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Super Wonder Invitation


For one weekend a month, the Super Wonder in the Kingdom of Fire opens for epic battle and the illustrious title of Emperor of Game of War.  A 2-day epic battle for GoW supremacy!

Super Wonder Team Invitation

We’re returning to the Super Wonder again in August and need your help! Join us to learn first hand about the Super Wonder!

The Super Wonder opens Saturday at 7 P.M. PDT!

The ONLY requirement is your time. Any level player may help the Super Wonder team. No experience? No problem. DarkthorneX and his team will get you plugged in and answer any questions.

I made an easy form for you to share your contact info, availability, and let us know what role or interest you have on the team.

Find me on Line App!

ID: darkthorne

Sign Up Form (Literally takes 1 minute):

Lately we have been dabbling with Twitch and will be broadcasting pieces of the Super Wonder on our Live Stream. Head to our channel and follow us now to get notified when we go live!

  1. Luv says

    Hello all, I am interested in joining a team for the super wonder…do anyone have an opening…thank you


  2. Rusty says

    MZ should combine the SW and Kill event into 1 3 day long event

    Kill events – fight against other kingdoms which are either dead kingdoms or most are shielded. and all those dead accounts that’s just in the way and ruining the fun of the hunt

    SW – The kingdom that has all the active and willing players in 1 place, no dead accounts to sift through. even with lag SW is still heavy active

    so why not just add a kill event tab in the Events during a SW event. as we speak people are rallying each other around the kingdom that has nothing to do with the SW battle. Might as well make a kill event out of it and give us points

    something like that would be way more fun than these boring 15 hour kill events, which more than half that time is wasted on searching for targets. and if someone caps you and don’t release thats another 45 minutes of wasted time

  3. CountDracu says

    Well, after my permanent port to 765, now our kingdom has become the latest Conqueror of Kingdom of Fire Throne – Team 73V – Levant… there is another one Nawti Lola as well in 5th position. Congrats to them.. comrades.

    Animax is now the main dominant kingdom to be look up upon.. prior to 386 or 404. We’re getting stronger by the minute.

    ZO Zombies Onslaught

  4. KarmasCruel says

    Great article Dark, actually answered a lot of my questions. Thanks again

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