Game of War Time Capsule: Cores and Traps

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Do you remember slaving away in the forge? Taking hours and hours to craft the best set? Back in the day, you were determined to hit that mouthy trap in kingdom chat — the one that always capped you and never released. In this Game of War Time Capsule, we’ll be wandering down memory lane and reminiscing on the way cores and traps used to work. 

Cores and Traps

Cores were such a big part of gameplay once the first set was released. We all sought after secret recipes and spent hours constructing awesome customs. Everyone that used Cores knew how valuable they were. For that 45 minutes that you were burning that set, you felt invincible.

Myself, I was a trap back in those days. I would seek out players that I knew made the best core sets. The difference being that they took the time to pay attention to the stats, they Gemmed their sets the best, and they took plenty of time to roll that set bonus to the highest they could get.

Back when I started in 878 Djotus, I began as a trap. I quickly found myself a rival. He loved burning me, and I loved capping him. He was among the kingdom’s most disliked attack players, and when I would cap him, he always went in time-out. Then he would be forced to sit in my prison until his cores ran out or 44 minutes after cap to avoid him desecrating my beautiful graveyard.

Eventually, he and I became friends and when we played on the same team, I was able to become an even better trap. However, to this day he will tell you that I made him waste thousands of dollars in cores and hems.


I played both lead and trap accounts. My favorite core to craft was the 4H because I had the highest troop attack set bonus on it. But my favorite to use was definitely the Dragon Bone, because I had zeroed my first target with that set, and at that time DB (Dragon Bone) was a beast for Ranged. On my trap account there were certain sets I didn’t want a hit from, those sets were called Defense Debuff sets. However the common DD sets I could cap without rein or boosts. But the one set I didn’t want to get hit by was a I 47 I DD custom. He was one of my old alliance members and was a master in the forge. His DD sets had approximately 4/500 Defense Debuff more then the common DD sets. But I always tested his new sets because to capture the best players, you have to test against the worst scenario.

– k1ll1ngsd3v1l

Remembering Your First Set

Every player remembers their first and their favorite set…

“My absolute favorite core set was the 4 Horsemen (4H). I was a Wonder battler, and that was the first core set that was a game changer. Of course, by being a game changer, it was incredibly difficult to put a set together, except by buying certain packs or by winning events. I remember being at the Super Wonder and every leader was running 4H and the only difference between winning and being kicked out was what Special Set Bonus you had rolled on the set. Players spent millions of gold looking for the max on the set bonus. The Asteroid Core from the 4H Set was the first core I ever crafted from a MZ “secret” recipe, and then paired it with a set of custom cores I had crafted and was slaying in rallies.



One time while I was playing Game of War when it was still fun, back in the day, FKN RAGE pms me and goes, bro I found a target in monster gear let’s zero it, I’m gonna call you. While we were on the phone, we decided he’d go Zeus and I would use a Dragon Bone (because my set bonus was the best there was). He never led a rally or anything, so I had to talk him through gemming and skilling. While gemming, I had to say look for the blue ones with a red center (or something like that, idk for sure because it’s a long time ago). 1 hr later his cores were gemmed. Then I had to talk him through the skill tree, that was also a pain in the butt. After the skill tree, there was only the set bonus left. In total, 2hrs after he found the target we could finally start rallying it. End of story: target zeroed, great job D:V 😎


Using Cores for Defending

The funniest stories can come from using Cores as a defender. I remember plenty of alliance calls where the Rally Lead always had someone watching the gear of the trap we were going to rally. If that person yelled “Cores! Cores! Cores!” then you bet that Rally Lead was going to cancel the rally and take another look!

I got a good one for this. My first cap was with Ice Legend 27. I didn’t know what I was doing either at the time. It was my first core I ever made, and I had it set up for defense. People couldn’t understand how I was capping in it. I just went with the stats and it worked wonders, lol. (Only I wasn’t using it for the wonder.) I still have a set in my items, lol. I love that commercial for that gear, too.



I loved using “Booster Cores.” Basically, you would craft one core piece in place of a regular gear piece. This was especially helpful during the Super Wonder when you got the chance to be hit by the big bad accounts. If I was taking hits, and there was an account that I just could not cap, I would pop a Booster Core. And, I always used the Hades Gem so that the Rally Lead had no idea what I was doing!! I would say about 99% of the time, when I used the Booster Core piece, I would end up capping the Rally Lead that just burned me three times in a row! The mails were great too. Once I would pop that core and cap, I would immediately get a mail asking “How did you do that????” The Firecracker accessories were my favorite!!


Sometimes We Forget

Many players can tell you, they’ve spent hours and hours making the perfect set, just to forget to use them!!

I used to love creating cores, I had a core recipe book that I have only recently thrown away. My account was never up with everyone’s so the rally lead used to allow me to create his cores and give them a run. One of the first times I was let loose in a kill event I’d created a custom CAV core. I’d checked it double checked it, lined up the correct cav troops, organised the rally fillers with the correct troops, set the rally and excitedly marched on the hapless target… totally forgetting to equip the core and subsequently losing the battle and having the hero capped. It seems so long ago now, but the embarrassment lingers.



It took me a while to catch on to making cores. This was before VIP crafting, so you actually had to know what you were doing. It would take hours to craft cores. You had to switch out all the pieces and everything. So, I spent hours and hours crafting my first core set. I was constantly checking and double checking the pieces to make sure I was crafting them correctly. Once I got the set crafted, then I had to gem the set and then skill the hero. Getting the Cores completely ready to use takes a good amount of time! So finally I am done and ready to go. This core set was going to be a beast! My alliance scouted a few targets and we found a place where there were three strongholds around each other. I would set and launch in speed gear, then switch before I hit. First target went perfectly. Second target burned bigger than the first one! By this time, I was getting a little cocky. I set on the third target and marched. He capped my hero!! What in the world just happened?? I forgot to switch gear before I hit!! I tried to get my hero back, but since I had just burned two of his friends, he was not planning on releasing, and told me to eat a hemlock. So, the rest of the time on my first core set was wasted as my hero sat in a dungeon. I was so mad at myself for that, and my alliance did not let me forget about it for months and months.



Core Recipe Books

Some of the more seasoned players kept all their recipes in one big core book! I know for myself, I kept a spreadsheet on my computer that I could print out when needed. Take a look at some of the awesome Core Books submitted by RealTips users!!

Cores were a vital part of GoW back then, and many of us are hoping one day they make a comeback. The addition of VIP crafting took a lot of time out of the process, but many of us still enjoy a good session in the forge!

What is your favorite Core story? Share with us in the comments below!!

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