Gow Time Capsule: Favorite Memory Part 2

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  • Welcome back to a very special Time Capsule article.  This is the second part of sharing everyone’s favorite Game of War memories! If you didn’t get a chance to read part one, go ahead and check it out now.

GoW Time Capsule: Favorite Memory Part 1

Top Player Defeated

A lot of you guys have written in saying your favorite memories are about burning players, particularly “Top Players.”  Who doesn’t like seeing that banner pop up at the top of the screen?!

“One of the best parts about burning others is when you see the banner pops up that says “top player defeated” and you realize that it was really you who burned that top player!! Burn baby, BURN!! It’s a really awesome feeling! Sometimes there is no way to know that the person you are burning is a “top player” so it is a mad scramble to take a screenshot of that unexpected feat. On the other hand, you have times where the person is very well known. At times like these, you will spend minutes debating whether to hit or not, whether it is worth the lost traps etc, potential embarrassment of crashing and NOT burning. All you can do is just set, boost and keep your fingers crossed whilst shouting YOLO and apologising profusely to your alliance mates for their lost traps. Holding your breath you hit the attack button and speed that march in.. Boom! You have just burned them and your name and their name pops up at the top in the banner. I have to admit, for some of these, I have even been known to do a happy dance round the room! Some of those players get extremely sensitive and complain and make up excuses about why they burned. When they do that, it becomes even more satisfying that you were able to burn them. It’s just a game, and a war game at that. People should learn to have fun, stop taking themselves so seriously and enjoy the little things”

LadySims (VvSa)







I did see Savaga with the account of DK burn Adnan with a solo of 5k. That was a big thing. I never did forget that. A few weeks later I was bored and tried it also to a few players. Surprisingly more big players than I expected did burn. Even some players who are known as real big players did burn by this heroless solo of 5000 troops.

Rosa (D:V)





Two Players Shared the Same Memory…

Here is a funny story. Both the person doing the burning and the “Top Player” that was defeated, wrote in about the same memory! Read on to hear both sides of a really great story!


My favorite memory, or at least a recent favorite memory, is when I got burned out of the forest during Super Wonder.
I got a notification on my phone saying that my city was under attack, and then I logged in to see what was going on.
I had to go back and forth from city view to map view a few times before it showed me that I was actually on fire.
Once I saw I was burning I started laughing hysterically.  The last time I was burned was back when Ctess still played and there was a dragon glitch , so this was funny and unexpected.  I do give props to the guy that burned me. He managed to send the 5k troops while I was holding SavageArab’s dragon, which was good timing for him, bad timing for me!!

DarkKing DrkW



I’d heard a few folks had been burning to a certain 5k troop solo so figured if try it for myself. SW came around at just the right time, a chance to mix it with the best. Immediately set my sights on DarkKing as the current emperor and got him at the 3rd attempt after several different variations of core recipes and gems. It was honestly worth it just for the scenes in KC”
Hellz (Dr)






Memories From Former Players

This time I had quite a few retired players share some of their favorite memories to be included in the Time Capsule. Its great to still keep in contact with former players, and hopefully some of these players decide to come back and give the Dragon realm a shot!

My favorite memory was winning the SW under the dvF banner. It was a great accomplishment to have our might Nawti Lola crowned champion. We spent hours on end on discord, laughing, talking, and even sometimes arguing.
Also, when Pegasus gear came out, every player set their hero skills on that gear for attack as they would fight over gift tiles. I learnt early on that using a 200% march boost with gemmed Nike cores allowed me to solo almost anyone. I would go around looking for players fighting over tiles. Finding them was easy. I would sneak up out of screen, core up, put on speed boost, att boost, def debuff, wait until the right moment, and BAM! They wouldn’t know what hit them. I took a while for players to realize what was happening and I would always sneak in a few hits before they either shielded or changed gear. I quickly moved up the leaderboaed in my original kingdom (Delgan 807) to #1
-Destin3 (dvF DG)
Also, capping my first rally. (pic ios5)

I remember the first time I got to play Stays account, the baddest account in all of GOW. I marched on a easy target, didn’t put on cores, lost hero. The end!

  JinTL (D:V:)

It’s difficult to chose my favorite memory. I’ve had so many great ones throughout the years. I’d saying winning our first SW was a pretty big deal for us. It put DV on the map. My favorite memory though would have to be when Bowbender was rallied by 3 Ctesses accounts and Angrys, all within 30 mins, and he capped them all easily. They started screaming it was a glitch (it wasn’t). Could be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Rez’s videos were hilarious too. I also really enjoyed meeting people like my beloved Diablosox , and of course, my wonderful friend Carol that knew I couldnt say no and forced me to come back and play.

Dorn (D:V)

First Time for Everything

A lot of players shared their memories of Game of War “firsts.” First experience at the wonder, first time losing a hero, first time filling a rally. These are all memories that every player can relate to!

Back in the beginning of GOW in Kingdom Basia I was with a guy named Brubam, and in a crew named A:V, and we decided to leave and start our own crew; icW. My first experience at the wonder, he was trying to get the wonder from another crew named T4. We discussed many things that night on how to win so he came up with the idea we all would solo with our heroes before the rally hit. His thought was that our heroes would come home because there was no prison in the wonder. When I thought about it, it made sense. Well, it didn’t work.  There were 5-6 of us who all lost our heroes. On top of it all, he lost his hero in the rally. I look back at that and laugh all the time. I was such a newb. So much has changed since then.
Bloodrip (KO44)


I think it was K38 where I started. I can’t even remember the tags I was in. A very small alliance of farmers. Umpa hit our hive and we decided to fight back hitting him with our t2s and 3s. I had no idea what I was doing and sent my hero on the attack. That was the first time I lost my hero and got executed. Three days without my hero was killer when trying to feed my gow addiction.
I can’t remember the tags, I think they were KbK and my name was Madam Meesh. I have thought of so many memories, including Umpas strategy where we weren’t allowed to port for 24 hours in a kill event. We had to play dead. We lost the first 3 kvks, go figure.

Meesh D:V:



 My favorite GOW memory was when I first started filling at the Wonder, about 5 years ago, with my awesome 1 mil each old T4s. I was front row filling the Wonder lead, Wardog behind me. The enemy told me he misread the Wonder and thought I was leading (imagine little me.. LoL) and he soloed me thinking my hero was out. I capped his hero and it was so awesome! That was well worth the cost of getting those T4s.
I should add that WarDog was eternally grateful that I took the hit for him because he would have burned bad with hero out if it had hit him.

-HellaSophie IWG

Having a Good Laugh

Of course, you cant have favorite memories without sharing a few laughs. Every one of us has memories where we couldn’t stop laughing!

So my favorite memory was the zeroing of a players in k288. His name was Backfire . He had screwed over Stay, and many other people, so we decided to zero him. We lost so many heroes ( this was before hemlock) Everyone tried to rally him, even traps. Finally,  someone from Nova finally burned him. Back then it was a long zero, but was the most fun I ever had in the game. Lucas, Myst, Vag and Booty and Walt and Dark, truly made it a fun experience! I have so many wonderful memories but this one by far is my favorite
Back then i was Artemisia09  (D:V)



My favorite memory of GOW in the last 5 and half years was I always wanted a nerf hit. One night in a kill event I soloed a target and boom !! I got an insane amount of kills ! When the event ended I was able for the first time to place in the top ten of individual players for the kill event. I was so proud till my dearest friend in BA, Razing Hell, sends me a PM and says did you get zeroed ? You placed second! I was like really you goon? ! You think I have to be zeroed to place?  We both laughed for about 10 mins

Kara (IWG)

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