Gems Selection Guide for Game of War: Fire Age

gems selection guide

Gems Selection Guide for Game of War: Fire Age

The following is a gem selection guide for Game of War Fire Age.  It provides general guidance for choosing proper gems for any combat situation and gear set. Each combat scenario is unique, but the following guide will give you the best gem for your situation. 

Which Gems Should I Use?

As always it depends on the purpose for the gear set.  What will it be used for? In the guide I will break down the different situations in which you will need each type of gem:

The three main combat scenarios in Game of War are:

  • Wonder
  • Stronghold
  • Tiles

The three main troop types in Game of War are:

  • Infantry
  • Ranged
  • Cavalry  

The three main combat boosts in Game of War are:

  • Health, Health Debuff
  • Defense, Defense Debuff
  • Attack, Attack Debuff

“But what about Siege and Traps?!”


Siege troops are effective against wall traps, which at this point in the game pose minimal threat to our troops.  However, what is not limited is the number of troops a stronghold may have.  Therefore, in nearly all circumstances it is best to boost troop stats rather than traps. Conversely, it is best to send troops and boost those stats rather than send any siege whatsoever.

However, siege has one great advantage and that is its troop load.  More on that later.

Choosing the Proper Gems

Proper gem selection is determined first by determining the purpose of the gear set using the above categories as a guide.

We must decide for what combat setting and troop type will the gear set be used?

Then decide which boosts we will need.

For example, we are setting a suicide rally on a large stronghold using an infantry missile set, Styx Core Set.  Our goal is to kill as many troops as possible with little concern for saving our own troops.  Therefore, we want to choose gems that will achieve this goal.  

What combat boosts will we need?

Many articles and tests have attempted to measure the benefits of each of the combat boosts.  This is not such an article. To learn more about combat mechanics visit guides on combat mechanics.   We will assume for purposes of this guide that by determining the purpose of the gear we know what boosts we need.

The following are the generally accepted boosts for combat scenarios:

Stronghold Rally - Attack, Defense Debuff
Tiling: Attack and Health Debuff
Wonder:  Attack, Attack Debuff

Therefore, priorities for various combat settings are as follows:


  • Attack, Attack Debuff
  • Health, Health Debuff

Gem Selection Candidates

Stronghold and Traps

Currently, Game of War rally leaders face a myriad of Stronghold types:

  • Solo Trap
  • Rally Trap
  • Heroless Stronghold
  • Large Stronghold 25 billion - 100 billion
  • Huge Stronghold 100 billion-200 billion
  • Enormous Stronghold 200 billion and above

The type of gems to use on the various targets above will vary based on the following sample of factors:

  • Rally leader's core set i.e., Nike, Ares, Poseidon etc.
  • Equipment of target i.e., Frostlord, Kinoichi Kunai daggers, Shogun or Paladin
  • Stronghold size
  • Troop count and tier type

As mentioned above, this guide is for general selection.  Please comment below with any specific selection questions.

Stronghold - Infantry Rally Missile

  • Infantry Attack, Defense Debuff
  • Attack
  • Health Debuff
  • Attack Debuff
  • Health
  • Defense

Stronghold - Ranged Missile Rally

  1. Ranged Attack, Defense Debuff
  2. Attack
  3. Health Debuff
  4. Attack Debuff
  5. Health
  6. Defense

Stronghold - Cavalry Missile Rally

  1. Cavalry Attack, Defense Debuff
  2. Attack
  3. Health Debuff
  4. Attack Debuff
  5. Health
  6. Defense

Stronghold - Rally Defense

When defending against a rally you want to minimize losses as usually your superior numbers will have no problem killing the entire enemy rally.  Should you have issues killing entire rally then Attack and Health Debuff should move up the priority list.

  1. Defense
  2. Attack Debuff
  3. Health
  4. Attack
  5. Health Debuff
  6. Defense Debuff

Gem Selection Candidates

  • Aegis Defense Gem Set
  • Rainbow Special 35% Defense
  • Bulwark +35% Troop Defense
  • Elite Defense Special 25% Defense
  • Defense 25% Defense
  • Gem of Honor 12.5% Troop Defense, 12.5% Troop Attack Debuff
  • Shadow Gem 12.5% Troop Defense, 12.5% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff
  • Minotaur Gem 12.5% Troop Defense, 12.5% Troop Health, 5% March Speed
  • Mother Earth Gem 12.5% Troop Health, 12.5% Troop Attack Debuff
  • Hallows Gem 12.5% Troop Attack, 12.5% Troop Defense
  • Troop Boost Gem 8.5% Troop Attack, 8.5% Troop Defense, 8.5% Troop Health

Tile Hitting and Trapping

When it comes to Tile combat troop sizes are relatively the same.  This battle is similar to Wonder fights. Tiling and Tile Trapping is a dangerous game because typically the player will have Anti-Scout up.  Read here for more on Tile Combat.  However, typical boosts for tile combat are are:

  1. Attack, Attack Debuff
  2. Health, Health Debuff

Gem Prioritization

Priority will be determined by Troop Type sent to Tile or Tile Trap.  However, a general priority is as follows:

Gem Priority

  1. Leap Year Special +35% Attack
  2. Domination +35% Attack
  3. Dragonfire Special +25% Attack
  4. Gem of Power +25% Attack
  5. Scarlet +25% Attack Debuff
  6. Chronos +12.5% Attack, +12.5% Attack Debuff
  7. Abyssal Gem +20% Attack, 5% Defense
  8. Father Time Gem +12.5% Attack, 12.5% Health Debuff
  9. Rose Gem +12.5% Attack, 12.5% Health
  10. Hallows Gem +12.5% Attack, +12.5% Defense
  11. Sovereignty Gem +12.5% Attack, +12.5% Defense Debuff

This covers most combat situations one will encounter in Game of War.  The remainder of this guide will cover non-combat gems selections or pseudo combat situations.

Troop Load and Bank Raiding

In situations where a player was recently zeroed or a bank’s shield has dropped, you will want to maximize troop load and march speed to gain as many resources as possible before that player comes online to shield.  This is where siege can come into play.  

The troop load on Siege is the highest in game.  However, if you are like me and don’t have any siege then Infantry is your best choice for troop load.  An easy way to remember troop load priority is the slower the troop march, the better the troop load.  

Second, you want to use either Prospector’s Set which has highest Troop Load in game or Hermes Set which has decent troop load, second only Prospector’s and fastest march speed in game.  Personally, I prefer Hermes if I’m a few tiles away from the zeroed stronghold which is typically the case.  I can get my 150M+ resource march there and back before Prospector’s even reaches it.  

Third, you want to make sure you are maximizing your set of choice with great gem selection.

Gem Prioritization

Winter Gem +25% Troop Load
Gem of Flight +12.5% March Speed, 12.5% Troop Load
Falling Star Special Gem +25% March Speed
Lucky Charm Gem +10% Troop Load, 10% Crafting Speed, -2% Core/Relic Cost
Golem Gem +7% Troop Load, 7% Gathering Speed
Minotaur Gem +5% March Speed
Olympus +5% March Speed
Siege Specialist Gem +5% March Speed
Spring Gem +5% March Speed

Monster Slaying Gems

Gem selections for monster slaying are fairly straightforward.  These gems include:

  • Cyclops Gem +4% March Speed, 500 Maximum Energy Limit Boost
  • Energy Cap Gem +1,500 Maximum Energy Limit
  • Fire Gem +50% Energy Recovery, 5% Hero Attack Bonus
  • Fools/Jester’s Gem +12.5% Hero Attack Bonus
  • Hydra Gem +50% Energy Recovery, +500 Maximum Energy Limit
  • Jester’s Gem +12.5% Hero Attack Bonus
  • Prophecy Special Gem +Allows more than one of the same type to be embedded
  • Falling Star Special Gem +25% March Speed (Hit Monsters faster, great for forest)
  • Hades Special Gem Invisibility Cloak (This may prevent being rallied if enemy is unsure what they are hitting)

Resource Production and other Stronghold Boost Gems

The following gems increase production of resources and are great for hyper farms, I’ll also include construction and research Gems here:

  • Wisdom Gem 3% Research Speed, +5% Training Speed
  • Architect Gem +3% Construction, +3% Research Speed
  • Discipline Gem +10% Training Speed Boost
  • Luck Gem +12.5% Food Production, 12.5% Silver Production
  • Lucky Charm Special Gem +10% Crafting Speed, 2% Core/Relic Crafting Cost
  • Reduction, 10% Troop Load
  • Ore Gem +20% Ore Production
  • Prospector’s Gem Allows additional shiels per march when using Prospector’s set.
  • Resource Gem +7.5% Ore, 7.5% Stone, 7.5% Wood, 7.5% Food Production
  • Silver Gem +20% Silver Production
  • Stone Gem +20% Stone Production
  • Tombstone Gem +02:30:00 Altar Boost Duration
  • Training Gem +10% Training Speed
  • Wood Gem +20% Wood Production

When to Combine Gems

Before racing to combine all your gems to Level 6, pay close attention to the number of gems that you have in your inventory.  It is sometimes better to equip two lower level gems than one max level 6 gem.  For instance, if you only have 4 x Level 5 Dragonfire Gems is it better to use those 4 gems in your equipment at 18% Troop Attack a piece than to use one Level 6 at 25% Troop Attack Bonus.  Four 18% gems provide your set with a total of +72% Troop Attack Bonus.

When to combine gems also depends on how many pieces of gear you are planning on crafting in the near future. For example, if you are reaching hero level 50 soon, and you have 16 level 5 gems, then you may want to keep them separated still because you are going to be crafting a bunch of new gear.

If you are like 46-48 and it's going to take you months to reach 50 and you are just going to craft a high level chalice or odyssey than go ahead and put a level 6 gem in there.

If you aren't buying packs, most of the time you shouldn't combine them to level 6 because you won't have enough high level gems to even fill all the slots in a full set of gear.

The most important thing to me is that I have a full set of battle gear with the highest level and most applicable gems in many gemsevery spot.

All spenders should wait for level 6 gems if they don't already have them. Spenders shouldn't have a hard time getting level 6s unless they trying to get new rare gems.

Gems in Cores

When embedding gems in Core Gear remember that those gems will be returned to you once the core breaks or runs out of time.  So, I wait to gem Core presets when I’m ready to use them or when I know I’m going to need them soon.  That way I have more gems available for other uses in the meantime, rather than them sitting in many presets unavailable for immediate use.

Where to Find Gems

Gems are primarily found in chests for various gear.  Also, once you achieve a good gift level, around 16 the gifts from monster killing and pack purchases really turn out some great gems.  Also, gems can be found during combat and farming tiles.  Use daily chances to acquire some basic gems as well.

4th Slot Gems or Special Gems

By default you can equip up to three gems per equipment item.  However, by completing research in the Crafting Tree unlocks the ability to equip a fourth gem or Special Gem.  Fourth Gem research is required for both Core Equipment and Normal Equipment.

Changing Gems with Gem Savers

To remove gems from already embedded gear you will need to use a Gem Saver.  Be careful not to choose the top choice of remove and discard for free.  This will permanently destroy the Gem.  The higher the level of the gem the more costly it will be to remove it.

VIP and Buildings Gem Benefits

VIP 20 allows free gem removal.

Building 23 provides Gem Presets.

Again, thank you for visiting this guide.  Should you have specific questions please leave a comment below!

Gem Strategy contributed by Darkthorne

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