Gems Selection Guide – Making a Huge Impact from Little Changes

gems selection guide

In today's Game of War meta we all want the best of everything. We try to get max research, the right troop set up, and the right presets ready.  But we often overlook the little things. The little things, like gems, could mean the difference between burning or capping for a trap, or getting kicked from the wonder for a lot of leaders.

So today we will break down the little things that make a big difference. We will start with gems since it's the same for all accounts. Then we'll move into the best Runes and Banners for traps, leads, and wonder fighters provided on the links below.

New Gem Sets Are Gone, Gem Levels Have Arrived

9/25 Update

Gone are the days of new gem sets for gear. Instead we continue to get increasingly higher gem levels with the most recent being Mythical Liberator Gems level 100. While it is possible to combine your current gems to obtain higher levels, DO NOT use Master combine. These gems are the best for both attack and defense gear. Always use the best ones you have for the best results.

GoW Gems Selection

Runes and Banners are two other "little" things you'll want to pay attention to:

Runes Guide |Banners Guide

Just look at the different possibilities. See how huge a difference these little changes can make. With the insane numbers each of these offer, it's worth the time to check and make sure yours are right. Now get out there and make a difference.

9/15 Update

We introduced Level 76 to level 85 of the Mythical Liberator Gems. While it is possible to combine your current gems to obtain higher levels, DO NOT use Master combine. 

gem lvl 76 gem lvl 85

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  1. I was wondering what the best gem set was for the Power Shaman set gear?

  2. I used Master combine and got 2 x Lv 87 Mythical Liberator gem set and 1 x Lv 86 set.

  3. Second screenshot

  4. I’m currently trying to set myself up as a trap. I’ve enclosed two screenshots of my kingdom. With what you see what is the best setup for me to be a trap?

  5. OMG just found this article. Awesome info. Wish I had found it months ago

  6. Where can you find Rainbow Gems?

  7. great article and very useful information’s, here in your site cover all topics you need to know as beginners and not only for new player , as well for all players in general. I did search a lot in online , but mostly like get info here, very clear, easy to understand .
    Keep up with your posts.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you for that kind and positive feedback comment! This means a great deal to us. All feedback is welcome and seriously considered, but positive ones reinforce our mission to provide the Game of War Community with the most up-to-date strategy and information. Thank you!

  8. This article needs to be updated to include the newest released gems i.e., Domination, Trickster, Egg, etc.

  9. Thank you for the simple and useful information. This page should be higher up in search results. Especially in regards to gem information.

    Thank you

  10. spreadsheet doesn’t exist according to my link.

  11. THANK YOU for this article !!!! Between this and how to set your hero tree there is no reference anywhere that is useful for general game play. This game doesn’t come easy to me so this is huge for me. thank you thank you !!!xoxoxox this site rocks.

  12. Great article! For rally defense gemming, I would put shadow gem and gem of honor as the same priority level as they are the exact same gems. Let me know if you’ve found there to be different results with the two gems. But they both have the same exact stats for troop defense and enemy attack debuff.

  13. thanks dark for another awesome page ✌️✌

  14. Dense article, deserves a glass of wine or beer while reading. If this doesn’t help you nothing can. Great stuff thanks for sharing

  15. @Dark Bandit
    You are correct. First paragraph this Guide states that it is meant as a general guide for every combat situation. Each situation varies in addition to gems available to rally leader, trap, wonder defender, wonder attack, tile trap player etc. Here we’ve given folks an idea of how to pick those gems. Enjoy!

    • There are certainly more advanced scenarios that require a different approach to gems, but I think that would be confusing to a lot of beginners right now. We will have to work on an advanced guide for spenders.

  16. Sorry Navi, your quite a way of the mark.

    Each core set is different which is why Gemming can be difficult. As a rally leading you have to use almost an ever changing variation to get the best.

    So guys if your rally leader is pausing it’s because he is ensuring he is maxing out the use of the cores and increasing your points and kills

  17. Wrong lol I hope a lot of people follow this. Why? So we (K#386) continue to dominate this game. Figure it out like we did.