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Big Burns: Death by Aj Burning Unsuspecting Victims


Big Burns: Death by Aj Burning Unsuspecting Victims

Death by Aj pulled off some incredible hits in the last few days by catching some unsuspecting victims off guard. Careful out there everyone, if you let your guard, this is going to happen to you.

Team Fighting Tips

Before diving into the story, I want to share some team fighting tips from Death by Aj for people looking to zero big targets.

“Zeroing is more a team thing than most think it is. There’s scanners  who actually help find the target. There’s the spotters who actually watch the gear for you while you’re hitting. There’s the alliance resource farmers who trade resources for decent gold prices, which allows the bigger players to train ridiculous amounts of T4. There’s friends like Kane, Bus, Atl, etc who advise you on what to use and what not to use.

Zeroing is not a solo dolo thing most of the time. Without the support of your whole alliance you will get burned out.”

The Story- Zeroing of 60B with Hero:

“I had talked to Bus about this target before I had an alliance in this kingdom and he said go for it, but no alliance had accepted me in yet, so I had no one to rally with lol. I also realized I lost the coords for this guy, so I found another target instead. There was a 117b sitting in Marshals gear and I was itching to hit someone, so I activated my Zeus set and went for it.

Unfortunately, he capped me because he was well gemmed. I hemlocked, and then rallied some other random players towards the end of the set. Just before my Zeus set burned out, Erica from pDq found the target we actually we wanted to hit: a 60b player sitting most in emerald gear.

So with this gold Zeus set running out, I asked Neo from pDq to rally with the guy with his Zeus set when mine ran out because I didn’t want to have to craft another one. Unfortunately, his hits were much closer to losing than mine were because he did not have my gems I think. So I decided to craft another Zeus set, else we would have been there for longer.

Mind you, I was in an Asian alliance and we started zeroing this guy at midnight their time, so many were already asleep and we finished at 5AM their time. Due to the timing, they were running low on infantry to fill Zeus rallies and we were training as we were rallying. I knew frost wouldn’t do it for a while still.

About an hour into my 2nd Zeus set, we were coming across serious issues filling infantry, so someone offers up frost, she gems as I tell her to but she isn’t winning by much. I used my previously burning 1st dragonbone set and I was barely losing so I realized that something must be wrong with her frost. Turns out I was right, the gemming got mixed up in the translation and we then proceed to smash with frost for awhile. During my frost set, a 2nd Asian alliance comes and starts rallying with Zeus and then frost as well.

After frost, I had to use a 2nd dragonbone as my 1st had expired and we used that for a while. At the end, for the last few rallies I had to use 4H set to kill some of the cav and ranged left over as my Zeus and frost had expired already.”

Summary Shot – Death by Aj Instagram 


First Rally

IMG_0451 IMG_0452

Third Rally

IMG_0453 IMG_0454


A big shoutout to pDq alliance, some serious killers there!

The Story: Solo Zeroing a 27B Player

“This was in the same kingdom in which I had solo 0’d another 500m+ troops target 2 days before and the 60b in colossus as well. Earlier in the day, while I was in pDq alliance, someone had tried to rally it but I think he switched and I ended up bookmarking him for later. When I was checking my bookmarks during Asia night time, I came across him and I already had a frost set burning. I know I was going to solo because my current (Asian) alliance was asleep, but the challenge was, what march size to use? I was talking to a few friends at the time and they were saying pop 100% increase for sure. However, I really try to save those for emergencies and I hate using them for first hits on targets because if you get capped, there goes the entire 30 mins of 100% increase. So I popped a 75% and went at it, As I was going, I did need to stop kind of and gem 2 sets because I hadn’t exactly expected to be able to zero this guy at that time considering all the other people I had 0’d in that kingdom already.

This was roughly the time in which I decided to pop a 100% march increase as I didn’t want the target to come online at the last second like others in this kingdom. I actually had to instant deconstruct watchtower because people started scouting me so much. The thing that causes the most lag and delay in solo 0’ing someone is the 1 minute boosts time limitation, I really wish we could stack 4-5 of them at once so we didn’t need to check them so often.

While 0’ing the guy, the alliance I am in ports in around me as I hadn’t been paying attention to alliance chat and tell me to stop as they are an ally. I decided to leave the alliance as I was already invested into this too much, I wouldn’t stop until I saw it through, either he logged in and capped me or I 0’d him. I was also able to sneak in a few solo’s on people who were sending their hero’s at the target in the hopes of “helping”. After about 45 minutes, it was finally over.

I was surprised at his gemming and skilling, I was expecting no gems and no skills, but he actually had some gems including defense and shadow but the most surprising was that he had 20 skill points in altar health and defense also.

Before and After

IMG_0464 IMG_0465

First Hit

IMG_0466 IMG_0467

20m T4 Troops Later

IMG_0468 IMG_0469

Soloing One of the Guys who Sent There Hero to the Enemy




  1. LipstickLesbian says

    Aj is so important!!!! My favorite comment from someone who is so important is this:

    “There was a 117b sitting in Marshals gear and I was itching to hit someone, so I activated my Zeus set and went for it. Unfortunately, he capped me because he was well gemmed”

    No, he capped you because he was 117b, not because you he was well gemmed!

    These important people actually believe that this game is real life.

  2. Hairy Tee says

    I’ve been playing GOW for well over a year now and run a 60B power account along with five 1.8B KVK rally tanks. I play these on 6 mini iPads side by side on a stand. Believe me, I love the game, but the more I’ve gotten into the game and played on offense and defense, the more I’ve become bothered by the battle mechanics. Think about it, you spend literally tens of thousands of dollars to build up this massive 50B+ power account. You amass all the top cores, gear, max research, boosts and billions of troops, but at the end of the day, all you can do is successfully attack someone that is offline or rally a wonder. If the person is on line, you will most likely have your hero capped! The flaw in these battle mechanics has made the art of zeroing someone cool when all you did was catch them offline when they weren’t on to defend themselves! Where’s the strategy in that? To add insult to injury, during a KVK, 9 times out of 10, when you rally someone, you might make them burn and win the battle, but a rally will almost always lose in KVK points. MZ should have made rallies against strongholds similar to Wonder battles where it ultimately comes down to outwitting your opponent with the cores, skill tree and gems that are used. Someone that spends the kind of money that it takes to build a 100B power account should not be able to easily lose a battle to a 1.5B power player just because he is on line. There needs to be more competitive battle mechanics built into the game which would create a lot more excitement and skill into the game. JMO

    1. fishman says

      I think it’s more of a feature than a bug. I would think the greatest player attrition and hence potential future revenue loss happens post zeroing. I wouldn’t be surprised if MZ game play direction strategies were more pro “slow bleeding” than zeroing. They would probably be happiest if every kvk was nothing but a wonder hugging snooze fest.

    2. Cricket says

      MZ is clearly showing their more about their money then putting a game out that people of all spending range will enjoy. Amazing how much the game has changed in a year.

  3. Mag says

    there is a group of players that go around joining small alliances, make them king so that shield of R5 dropps and then zero them.. Adds up kills fast ..

    1. Club says

      That’s messed up if it’s true.

      1. john says

        we do that all the time.

        1. Cricket says

          Lousy way to get kills. Kind of like sucker punching someone while they sleep. Real b1tch move imo, but that’s just who some people are that play this game.

  4. Club says

    And I always thought how can you get so many kills in just a few days. Already passed School Bus by 2.5B kills. Insane.

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