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Gladiator Skill Tree Up to Lvl 75 – ACT or DIE Against Your Enemies


Your heart is racing as you stand on the sand looking at the enemy knowing only one of you is allowed to live. They make their move, in a split-second decision… ACT or DIE…

Game of War has now added the Gladiator skill tree.

Update 10/19 (Gladiator Levels Up to 75)

With Gladiator Level now going to 75, we have bigger rally and solo sizes and increased stats available. The attack in this tree is great increasing by 700TTT!

Gladiator Stats

All leads will definitely want these increases in stats. There are defense stats available in this tree as well, however, it is only minimal compared to other sources of defense. I look more at skilling your gladiator tree, costs, and we get to see some of what is burning in this twitch video. Go Check it out!

We also take a look at the known cost of this update!


How it works

Every level of your Gladiator tree can be opened with Gladiator medallions and the amount  needed increases per level. Opening up the next level will give you more points for your skill tree. Gladiator is currently maxing out at level 75. How you set up this tree is dependent on what type of player you are.


  1. Decide how you want to set up your tree
  2. Attack Players– You want to focus on attack stats, defense debuff, defense annihilation, and troop and trap march size
  3. Traps and Fillers– You want to focus on defensive stats, attack debuff, and if you’re filling rallies working to skill march sizes
  4. On the top half of the tree, each area takes 20 skill points to be able to move on to the next and the bottom half takes 40 skill points. Before you start skilling be sure to plan out where you want to go and how you will need to allocate your points in order to have enough.
  5. Click on the skill and add points until you are able to move to next area or you have maxed the skill

Below you can see an example of a skills tree that is set up for a Rally Lead account.

Gladiator Tree for Rally Lead

Below you can see an example of a tree that is set up for a trap or filler account.

Gladiator Tree for Trap and Fillers

Now let’s say that you set up your account and you realize you want to change where your points are or you skilled something wrong. Here’s how you do that:

Press Reset Skills
Game of War Reset Skill

Press Reset Skills Again!
Game of War Reset Skill
Repeat the steps above for Skilling!
Now you know how to do it. All that is left is for you to act. Whose blood will be spilt on the Sands today? That all depends on you. Get out there and enjoy this awesome new feature.

Update 9/26 (Gladiator Levels Up to 40)

New Gladiator levels are here! Currently, these levels are shown up to level 30 in the blog. With the last release of gladiator levels, it showed going to level 10 but actually went to level 20 with additional levels after 10, adding more points for your skills. Will this same pattern repeat and max out your Gladiator at Level 40?

These new levels have some awesome boosts at every level! Along with these are new stats including Gladiator Troop Massacre, Gladiator Type Massacre, Gladiator Legion Massacre, Gladiator Trap Massacre, and Gladiator Multi-Kill Bonus! More updates to come as we find out more about these new features!

Level 1 Gladiator

  • 4KTT Gladiator Legion Attack
  • 20KT Gladiator All Type Defense Debuff
  • 225KT Legion Defense

Level 2 Gladiator

  • 250KT Gladiator All Type Defense
  • 2KTT Gladiator All Type Attack
  • 1KTT Gladiator Empire Attack Debuff

Level 3 Gladiator

  • 8KT Gladiator Legion Defense Debuff
  • 2.5KT Gladiator Troop Defense
  • 400TT Gladiator Onslaught Attack

Level 4 Gladiator

  • +200B Gladiator Trap March Size
  • 400KT Gladiator Defense Annihilation
  • 5KTT Gladiator Troop Attack

Level 5 Gladiator

  • 8KT Gladiator Troop Defense Debuff
  • +100B Gladiator March Size
  • +2KTT Gladiator Rally & Wonder Attack Debuff

Level 6 Gladiator

  • 6KTT Gladiator Legion Attack
  • 28KTT Gladiator Rally & Wonder & Tile Health
  • 12KT Gladiator Legion Defense Debuff

Level 7 Gladiator

  • 1.5KTT Gladiator Attack Debuff
  • 12KT Gladiator Troop Defense Debuff
  • 3KTT Gladiator All Type Attack

Level 8 Gladiator

  • 600KT Gladiator Defense Annihiliation
  • 20KT Gladiator Resolute Defense
  • 5KTT Gladiator Rally & Wonder Attack

Level 9 Gladiator

  • 35KTT Gladiator Mobile Trap Health
  • 2.5MT Gladiator Unstoppable Attack
  • +450B Gladiator Trap Rally Size

Level 10 Gladiator

  • +500B Gladiator Rally Size
  • 42KTT Gladiator Rally & Wonder & Tile Health
  • 600 TT Gladiator Onslaught Attack

Level 21 Gladiator

  • 100K Gladiator Troop Massacre
  • 200MTT Gladiator Troop Attack
  • 1.6 MT Gladiator Resolute Defense

Level 22 Gladiator

  • 100K Gladiator Type Massacre
  • 5MT Gladiator All Type Defense Debuff
  • 1.6MT Gladiator Troop Defense

Level 23 Gladiator

  • 100K Gladiator Legion Massacre
  • 200MTT Gladiator Legion Attack
  • 1.6MT Gladiator All Type Defense

Level 24 Gladiator

  • 100K Gladiator Trap Massacre
  • 5MT Gladiator Legion Defense Debuff
  • 1.6MT Gladiator Legion Defense

Level 25 Gladiator

  • +150B Gladiator Trap March Size
  • 200MTT Gladiator All type Attack
  • +50B Gladiator March Size

Level 26 Gladiator

  • 120MT Gladiator Defense Annihilation
  • 5MT Gladiator Troop Defense Debuff
  • 200K Gladiator Extreme Legion Massacre

Level 27 Gladiator

  • 600MT Gladiator Unstoppable Attack
  • 15MTT Gladiator Onslaught Attack
  • 200K Gladiator Extreme Type Massacre

Level 28 Gladiator

  • +700B Gladiator Trap Rally Size
  • 400KT Quadruple Defense
  • 200K Gladiator Extreme Troop Massacre

Level 29 Gladiator

  • +1.4T Gladiator Rally Size
  • 10BTT Gladiator Rally & Wonder & Trap & Tile Health
  • 200K Gladiator Extreme Trap Massacre

Level 30 Gladiator

  • 100% Gladiator Multi-Kill Bonus
  • 200MTT Gladiator Rally & Wonder Attack
  • +150B Gladiator Troop & Trap March Size
  1. Rodrigo says

    Hey dude, your website is very good … Congratulations!

    I’m trying to learn how to calculate my army to be safe. I do not find in any place information that teaches to create your armies. Can you help me? I want to learn how to calculate this myself. For example, calculate how many T2 would be needed to handle a T20 rally. What is the correct mix between T2 / T4 and others. Or even know when it’s time to leave T2 and create a shield with T3. This kind of thing. Can you help me?

    1. Cinder says

      Hey Rodrigo! Thanks much! We talk a lot about the build in our Am I safe article and the best build. We try to keep that article as updated possible and do put a date of when we last updated it in the article. I will be updating this article in the next few days as with the release of new research this will definitely be changing! T2 are still very effective and I don’t see that changing anytime soon! Honestly, I use T2 troops on my lead as well. The big thing you want to look at for numbers when using any troop tier is your resolute and the current max attack for leads! These are the numbers that help determine what you will need to build to be safe!

      1. RealMenace says

        I, and others I’m sure, would appreciate it very much if you could elaborate on your above comment: “The big thing you want to look at for numbers when using any troop tier is *your resolute and the current max attack for leads!*” What is the relationship between these two, and how does the “max attack for leads” and “your resolute” defense stats get one to “numbers” of troops that keep you safe? What’s the algorithm/calculation that delivers the safe number of troops and at which tiers?

        1. Cinder says

          So I say you need to look at what kind of attack leads have because you need to know the numbers! If a release comes out you can judge your need to adjust by how much a leads stats will go up. The higher your resolute and now Super Troop Defense is the smaller you can be. I don’t have a magical formula for troop count. A lot of what Eagle and I know we know because we have tested and burned and tried different set ups.

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