Game of War Community Event Giveaway

Learn How to Win Ancient Advanced Teleports ($100 Value) and Help SavageArab

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Game of War Community Event Giveaway

VIP 121 – 130

The new benefits for VIP 121 – 130 have just released. The big takeaways are the Presets that you can Unlock for Hero 1, Hero 2, and the Draconic Knight.

When you max your VIP to 130, you’ll receive an additional Hero 1 Skill preset (level 125), one Hero 2 Skill preset (level 127), and the Draconic Knight Skill preset (at level 130).

Additionally, VIP 130 grants 200,000 Rally Capacity and a lot more bonuses for you, which are listed below:

Also, (not pictured) you’ll receive 200,000 March Size.

Strategic Research & Strategic Troop Level 6

Strategic Troops and Research has arrived to combat player’s Normal Troops. The question is, will these Level 6 Strategic Troops will appear in the next Super Wonder event? Or will players have a mix between Normal, Wild, and Strategic Troops?


SavageArab is giving back to the community with two Ancient Advanced Teleports ($100 value). In order to enter the giveaway, you need to unlock the new Strategic Research and Level 6 Troops, watch this video and show proof to SavageArab on Line that you’ve actually unlocked these features. This Ancient Teleport will be gifted to the first player who does this.

The second giveaway will require you to comment in SavageArab’s video on what he should do first to get SavageArab’s account updated. He wants to start as a Trap and work his way to a Rally Lead, so make sure to comment in his video below how he should build his account and he’ll pick a random winner.

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