GoW Time Capsule: Favorite Memory Part 1

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A new GoW time capsule is open! Today we take a trip down memory lane to talk about what is your favorite Game of War memory. There are so many great responses that I got from the community!

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My Favorite GoW Memory

We will kick this off with my personal favorite GoW memory. Anyone that knows me has heard this story plenty of times, as I have had to repeat it often.  You will also learn why this memory is near and dear to my heart, and one that I will end up telling for years to come,

Back in the day, I was a tiny trap.  I was only a SH30 when others were SH100, and I often like to cap heroless at that size too.  It was fun living on the edge of the burn or cap line. So, I am a tiny trap, I am an r4 at (3urn), and we were in K894 when the Mega Merge event was announced. This was a big deal because it woud decide where our kingdom ended up.  My alliance was mainly full of traps, so we decided that for this big event, we would join D:V because they had tons of leads. Our traps could fill their rallies and score a lot of points from hits. It would be a win win for both alliances.  So I am in D:V for the event and everything is going great. I’m getting a ton of hits because I’m following the rally team and filling rallies, plus I look like the perfect target being only sh30 and having no gear on! A rally got set on me, but all of a sudden I see in the alliance chat this guy … RAGE247… start giving me all kinds of crap. He was yelling at me to put gear on and telling me I needed to shield and not take the hit. Me being a successful trap.. I laughed and tried to explain to him that I knew what I was doing and to not worry. But this guy was stubborn and wouldn’t listen. His remark to me “you should just go play FarmVille since you don’t know what you’re doing.” Well obviously I capped that rally, even without gear on, and I flipped RAGE247 the finger and then went back to my own alliance. I was so mad! Later someone actually added him to my trap room and I was furious. I didn’t want him anywhere near me or my room! Well, fast forward a few years and that same player… RAGE247… ended up moving to Florida, where we now live together and in August we will welcome our first baby girl.

-Cm RAGE (D:V)

Favorite Memories of Making Friends

Many of us have formed life long friendships from playing Game of War. Its to be expected when you spend so much time on a game with the same people for hours at a time. Read on to see memories from players about connecting with others.


I was never a big player but was a decent trap. Have very good memories from back in the day. Great friendships I’ve made playing gow I still keep in touch with a few but actually my most enjoyable part of the game back before demigods was released was it was my life mission to be a bad in the behind to Kx alliance. At first I was nothing just a player trying to grow but my alliance got some attention mostly from Kx. So I messed with them constantly Lol They loved me for it of course. Eventually I learned to trap. Would mostly sit with them tease them, as in unshield then reshielded. Would hit their dead cities around their hive. When I got to where I can take a hit it was better, they would always gun for me. Did zero me once or twice when I forget bout my shield but it made the game fun. Was actually sad to see them go, it’s fun having someone to play against and try and out smart them.-LadyJade of ICE alliance


I really have a difficult time pinpointing a favorite GOW story. From over the years, I have so many memories. From the friends, I made playing Game of war to the enemies that became friends. However, I think that I would have to say that my favorite memories have come since I have had the opportunity to work on the Realtips website. I love being able to help people and see them be successful in the game. I also get the opportunity to work with awesome players such as Carol and Savage. This has only increased my enjoyment of the game and watching other people thrive from the help I am able to give them has kept me going.
-Cin (420)

It’s the Little Things

Sometimes it is the little things that have the biggest impact.  Players shared memories of events that would normally not seem as important, but they stuck with the players to become a fond memory.

Best gow memory is having dog of Caesar for a couple weeks and still not burning
-HeadBtwnLegs (Jdk\)


My Favorite GoW memory was when r5’s from all Alliances in Carmel #1004 used to bring their teams into the wonder to have an open 2 hrs where the smaller members could set rallies on the wonder to get some experience and have fun without the bigs knocking them .

-Kona OG (LOC)


For this player, the screenshot says it all.

Gow Time Capsule

-BadSanta (WAB)



The best memories are often the funniest. These are all about the mistakes that players made that made us laugh, and memories that some players will not soon live down!


When I was first learning the game, our great leader, St Babs wanted me to set my first rally. I tried to remember everything, boosts, all that good stuff, then my mighty rally was ready to go. I only forgot one thing. I forgot to include My hero and we were defeated.

-Toots (D:V:)


So, we are pushing to make SEVEN emperor and port him into front row middle at the start. We had a good solid span of several hours, and we were hoping to make some serious ground over night while others slept. This is one of the events where nobody is getting capped, even from missiles and doubles hitting. So we feel good that we are gonna be able to hit consistently throughout the event. It’s late on the first night of super wonder, and only a handful of people are left on call (Me, Fury, Archi, and couple others). Fury is running SEVEN account and doing pretty well. He gets knocked out of the wonder and we have him speed hero home and reset rally ASAP  because there’s gonna be a good gap between upcoming marches and the blockers trailing us. So, Fury speeds home and immediately sets rally. We all speed in and fill from multiple devices (only a few of us awake and have to fill from several devices). As soon as we hit the one minute rally mark, we have him release because good spacing of other marches. As soon as Fury releases he says on call “Oh crap my march time is only 7 seconds.” So he rushes to put on cores and double check boosts when he gets the pop up “Your hero has been captured.” He gets mad and can’t figure out why his march time was so quick that he couldn’t get boosts on and ready. Then Archi comes on and says “Hey Fury you hit that fat dude next to you, not the wonder bro.” We bust out laughing as we start to beg this guy for hero return. This guy was running for emporer too, so he just ghosted us. We tell Fury to pop hemlock and take a nap while we take over from here. I think we placed 2nd, maybe 3rd that event. But it was so hilarious because nobody was getting capped that event except the idiots that accidentally hit Emporer candidates instead of the wonder.  We still give Fury hell about it from time to time whenever his heads gets a little bloated and needs deflating.

-Brooks (aoX)


I was at the Super Wonder with D:V during the time when everyone was using a T2/T4 troop compisition. I had millions of T1 troops that I needed to get rid of.  So, when Stay wasnt holding, or we were filling his rally, I wouls send like eight full marches of T1 at the Super Wonder. My troops are marching to their death, StayAlive is crafting cores, everyone is happy. StayAlive calls a rally and we start filling then he starts marching. At that exact moment, one of my marches of pure T1 hit the wonder. The wonder was empty because the blocking team had cleared it so StayAlive could easily take it, thus I became Emperor with my march of T1. StayAlive started raising hell at me, and I was personally shocked my T1 had taken the wonder, but now his rally was screwed.  I started explaining what happened. He laughed and told me from now on to march my troops to their death at Ctesse instead of the actual wonder.

-Judge (D:V)

Stay Tuned!

There are so many great memories for this Time Capsule!! The RealTIps community is the best, by far, and all of you did a wonderful job at submitting stories. For that reason, there will be a part two of this special Time Capsule! If you would like to have your memory featured, make sure to add me from the RealTips Gow room on LIne and send me your memory!!  My Line ID is slapmesilly, I look forward to hearing from you!

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