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Gilded Dungeon Research – Max Out & Expand Your Rule


Underneath the wonder lurks a labyrinth of monsters who protect treasures from your hero to claim as their own! Can your hero conquer the monsters and make it out safely?

New Dungeon research is here to help you in this quest against ferocious monsters. Not only that, but the research also strengthens your Hero in battles.

Gilded Dungeon Research

Stat Increases

  • 400MTT Onslaught Attack
  • 5BTT Triple Attack
  • 5BTT Rally & Wonder Attack
  • 12MT Defense Annihilation
  • 4MT Triple Defense
  • 1BTT Base Troop/Rally Attack Debuff
  • 125 BTT Rally & CP Troop Health & Mobile Trap Health
  • 6BT Unstoppable Attack
  • 12MT Resolute Defense
  • 600KT Type Defense Debuff
  • 600KT Troop Defense Debuff
  • 600KT Legion Defense Debuff

Incredible stats right? So here’s what you need to know!

  • This is what you need for research
    • Gilded Dungeon Obsidian (Stats Research)
    • Gilded Dungeon Essence (Dungeon Research)
  • This tree is set up in two different ways
    • Dungeon Research is set up like a tree where you have to follow it to get to the next research
    • Stats Research is set up like the milestone tree that you can pick which stat you want to research in order to tailor your stats to your needs!!!

Gilded Dungeon Research Tree

  • This research requires no speeds!
  • There are 100 levels of each stat research. Each level requires 300,000 Gilded Dungeon Obsidian.
    • Each Individual Research Requires 30M to max
    • 360M to max all stats provided in this tree
  • Wander Gear Set is here to Equip your hero for battle in the dungeon!
  1. Billy says

    How does a player that does not buy packs get Gilded Dungeon Essence and Gilded Dungeon Obsidion?

    1. Cinder says

      I am not currently aware of anywhere it is available aside from packs, keep an eye on events to see if they put it in there.

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