crafting Speed by 100%

Gem Set Bonus Modifier II

Increases your Gem Set Bonus Modifier by 75%.

Watchtower Debuff

Uses your Watchtower to Debuff the Attack of incoming enemy marches to your city by a total of 25%

Duration IV

Make your Core and Relic Equipment last longer after you’ve equipped it your Hero by 10%

Embassy Defense

Increases the Defense of your Troops in your city when allies reinforcing you by 50%.

Troop Defense V

Increase Defense Bonus for all your Troops by 300%

Troop Attack III

Increases Attack Bonus for all your Troops by 350%.

Troop Health IV

Increases Health Bonus for all your Troops by 300%.

Super Wonder Rally Capacity Increase II

Increases your Super Wonder Rally Capacity by 1,158,574


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  1. Nessa says

    anyone know where you can find the token now?

  2. KHII
    KHII says

    Very good charts I will have it added to my bot Popo V3.1 Good work dark throne I am proud to put your brand in the mix. As we have already talked haha.

    KHII Bots

  3. Nesrin says

    128 t lycan set 50, hero 80. Burning and going zero. Pay 2k for full research and burn with a 100 $ gem set.

  4. Lawrence says

    Which gem set would be best for new lava titans defence set and best easy way to skill it…please help

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      The best gem set for Lava Titan is the Mythical Divine Gem Set for the Legion Defense. Legion Defense can lose only 2K to legion defense debut. Also, I believe 5 pc lava titan with 2 kunai which have mythical gems would do well.

  5. Micarta says

    The Bravery Health gem set confers 4536% Troop Heath, which is 436% higher than the 4100% Troop Health of the Unbreakable Health gem set.
    This is in addition to the Bravery Health stats already posted (6825% Wonder Holding Health, 6825% Rally Health, 2702% Troop Attack) by Darkthorne.
    Needless to say, the stats are for a full group of 7 gem sets.

  6. Seteli says

    Hello. I bought a pack that contained the powerforge gear set. I have no clue what gem sets to use on it. Is there a specific gen set for this gear set? Thank you – Seteli

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      No gem set to boost cores or potions at the moment. You can use defense gems in case you forget to change gear after crafting or if someone gets brave while you are crafting and solo’s you or something. I use hades gems in mine so folks don’t know what I’ve got under there while I craft.

      Bottom line, no gems are the wrong gems really. There is a 4th slot luck gem that speeds up crafting slightly but they are extremely rare.

      1. KHII
        KHII says

        Very good charts I will have it added to my bot Popo V3.1 Good work dark throne I am proud to put your brand in the mix. As we have already talked haha.

        KHII Bots

  7. Michael Duncanson says

    Hello. I am trying workout best core gem sets for Jiao equipment. I have used butcher on helm ( which is great ), However I am not sure what I should use on all other pieces. Also I have got to level 76 however it has that I need 200 000 Tassels to upgrade I Am Lost with this part ie- how do you get these ETC – Thankyou kind regards Michael

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      For what purpose are you using Jiao equipment. If for defense then there is no better option currently Aegis Defense Gem Set.

      For your second part of the question, I’m not sure what you are asking. Hero 76 is not yet released nor are Tassels. Game of War sometimes shows requirements of upcoming content releases. Again, as of now, hero 76 is not out and Tassels aren’t obtainable. Hero 75 is max.

  8. Vlad says

    Is there a set to use for dungeon gear? I haven’t been in a while and have a full gear set for the dungeon and want stuff that will be useful rather than useless. My city will be shielded but I’m looking for stuff to boost my ability to go deeper in the dungeon. Any help is highly appreciated.

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      A set for Dungeon does exist. It is the “Dungeoneer Set”. Also, ask your Alliance for a Dungeon Ability Blessing before you embark on your quest!

  9. Cyronius says

    Hey man, ive been playing for over 2 years but now im barelly getting into using attack cores and def cores, would you be wilimg to help me out on this new step of my gow addiction? I really need tips and plint so i dont get capped way too often or get burned badly.

  10. ShallowSoulKillTeam says

    If i were to buy the Vip 27 bogo pack how long do i have to purchase the discounted pack is it just until hourly timer runs out? and i thought if you bought a 100 dollar pack that you could choose which pack u wanted to for the bogo? thanks please let me know asap

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      All depends on when the packs reset. Typically they reset at 7pm EST. Its possible the second of the BoGo could last nearly 24 hours. I’ve had mine up over night and purchased the other half the next day.

  11. Shebetie says

    What gems are best for EACH piece of Inquisitor set for T5 troops, Elite Marshall Training set, Behemoth Monster, etc. as as I max everything out, they bring out more stuff…confusing as heck tbh. Would be nice to have a handy side by side guide gor each piece of gear & gems to use as well as skilling the trees. Lol. Thanks…

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      I’ll assist you via line Shebetie ;).

      1. Bloocoat says

        I also need help with this, if you could send info via line would be great. Bloocoat

        1. Darkthorne
          Darkthorne says

          Greetings Bloocoat. What information do you need bud?

    2. Razor Ramon says

      It’s really not confusing for those particular sets. So far there is only 1 research gem set, 1 training gem set and 1 monster hunting gem set.

      I understand people have questions but some of these are a simple click or search from finding the answer.

      Not to mention the gems that belong to a particular set have the name next to them. If you don’t have gem selector unlocked yet.

      Every new gem set is usually an upgrade over the previous attack or health set.

  12. Proz says

    If you guys could help me out with exact time taken to complete the entire tree.. cause the above mentioned article says 1million days of speed ups but in actual with a boost of 1000% research, you still cant finish it by 1million days.. it takes approximately 3.5mil to 5 mil days to finish the entire tree.. So get ready to shell out for atleast 300-400$ for this tree to be completed with the best research gears on.. Best of luck..

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      Sorry for confusion but the 1 million days refers to unlocking just the Gem presets and modifiers. The remainder of the tree is another 3m speed ups. Play the Gem Set Research Tree events to recoup some of the costs along the way.

    [email protected] says


    i have read ALL the info to assist me in the gemming of my cores. but im a little confused with which are the correct/best to use – as in there are so many different sets and some fit the same core set up?

    can you simplify this for me if not explain it more simply – i have arrow set in aura gear as this is what this site suggests
    then i would like to have the rest like that as in lady justice? perses? and son on

    is this possible?


    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      Assuming you have all the gem sets available in the game then the best gem set for rallying strongholds is Onslaught Gem Set. The best gem set for Lady Justice for tiling and Wonder fights is Bolster Health Gem Set because of its high Health and some attack. If you want more the most attack you can get in a gem set then also use Onslaught Gem set for wonder/tile as well.

        [email protected] says

        Thanks Dark,

        so is arrow ok in my Aura gear – i also use this for solos , so onslaught or Arrow gemset?

        so what is all the health gemsets for, and the warrior and spectral sets?


        [email protected] says

        Thanks Dark,

        so is arrow ok in my Aura gear – i also use this for solos , so onslaught or Arrow gemset?

        so what is all the health gemsets for, and the warrior and spectral sets?


      3. Rexi says

        is Lady Justice better than Pegasus for tile defense and attacks?

  14. Glyn says

    I’ve noticed that the onslaught set only gives 130% troop attack and not the 220 advertised. I’ve completed all the gem set research except the very last one, super wonder rally capacity) which I’ve left at L9. Do I need to get this to L10 to get the full bonuses on gem sets. I would very much appreciate a reply if you can find the time

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      The set bonus on the onslaught is 130%. The total troop attack of the gem set is 220%. I’ll update the page to distinguish the two. Thank you Glyn!

  15. Steve says

    At what point in the calculation is the straight time construction considered?
    If it is taken off the full time first then the % reductions are calculated then it it makes very little difference.
    If is calculated after the % boosts then it takes that time off the real time.

  16. Great Muta says

    I really don’t understand the (unlocks research gem set bonus 200% multiplier). I had my research gear on with 2 pieces with the research gem set ( the boost was 2.4% ) i then researched further until I got to unlock the second part of construction, research etc.

    I’m expecting to see that set bonus go from 2.4% to 4.8% if not more. Instead darn thing is at 2.78. That’s complete crap. Must not be worth a thing until everything is 10/10 I guess.

    1. Steve says

      It doubles the base amount.
      All the calculations are done that way.

      Suppose something has a base amount of 100 and you get a boost of 100% then it’s worth 200.
      Now add a different boost of 100%, it is now 100 boosted by 200% and is worth 300.

      But if you don’t know how it works, you might see the 200 then think you are adding a 100% boost to that.
      But nope you have to add up all the boosts before multiplying by the base amount.

      And if something is boosted by 1000% then adding another 100% boost isn’t such a big deal.

  17. KINGStag says

    How much power will competing the gem research tree add to my city?

  18. fiona50
    fiona50 says

    How can I buy these packs. My seller stopp.

  19. inthese says

    how do i tell of my gem set bonus is active? when i ask someone to click my hero equipment, it says yoi have no gem set bonus when i do.

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      When you gem set is active all the gems will receive a yellow glow around the embed box. See the image at the top of this post for an example. Make sure that item is the one that is equipped on your hero. Sometimes we have multiple accessories that appear to be the same but are different. Be sure that the item you embedded Gem Set Bonus recipe in is properly assigned to your Preset if using one, or properly equipped on your hero.

      I hope that makes sense. Double check that you see the yellow glow signifying gem set bonus is active. Level 6 gems only. Next, make sure that is the item currently equipped on hero.

  20. RealMenace says

    So, back to my original question/point, does anyone have any insight as to how to acquire the resource type gems?

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      The resource type gems are some of the most difficult gems to acquire. After playing Game of War for three years and purchasing countless packs, opening countless gifts, and doing thousands of quests I’ve only one Lvl 5 Silver Gem, and one Level 3 Ore Gem. However, with the addition of Gem Set Bonus Research and requirement in the Gem Set Bonus Recipe you can obtain these gems in packs offered in the Gold Store. Another way is to farm the resource tiles in the Super Wonder or Coliseum. These tiles can be shielded for safe farming. However, they only return Level 1 or Level 2 Resource type gems. Sorry 🙁

      1. Gho0st says

        That’s only “if” you happen to have a full prospector set with gems, because when was the last time MZ put RSS shields in any packs? Or made them available in the bazaar or alliance store?
        Also, there were RSS gems in the gold pack right when gem set research came out. Since then absolutely nothing. And believe me I’ve been checking every single pack

  21. NME says

    Do you have to use these gem combinations in order to receive the bonus or does each gem receive a bonus? I want to boost defence, but I don’t have all the gems for a full set.

    1. Darkthorne
      Darkthorne says

      Works like the core recipe set bonus. Unless you use the specific combination you will not receive the additional bonus.

  22. […] if you are searching for more information on new gem set bonus and research check out our Gem Research […]

  23. RealMenace says

    When was the last time anybody received a resource type gem? MZ comes out with this Architect’s Construction Gem Set and never drops these gems in any resource tiles. I have been playing this game for two years and I have rarely seen any of these resource type gems dropped by MZ in game, or in packs for that matter. So go ahead and give us a Gem Set that the required gems can’t ever be obtained. Yeah that makes sense.

    If any of you have insight as to how to obtain these resource gems, please illuminate us all.

    1. Gho0st says

      Not only do they require those resource type gems that are impossible to get, but you also have to give up the actual Architect gem which would give another 3% bonus each. And with the insane costs for lvl 22+ buildings, the resource gems are useless anyway.
      Same goes for the training gem set requiring you to give up the 5% training bonus of the Wisdom gem for a Silver resource gem. Yet another useless gem since any trapper, filler, or rally leader will have only 1 villa for upgrade purposes.

  24. OBV says

    This game really has turned in to the worst game in history. Started out as a cool game full of interaction and growth, and turned in to nothing but people who could buy Mercedes and BMW cars with what they spend and fillers to sit around in the meantime. They removed every single way a player could engage without heavy spending (relevant monster drops, farming rewards, quest materials), and have not introduced a single new feature that could be accomplished without buying packs, even eliminating the ability to use gold on items you used to be able to (epic teleports) in lieu of cash only. This is seriously a giant joke, and you’re enabling it. This is predatory gaming, if MZ were a wallstreet company, they’d crash the world economy with their greedy practices.
    By contrast, there are games out there (like Invasion, Clash, War & Order) that do not make you pay for every new upgrade, keep you informed of what they’re doing and why, and take responsibility for their issues instead of blaming their consumers. Everyone needs to quit this game, you can’t keep supporting financial greed and evil with minimal fun (and all fun comes at financial expense of other people, none at the company). There is no strategy anymore, there’s no custom cores that beat current sets, you follow a recipe, and hit someone hoping they’re actually slipping, all the while spending more and more to eliminate what others have spent. Core sets ruined the game. The inability to experience ANY new upgrades or features whatsoever without spending 100’s of dollars ruined the game. The game is corrupt.
    Take notes people. I know what it feels like to be too-invested to leave it, but all you’ll do by staying is continue to support what’s truly evil and wrong with corporate greed in our society.

    1. mck says

      Well said. Hit the nail on the head. The only strategy I see is how to get powerful without spending money. But there is no way to get certain items without buying packs, period. So game favors those who can buy packs, that’s it.

    2. Tobbe says

      Well said. Forgot to tell that they dont even answer at support anymore, the bugs in program can be, not important for them. Ppl will pay anyway. A cathastroph.

    3. Katy says

      Lol, MZ brings out New attack cores (Artemis, Bacchus etc), last KVK i had five rallies on me, all players over 1.2Trillion power (with 8mill troop rallies). im 22billion power….Capped all the new cores (and only lost a few traps) aswell as the cores that are boosted in the New workshop building. and all i used was regular gear. So NOT everyone needs to spend money on this game, this game is fun, its just Certain people who cannot think how to play the game. None of my gear has been boosted, its all normal standard regular gear and troops. Oh and a small pack bought can go along way….Everyone has played a game where to spend a little bucks will get you further. Just got to use your head once and a while on how to play properly. Peace… KAty

      1. OBV says

        You spent to get to 22 bill. You spent quite a bit. That’s still small potatoes, but yeah, sets did ruin the game. They ruined them because it used to take skill to craft. If people could custom craft intelligent sets more powerful than the set bonus racks, then they’d bust people open again. Congratulations on capping sets that have EXACT stats and bonuses for max players w right gems… that’s what I was talking about, no skill. You know what you can and can’t eat, they can’t surprise you with a custom developed recipe that hits harder than you’d ever expect. That’s what I meant on the skill being completely gone by set bonus sets.

        1. OBV says

          GOW used to have monsters that came around in rare rotation that you hit for your rare core pieces (that, like everything else, only come in packs now) that were the essential bits for big hits (Emerald Horns, Cooked Turkey Pieces, the pieces that are STILL the biggest custom pieces out there, after dozens of ridiculously inflated sets that custom can’t compete with anymore). When fisherman and dragonking came out, they were the goto racks for people that didn’t farm the right monsters or have the skill for proper custom racks, but even after they came out, the best hits were custom. Then, set bonus took over and custom never got any better except when using the occasional rare set bonus piece that meant you could craft less of the more powerful full sets anyways since you wasted on custom /endrant

      2. Dynamite says

        You spent money to reach 22 Billion power and to acquire the regular gear used for your defense.

        Although resources and speed ups have increased exponentially in the past 8 months, players still need relevant defense or attack gear.

        I mean let’s say a newbie came in got one of the current $99 packs with 1 trillion of each resource and about 100K speed ups. Sure they could very easily reach some level of billion power quickly but they still won’t have the gear you possess to defend higher attacks.

      3. KunaiIsLame says

        I am 100% positive you used 2 kunai to make your captures. Traps are about as intelligent at this game as the whales who spend thousands of dollars a week to have the best of everything when it drops. Anybody can train a few billion troops and equip 2 kunai. Don’t think because you used a piece of cheat gear that takes all of the guess work out of defending a rally you actually know what you are doing.

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