GoW Time Capsule: Rivalries

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Rivalries are a huge part of Game of War. They can motivate you, or they can drive you crazy. Rivalries can lead to friendships or they can form mortal enemies. Either way, the game would not be the same if there wasn’t someone that you were constantly trying to outperform. Today we will take a walk down memory lane and read about some big Game of War Rivalries.

Kingdom Chat Rivalries

The Bad Guy in KC…..

We all know those guys, the ones that are the loudest and most obnoxious in kingdom chat. They spam the chat and spread rumors, or they constantly just trying to poke at people and get a reaction. Everyone wants to find the player making a scene and burn him!

Back in the days of a protected kingdom (308 maybe Anethia or something, pretty sure it started with an A, whatever kingdom it was) there was a nerd (myself) who decided “Hey, I’ll take these free tokens on MX trial bike and download this GoW app and take my account to level 5 sure. Hey, I can chat to other people that are real while I do this, that’s not so bad! What’s $20 for a pack?” Enter my arch rival SmileyFace!!! After my fist zero I was in rage spend mode. SmileyFace was one of those guys that spammed KC constantly with really annoying things. Come to find out (through unconfirmed rumors) he was a dentist, the most abhorant of professional bad guys. He was a Sh16 trap, but didn’t take attacking a poor little SH 11 and zeroing it too seriously. However in the next couple days it went from Sh11 to Sh21, and proceeded to scout the kingdom every day watching for SmileyFace’s shield. Finally, his shield dropped! After his fifth or sixth time being zeroed he eventually gave up the game, and my rivalry was tragically over. Not really a cool story, but early game enemies were the bomb. He was a pretty hated figure in the kingdom and so it was easy to get people to help me scout for him .
-(R Us) VTown (at that time)

… and The Fun Friends in KC

This is not a normal rivalry about stats etc. It’s about how much we can troll each other in kingdom chats Current r5 Kara, and semi retired Cxi/Iwg former r5 Meesh, and myself, still today will tease each other in open KC. It started when Cxi member Arend put on Cxi wall “happy birthday Meesh.” Everyone in her alliance then sent her mail and pm while she was sleeping, blowing up her phone. She woke up thinking she was getting zeroed. So I took this idea and  decided to put it on every alliance wall in the kingdom! I wrote that it was her birthday and please continue to one troop and send mail showing her your love. So her and Kara decided to find me “life partners” for fun.  We still do this to date. Meesh is now 136 years old and I still haven’t been sold. It’s that kind of fun that keeps our alliance still going strong.

-daddyice (IWG)

The New Player Returns!

The one mistake everyone makes is underestimating new players. Its easy to target players that are inexperienced. However, those new guys will remember who picked on them, and a rivalry is born! The fun part is when the revenge unfolds!

When I first started the game in K476 I though the game was pretty much what happens in my own neighborhood. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as th wonder area or how to browse the kingdom map. I built about 100,000 T2 troops and started attacking account at around me. I joined an alliance of someone I saw in KC talking about raiding hives. We started to port to hives and burn hives. One day we had a whole hive on fire and I was holding ten heroes. Suddenly someone said “SnakeEater is here, shield”. I tied to shield but the held heroes prevented me so I started releasing my heroes as my screen went red. One hit zero from a player with T4 troops. My hero was gone. I was so angry that I started complaining about the managers that would “allow” such senseless game play. “People will just quit”. “Why allow someone to keep your hero.” My alliance was amused with my anger. “Bro chill. It is part of the game.” The player from an alliance called Quiet Professionals (QP) didn’t release my hero for three days. I seethed. Three days later I rage spent one thousand dollars and got T3 plus a couple of Fire Age Infantry pieces (remember blue flames?). I changed my name to QP Hunter and started porting to QP players, unshielding, zeroing them and then shielding. I taunted the player that zeroed me in KC.The player was livid and started burning every player in our alliance that was not shielded. My alliance leader thought the whole thing was funny. After two weeks of this, the big bad player went to my leader and negotiated an end to my vendetta. I changed my name to Hunter. I left that alliance and joined a new one where I met a player named Fury. He taught me how to use barracks and relics to bulk train T4 troops. We had amazing packs that gave 60 one day speeds and maybe enough materials for an epic blue flame! Anyway, within a month I had T4’s, and had won the wonder in a rally for the first time. During one wonder battle we captured the hero of that player who zeroed me when he soloed the wonder. Immediately pulled my hero from the wonder and set a rally on him. We burned him. He had never been burned before. I was so happy that day. A true hate was born that day. People from that kingdom still talk about our rivalry to this day. Yes, anger and revenge can get you hooked on this game. Today I enjoy rivalries still. It creates interest and focus and stories that make teammates laugh and joke.

-FuriousNoob (D:V:)

FuriousNoob Rivalries

The Beginning of a Rivalry

Some rivalries have gone on for so long that no one can remember what caused the fight to begin with.  However, some players can remember the beginning of a good rival like it was yesterday.

It was the good ol’ days, several years ago. Rivalries ran deep as personal vendettas and competitive alliances dominated the gameplay. In what was one of the greatest rivalries of the time, our alliance opposed PWN whom had controlled the wonder and had most of the bigger players from the start of the kingdom. Led by Nem and Worx, they played a very aggressive style and had no regard for how many troops they lost. This rivalry came to a head one day when one of our larger players, MERICA, capped a Worx rally. What followed was by far one of the most fun and intense few hours of my gow experience. Driven by his hatred of MERICA, and his anger at losing his hero, he ordered rally after rally on MERICA. First 5, then 10, then 15 heroes he captured, crafting cores on the fly between hits, almost our entire alliance were either sending resources for him to train troops, or counter rallying their heroless leads. After a short time, MERICA ported to the forest, where he proceeded to cap another 10 heroes. Anyone and everyone in PWN was leading, regardless of research levels or maxed account. It wasn’t until he had a solid 25 heroes capped that he finally ported out and shielded. In the end, no one alliance truly won this engagement. But it was the first major battle of many great battles between us, with each one doing nothing but increasing the animosity between us.

-Fury (D:V:)

Kingdom Wide Rivalries

One player, or one alliance, sometimes just isn’t enough. Whole kingdoms like to get in on the rivalry action!

Well, I came into game of war in k418 Sachi, having no idea that I would enjoy the game enough to continue my rise in the game. I had no clue what I would do. The term “trap” or “lead” to me didn’t have meaning to me until late 2015 as my alliance *aB an my self woke up to our hive completely destroyed. Drawing us into our first rivalry, aoX an M4RS. It was a two vs the kingdom rivalry. We would rebuild, they would zero. I got tired of shields an decided that I would get them for always burning our members. Long story short. I went on to cap most of our kingdoms most hated/agitating players. Great players mind you. aoX 868WAR, VI JOKER VI, M4RS x Bish, DA RILLA. 868 was by far the most one on one rivalry I’ve had. Constantly coming at me with new research an cores. The constant going ons between aoX, M4RS an the kingdom, and 868, and myself, kept the game alive and fresh. Ultimately leading me to a dragon realm where I came back with a whole new landscape to find new rivalry an adventure.

Rivalries Can Turn In To Friendships

Friendly competition is the most fun! Going head to head against your friend can really have amazing results. The best part is the relationships you build with others in the game.

So many many rivalries through the years, between players and alliances, most were not friendly ones. Those are easy to talk about. We would stalk that  player and if we couldn’t burn you that night, we would keep trying every release until we succeeded. Our bookmarks were full of those targets.
But my favorite one is when I was in Fml and then [email protected] I had become friends with most of the Cxi players then, and most of them were in my contact list. We would pick on each other about our kills and would try to beat each other on kvk events. We wouldn’t sleep during the kvk weekends just so we could beat the other alliance. 458 was full of great alliances that did this. It is why the kingdom never lost a merge event. Regardless, this rivalry brought me to become great friends with Meesh from Cxi, and now Iwg. We still have our rivalry to this day, but it’s all fun and games. We both were lucky enough to have our members that had the same drive to burn everything, and we still do today. If the game didn’t have rivalries it would have died out years ago. It’s good to still see people out there trying to be the best for bragging rights.

-daddyice (IWG)


I’ve been playing GOW since the age of sh21 days. I began my journey in 492 Maccabee. This kingdom was the most agrumental place I’ve ever been in. Back then, a Russian Alliance, TT, was the team to beat at the wonder. They were full of huge spenders and there wasn’t alot of ways to compete without spending. I’ve always gone by XxKaraXxx of some type. I started in the alliance GM until 492 lost merge wars to 587. Then I joined Viking Lords (VL) and spent the majority of time there battling with a great r5 named Palmsy. As with most of the older alliances, we lost members from the game. I was recruited by the r5s of Cxi, DaddyIce and Meesh, and spent the rest of my time there. We are now IWG and I am r5. We are a team that merged in a matter of 2 hrs one Friday night. We love rivalries and try our best to dominate the leaderboards. I am blessed to have such a great team. I’m humbled daily on the bonds that have been created here in GOW.

-Kara (IWG)


One Player VS the Whole Game

Everyone knows who Ctess is in Game of War. In a way, she has become everyone’s idea of a rival. Either they want to have an account as good as hers, or they bash her and hate her because she is so well known. There is one day, in everyone’s memory, that she definitely decided to have a little fun of her own.

I was king of 667, and all of ofux surrounded the wonder as a display of power. It was our forest and we were untouchable. Well a big drop happened that night, and when Ctess realized what had dropped she went hunting for kings. One by one my entire alliance was solo zeroed out of the wonder while we slept. Most of whom never came back to the game.

-B L E G H (oFux)

Rivalries That Push You to Be Better

Have you ever been so mad that you swore you would get revenge one day?? Have you ever been so embarrassed that you promised yourself to build an account so big that you could easily burn an arch nemesis?? Yes, of course, you have, because we all have had the same feelings!!

Man I’ve had a lot of rivalries. If I had to pick one worthy of mentioning, it would have to be with Hitsta of DG. I started late in 667 and the bigs were already, well, big. I joined an alliance and starting growing my little wood stronghold. I soon found myself bigger than everyone in my tags. I logged on one day and the r5 left the alliance and made me the leader without saying a word. All I knew was I was “so cool” because I was r5 (of some farm alliance). I see some trash talk going on in KC, so I decide to join in. I soon find myself challenging the king of the kingdom (open mouth, insert foot) to a battle. I was so new to the game, I thought I was winning because he could only wound my troops, and he couldn’t get my hero. (didnt realize he couldnt cap wood walls) So, of course I go back to KC for some quality trash talk. I wind up walking away with my tail tucked between my legs, and a full education on just how bad I had been beaten. Our rivalry changed everything for me. I made it my mission to dissect and learn everything I possibly could about the game, just so one day I could cap and burn him all in one beautiful motion. That day eventually came and it was certainly as spectacular as I had hoped it would be! But, without Hitsta being an jerk in KC, I’d have never pushed myself to be the player I am today. Hits, if you happen to read this, go [email protected]* yourself, bro.

-B L E G H

Watching a Legend in Action

There is no question that Stay Alive is considered to be one of the most liked, and most feared, players in this game. Almost anyone today would name Stay Alive as a true legend in the game. Trying to go against him was certainly a feat, and a feat many players aimed to overcome.

My most memorable first kvk moments was against DV when StayAlive played. My home kingdom was 464, we were known for having a strong kingdom, but playing against StayAlives kingdom posted its difficulties. Therefore, it was one of the most exciting kvk I’ve ever played in. I think I was about 1.5b in power and at the time. That power was really big, but of course StayAlive was much bigger. Due to my account possibly being the biggest in my alliance at the time and was loaded with cores, it was the main rally leading account throughout that kvk. I presumed StayAlive got tired of us burning his members and he wanted to rally me because it seemed we were the only ones fighting back against DV. With his power and size, there was definitely no way I would let him hit me. He was destroying every SH he set his eyes on, and I was still learning the game at that time. He was burning bigger players, and no way I wanted any part of that. So, I pretty much spent the rest of kvk running away from him. When we found a target, we would try to set fast, hit and port out. It was fun and a learning experience to see one of the top players of Game of War rally and soloing targets that most wouldn’t even think about touching.

-simba (NO=)


Rivals Are Not Necessary for All

I know that there’s rivalry on the game. It seems only natural in a game full of ego and competition like this. But personally I’ve never experienced one. For me this game is an escape from real life’s crap and drama, so I see no point in creating it here. I’m a competitive person and always strive to be better without the need of a “good rivalry” to give me a push.

-abc1315 (IWG)

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  1. TRIF14 says

    Longevity in GOW….
    I heard about “legends” in this game from stay alive to Ctesse, but no one stayed longer and played with pride and joy and making the most feared alliance than NO= with heir fearsome leader Xxx DOC xxX. You do not want to be in his sight. He remains the most sought after player in this game today. Players that has names makes comeback just to boot him out on top. Some made it for a day against him but a lot has fail to do so. He is from 372 Lipoon kingdom when he started but now called Ambrosia as his home base. You will never see another Alliance that can remain on top by themselves without help from any other alliance than NO=. I dont know how much longer he can keep it up……………..Ah well,….all good things sometimes must come to and end. If that ever happens GOW is not gonna be the same……………………….NO= ( Guardians of Brotherhood )

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