Preset Stats are Wrong, Here’s Why…

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Your Game of War Preset Stats are Lying to YOU!

You are told about a DOMINATING set promising insane stats.  You craft it, but when you get the final product it’s not even close to what’s promised.  You think, “What the heck?!  They lied to me!” Well, maybe not. Here’s why. Understanding your Game of War preset stats is trickier than you think…

The stats shown on presets are not even close to what you will actually have at time of battle.  Any Set Bonuses provided by the set will not appear in the preset stats feature. Instead the preset uses your currently equipped Set Bonus instead of the gear in your preset. If the gear you currently have equipped has no set bonus then your preset stats page will show even less boosts!

Therefore, it is possible to artificially inflate the stats of a Preset when screenshotting a custom core recipe.

It’s known as “stats padding”, and some players have been doing it for a long time…

I’ll explain further.

Set Bonuses

A Set Bonus is applied to your boosts when you have either 5 of 7 pieces of a set such as Frostlord.

Frostlord's Set Stats Padding

In this case the Set Bonus we are most concerned with is Defense.  According to my Set Details, I receive 200% Troop Defense from a 7 piece Set Bonus.

However, that 200% Troop Defense is a applied to my Hermes Preset shown below. The Defense of my Hermes set in my Presets while wearing my full Frostlord’s Set is 1277%.

stats paddingstats padding

But when I break the Frostlord Set Bonus and look at the stats of my Hermes set, the Troop Defense has dropped 200%, to 1077%.

stats padding

It just so happens that 200% is the Set Bonus from Frostlord’s Set Bonus.

So let’s say I was wearing Ares, or Poseidon.  The Set Bonuses of those sets are HUGE.  An old Four Horsemen Set Bonus could be over 800% additional Troop Attack, making that custom core recipe look pretty amazing when it really isn’t!

Implications of Stats Padding

In Game of War, it is important to know the exact statistic of a gear set in many situations.  

In the case of the heroless rally, a player will want to know that they have the perfect amount of debuff to zero out the health, defense, and other stats in order for that that 200 billion heroless player to burn.  However, if they craft a custom core set that hasn’t been tested before and place it in their Presets, they may get a false reading on their stats if a gear set with a Set Bonus such as Defense Debuff is currently equipped.  

They may think they have enough Defense Debuff to zero out the player’s Defense to cause a burn but when they actually equip the custom core set it has less than the desired Defense Debuff because they are no longer receiving the Set Bonus from the previously equipped gear set.  Clear as mud right?

Other Factors Affecting Preset Stats

Many players complain about not achieving the results of the recipe creator.  Either because they don’t understand how Preset stats work or the creator is guilty of stats padding. 

True, if a player wishes to deceive the custom core community he can easily do so by showing the stats of some other Core Set altogether and maybe running a boost or two while he’s at it.

But, for the most part I believe players are taking screenshots while unintentionally boosting the stats as a result of a Set Bonus from currently equipped gear such as Full Imperial Dragon, Shogun’s or Frostlord’s.  As mentioned above, those Set Bonus stats are added to your Preset Stats but won’t be included when you actually equip the Preset.  

A Note About Boosts and Altar Skills

Here is an Interesting side note.  While I was writing this article I tested whether Troop Boosts boosted my Preset stats.  They did. Initially my Troop Defense in Preset was 3158%.

 stats padding

I then added a 20% Defense Boost and should receive 3178% if my education wasn’t a complete fraud.  

stats padding

However, I am now at 3194%.  A difference of 36%.  For those of us who aren’t math geniuses, I’ve calculated the increase and it comes to exactly 80%.  Where could this additional 80% have come from? Here’s the culprit:

sttas padding

Eureka!  Game of War makes mathematical sense again!

So, Boosts and Altar Hero Skills appear in your Preset stats.  In my case Defense Boost receives an 80% increase.  Adding to the argument that Altar Hero Skills are the most Powerful in the Hero Skill Tree.

Putting It All Together

In the article, Skeleton King – INCREDIBLE Defense!, I explain that with the appropriate Hero Level, Research, and Gem Sets, Skeleton King can reach 7k combined defense with screenshots as proof.  We’ve received some quesitons from readers asking why they can’t quite achieve the same defense results.  The difference is knowing that set bonuses aren’t included preset stats.  To get your true combined defense or individual troop defense plus overall troop defense, you must have the gear equipped or manually add in the set bonus stats to the preset stats shown.

Preset Stats Fix

Perhaps Game of War can fix this to add the appropriate Set Bonuses from the equipment in the Preset. 

When a friend gives you their gear set stats, ask if they know the difference between equipped and preset stats. Then, send them to this article.

Try it out yourself.


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  1. Yipe Stripes says

    dang this is exactly the article is was looking for. makes sense. a lot actually. thanks DT

    1. Brent Ward
      Brent Ward says

      Thank you buddy, no problem.

  2. michael deusa
    michael deusa says

    Look there is a really easy way to get around this. Create a preset called stat checker. don’t load anything into the preset as far as equipment. simply fill in the skills.

    All 3 lvl2 troop type attacks
    lvl 2 defense
    lvl 2 health
    all 3 debuffs
    all 3 alter bonuses full set bonus
    defense 3
    attack 2
    up to whatever hero lvl you are. when you make a new set, equip this stat checker preset and view the stats of your new cores or whatever. it is the truest stats next to equipping the gear and looking at the boosts.

  3. RealMenace says

    So then how does one view the true stats of a core set without putting the core on. The cores start burning as soon as they are equipped, which is counter productive. So, say I’ve got Paladin gear equipped on hero and I want to see stats of my just fully gemmed and boosted Persus cores. How is that done without equipping the core set which make them start burning the timer??

    1. X says

      Know your stronghold stats separately and add gear separate will show you minus the set bonus which is applied when you equip. If not max research, easiest way to do this is use preset with no gear and 1 hero skill, equip and look under overall city boosts. With no boosts running, this gives you your combat stats from ONLY research, buildings and VIP. Those numbers will be present no matter what gear is equipped. And if you want to know total boost from research alone without adding your trees, just subtract VIP and building combat stats. This important to know because VIP varies among players as do the city setup, and assuming stats posted on this site or any are going to be same or similar to your own account is wrong. Unless they use maxed account and max VIP, with same number buildings in every article and state this so players can take into account, the stats will vary and vary widely. Skeleton King article used 92b research power account for posting stats, so not max and no way to know what’s coming from where as the gear had no health debuff and 597% was listed. So, knowing your stats before equipping any gear is what I advise. If maxed large player, this is irrelevant. If growing player, maybe crucial..

    2. X says

      Point being, unless VIP research and building exactly same as account stats SS on site, your crafted and equipped end result core set may be different, and not by just a little as the jump from VIP20 to VIP25 offers 300% more attack, defense and health. All I was asking Was that when posting gear stats here, maybe it’s a good idea to use only gear from hero boosts option as instead of preset. Or at very least use maxed research, maxed VIP account when possible and maybe footnote the portion from city setup, so one can factor their own into equation. But thats a lot of work, and it’s doubtful anyone is actually being misled. I’m,sure everyone knows when the gear articles come out that the stats apply only to that account and results will vary vastly. Just trying to find solution for anyone like myself, curious about only gear stats and not having to play guess where the combat stats are from, as preset calculator has all but set bonus and article never specifies buildings, VIP and research.

  4. X says

    Here’s an easy fix for sharing the stats or writing your articles about gear so applicable to all. When gear is equipped, use hero boosts option to see ONLY gear boosts. Preset stats confuse some as they are overall stronghold boosts. These stats include your research, buildings, VIP as well as gear and vary wildly among the GOW community.This can be misleading unless you take into account that particular boosts apply to ALL gear sets(research, buildings,VIP combat boosts), not just some. So with a set to show pretty decent defense in preset, then to be promoted as defense gear when the gear actually has no defense, those boosts coming from VIP, research and buildings is quite inaccurate. How about posting gear stats as just the gear So players can factor their own individual stronghold boosts into equation? Just a thought. Thanks guys

  5. JGC says

    This is so old… if you did not know this you are way behind the curve.

  6. Marsoc SERE says

    I may have missed something. Why didn’t the Altar Boost Defense show up on the first stat, but showed up on the second stat?

    1. HerpyDerpy says

      The second one multiplied the boost. Altar boost for defense already showed for everything else. Add the 20% boost and multiply by .8 and add that to the boost and you get your actual def boost in this case

  7. BurleyCanuck - 374 says

    Have known about this deficiency for quite some time now. Easiest way to fix it is to create a core stat testing preset that is empty (ie. has no pieces in it) and skilled the way that you want it. Use this preset when you are looking at your stats on any presets to take out the padding.

    1. Badda OG says

      Easiest way is to just remove one of the pieces you are currently wearing. Remove your armor, feet, or weapon. This removes any set bonus.

    2. HerpyDerpy says

      Yeah lol Seems like it’s been known since presets came out quite a long time ago. Best way indeed is to equip hero skill set tree with no gear. look at stats on your preset with the actual gear. Still miss out on the set bonuses in there but easy to add.

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