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For one extended weekend a month, the Super Wonder in the Kingdom of Fire opens for epic battle and the illustrious title of Emperor of Game of War.  A 2 day epic battle for GoW supremacy! In this Super Wonder guide I cover how the SW works and what is required to survive the weekend and to give some idea what it takes to actually make a run for Emperor.  It will shock you! is headed to the Super Wonder!

Super Wonder with DarkthorneX! Hey Game of War Real Tips Community! I'm taking a team to the Super Wonder again and would like to invite you along!

Super Wonder opens May 11, 2017 at 6 p.m. PDT (California, USA) and ends 6 p.m. May 13.

The ONLY requirement is your time and T6 Troops, Mobile Traps.  You need Mobile Traps for this event. Tier 4-6 will be required. You will need all three Ultimate  T6 unlocked and trained.

If you are interested I made an easy form to let us know your contact info along with your availability and the roles  you are comfortable executing. No experience? No problem. DarkthorneX and his team will get you plugged in.

If you have further questions find me on Line App!

ID: darkthorne
Thanks and good luck everyone!

How the Super Wonder Works

Super wonder guide pic

Photo Credit: Snow_1021

The Super Wonder decides who will be Emperor or Empress of Game of War.  It is based on total time held.  So, whoever controls the Super Wonder the most during the 2 day period will be crowned Emperor.  You can take the Super Wonder and become Emperor temporarily with just one troop if its empty.  Many players port to the Super Wonder in hopes of holding it for just one second and get a screen shot of their name as Emperor... guilty!

Recently, however, they changed the Super Wonder to rally only! No more solo'ing wonder for Emperor.

However, to hold it the longest requires great planning, a great team, and much more!

Super Wonder Requirements

The Kingdom of Fire, once it opens, is available by obtaining a Legendary Teleport.  These ports cost 100,000 gold or can be found in a Super Wonder pack that is usually for sale around the time the Super Wonder opens. Stronghold 21 is required. The Super Wonder teleports last 24 hours.

So, the Super Wonder doesn't require much to enter.  However, conquering it is quite different.

You will need a maximum research account with top boosts, cores, and an insane number of troops, 24 billion or more.  The reason being that you don't want to be burned while marching on the Super Wonder.  Positioning yourself as close as possible to the throne is extremely important.  The current boosts are 250% combat and 200% march boosts.  The packs available just before the Super Wonder opens should provide these.

Super Wonder Core Sets

Also, needed is many wonder core sets.  To legitimately make an attempt Emperor of Game of War you will need to rally the Super Wonder non-stop for 2 days to ensure you have held it the longest.  At 1.25 hour core duration it requires approximately 38 sets to see through the duration of the event.

You will likely need lots of Hemlock to get your Hero back if you are sending blocking missile attack rallies, or get hit by a double or triple rally at the wonder.

Also, a speed set such as Pegasus  is a definite must to get your rally to the Super Wonder as fast as possible and hero home to reset rallies!

Lastly, you need to invest in building boosts and rural building boosts which can potentially add significant increases to key stats needed for dominating the weekend!

Super Wonder Teams - The Most Important Thing

What else is needed is a team of friends to fill your rally and help "block."  While you are preparing the next rally you need to prevent others from capturing and holding the Super Wonder.  Also, you need to slow their rallies by placing all your friends ahead of their strongholds and creating a buffer zone around the Super Wonder.  This makes the enemy rally march longer and thus reducing the amount of time they can hit per hour.

So, when you look at the Super Wonder and think, "What in the world is going on!?  So many people all marching on the Super Wonder at one time.  How does anyone know what's going on?!" This is how the SW appears to an outsider.

Most of the people there are on one team or another blocking for their respective captain or lead.

Super Wonder Participation

Should you wish to take part in the Super Wonder then start asking around to get plugged into a team for the weekend.  Leave a comment below letting the teams know that you are interested!  See who is still looking for members to help fill, reinforce, speed, or call.  Becoming Emperor requires many troops and quite a commitment of time.  It helps if a team has many people to fill the rally and takes shifts hitting it over the course of the 2 days.

Super Wonder Team ONE and Empress Ctesse

Empress Ctesse and her team, ONE, will attend the Super Wonder.  Ctesse, a very well-known and accomplished Game of War player has the most experience of any player in Game of War at the Super Wonder right now.

graveyard 23

Complete with her  Graveyard 23, dominatrix Ctesse is ready to throw as many Heroes into her sadistic iron maiden as possible.   It's going to be a blood bath people!  So, if you see the above stronghold porting next to you at the Super Wonder, beware!

Just kidding.. Ultimate Execution is still disabled at Super Wonder. That would be wicked though if you could.

Iron Maiden

Also coming for the crown is defending Emperor Lord LS7 and iShaw, Naughty Lola and dozens more!

So far there's no mention of Kuran or StayAlive coming out of retirement to regain the throne.  So, you've heard it first here at if it should happen this weekend!

Good luck to all those who attempt the Super Wonder!  Are you looking to join a team?  Leave a comment below.


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  1. MZ should combine the SW and Kill event into 1 3 day long event

    Kill events – fight against other kingdoms which are either dead kingdoms or most are shielded. and all those dead accounts that’s just in the way and ruining the fun of the hunt

    SW – The kingdom that has all the active and willing players in 1 place, no dead accounts to sift through. even with lag SW is still heavy active

    so why not just add a kill event tab in the Events during a SW event. as we speak people are rallying each other around the kingdom that has nothing to do with the SW battle. Might as well make a kill event out of it and give us points

    something like that would be way more fun than these boring 15 hour kill events, which more than half that time is wasted on searching for targets. and if someone caps you and don’t release thats another 45 minutes of wasted time

  2. Well, after my permanent port to 765, now our kingdom has become the latest Conqueror of Kingdom of Fire Throne – Team 73V – Levant… there is another one Nawti Lola as well in 5th position. Congrats to them.. comrades.

    Animax is now the main dominant kingdom to be look up upon.. prior to 386 or 404. We’re getting stronger by the minute.

    ZO Zombies Onslaught

  3. Great article Dark, actually answered a lot of my questions. Thanks again