Grand Launch

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Welcome to the Grand Launch Event for our new site! This has been in the works for awhile and Teamrealtips is excited to launch our new website. We are hoping that the functionality and design will better serve our community.

In celebration of this launch we will be doing a gift card giveaway.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Comment on this article your favorite feature of the new website
    1. No foul language or slurs or your comment will be deleted
  2. Every person who comments will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to Google Play or iTunes
  3. The amount depends on you, a 25 dollar gift card will be given away, unless we reach 50 or more comments and then that amount will rise to 50 Dollars! So check out the new site and swing on by to be entered into the drawing!
  4. This Event Will End Sunday March 11, 2018 at 5PM PST

Join the Real Tips Community!

To better customize our content to each player, we are inviting our community to become registered users at GOWRealTips!

  1. Richard Payne Sellers says

    Always find a tip I can use. You guys are great guides for rookies and old vets like me!

  2. Roberta Jones
    Roberta Jones says

    Great job!!! Thanks for all your help and support!

  3. James says

    Thanks for all the hard work. This game keeps changing and y’all really help us get the most bang for the buck

  4. Peggy Thatcher says

    Nice site. The tips are awesome btw.

  5. Josie x says

    The site is ease to manipulate, even for my old butt.
    Thanx Guys !
    Josie x

  6. Kyle Johnson says

    I like the free items that are being given away. It is an attempt to not make one feel like they need to buy a pack to play. I would love to have more monsters again to hit. Also vary the types of gold packs please down to at least 19.99 or 49.99 dollars. Many people will buy them in an attempt to try to keep up with the others that buy regularly.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Hey, those are some good suggestions. You should send them to MZ, however, we are not MZ.

  7. Tracy A says

    Love the new set up… always find this site to be te most informative… keep up the great work…

  8. Chris Cobb says

    Been using this site for about three years. Thanks for making things easier. I like what seems to be going on so far.

  9. Ron says

    Information is very helpful, especially with $99 packs only now.

  10. George M says

    Nice job!! Faster loading, easier access to sub columns and overall a big improvement. Thanks to all who make this site possible

  11. Ed Evans says

    Featured contents are great

  12. Tracy Taylor says

    Very very good

  13. XxTAKERxX says

    The best thing is the first thing you see. The design is easy to see, read and it’s fun. The site has amazing appeal. Everyone’s eyes have been sold with this one. Great job

  14. Alan Clay says

    I love the new look, the new font and the fact I might win a gift card for my posted comments…keep up the interested work….

  15. Gary Zillmer says

    Easy to use and find what I need to look up

  16. Jose Lopez says

    This new update site is an easier way of understanding the information posted. I access this site often to learn the latest news and updates. You guys did a great job on the new update to this site. Thank you.

  17. john shaw
    john shaw says

    smooth and easy. great site.

  18. Ron Russ says

    Looks great easy access to every detail. You all do an assume job. Thanks for all your work.

  19. Andrew Roberts says

    Love the site it’s helpful informative simple to understand and above all else highly informed helped me understand the game so much better trying to get others to join so we can all benfit from this to make the game fun again

  20. Sheldor says

    I used to use this site when I played a year ago. It’s much easier to use than I remember! Just testing back in the game after six months away.

  21. Derton says

    Looks great! Much easier to navigate.

  22. John Standard says

    Very nice and flashy. I like the graphical interpretations of the guides.

  23. Douglas Borden says

    Very nice! The issue of too many changes and ones account going old every day is over! Also the “lags” and “kickoffs” are a thing of the past – I hope!
    I thought that I could not afford GOW any more but now I see a “little light at the end of the tunnel!”
    I was getting very frustrated at throwing thousands into the wind only to have it blow job me in the face!
    VED GOW – keep up the great work!!!

    1. OT S O B says

      Totally correct and spot on… ditto!!!

    2. OT S O B says

      Totally correct and spot on… ditto!!!
      Thank you!!!

  24. Austin Whipp says

    Love the new look. It is cleaner and much easier for me to use. Enjoyed reading about the new writers. Hope to get to know them.
    Also like the article about playing GOW on a budget.

  25. Dan Rogers says

    Easy to navigate and read

  26. Tammie B. says

    Awesome job. Easy to understand

  27. Livid007 says

    Really nice! The lag is not an issue at all now and it’s usage friendly. Very easy to find what you’re looking for and I really love the idea of the gift card give away. NICE WORK GUYS

  28. DJP74 says

    Much better site. Very nice update. Loads faster and you can flip quickly thru the pages. Nice job.

  29. Lpgift says

    I love all the articles this site produces. Its very in depth and detailed written. It has helped me and my alliance numerous times. The article I most like right now is the gear and banner sections. But although this site is good it always helps out to Hav the discord and line also. Thank you very much to all of you for the hard work.

  30. LOKI953 says

    Great job on the site. Lots of valuable info.

  31. Michael Hodge
    Michael Hodge says

    Excellent job! The flow is good and the design is smooth and much faster loading than before. Only issue I can see is the font. While it keeps with the overall theme of the site, it can be hard to see depending on the size (or maybe that’s my age). Otherwise, great job! You guys rocked it!


  32. Loki says

    Great job on the site. Very helpful articles.

  33. Tony H says

    It looks great, and it runs really smooth. Well done!

  34. Hammer says

    Loads a lot faster. Like the look. Glad you kept the date of the most recent change to each article.

  35. Ronda Burwell says

    Load really fast. Easy to find the section you want.

  36. Chris Samo Sampson says

    Wow, so much better taken a while but great job

  37. Sue says

    Winning would be so cool cause tomorrow’s my Birthday! Regardless nice sight. Keep up the good work! Thank you

  38. Jess says

    Loads faster and easier to find things I need. Nice

  39. KushLova says

    sehr schöne Übersicht.

  40. David Babcock says

    Nice Lets see how this works out.

  41. jeff richardson says

    Much easier to use good work. Keep it up

  42. sergio says

    Buen trabajo todo lo que sea información sobre este juego y facilitar las cosas a los jugadores es de agradecer

  43. Mark Raymond says

    Awesome job! Much easier to use and faster to find information.

  44. Arnoldo MARTINEZ says

    Looks very good. Easy to navigate, dosrnt seem to lag at all.

  45. MsTricky says

    Very Nice Upgrade… Love the ease of navigating

  46. Mark London says

    Love the new look ,lots of good info

  47. Carmella DiForte says

    Great renovations! Faster and easier to find topics.

  48. Mark Baines
    Mark Baines says

    Great looking new site. Well done, and thanks for all your hard work. I specifically like the way you have separated the content into three headings (News, Guides and Events) and that makes it easier to find the information I am looking for (usually Guides for the strategies suggested.
    Way to go GOW RealTips… and thanks again!
    Mark Baines. aka Bainesly aka “PinkFloydius”

  49. Billy Ray says

    So much easier to scroll through, read and truly make sense of. Now if gow willl continue to do the same life will be bearable, again

  50. Sylvia says

    Much easier to navigate

  51. Cyn says

    Wonderful site!
    Love the bio section, well done
    Thanks for all your help.

  52. Melissa says

    Look’s good you guy’s did a awesome job

  53. Funhaz says

    Very nice, easy to find what I’m looking for. Great job

  54. Jerry Sullivan says

    New look is fancy….Game of War is glowing up

  55. David Murphy says

    Ok hope helps glad to see prodgress

  56. Paul Leach says

    Keep up the great work! Really appreciate it!

  57. Michael Miller says

    Awesome update! I love gow. Just wish my game want still frozen so that I could do more than just message. But I’m being patient because I like it that much!

  58. Tyler LaCroix says

    Very nice well put together team.

  59. Warren says

    I like it! It’s easier for rookies like me to trsnslate…understand more about the game. Thankjs!

  60. Donald terry says

    Great updates, love the demigod stuff plse more more more and need the Pac

  61. Donald terry says

    Great updates, love the demigod stuff plse more more more

  62. Eli says

    Congrats on the new site. Looks professional and well made.

  63. Virginia says

    it’s Nice To See How Much Eisier it Is To Locate Things That I’m Looking For! That’s For Taking To Time To Redue This Site! Great Job!!

  64. Greg says

    Great update! Everything is much easier to locafe.

  65. Grace Olim says

    I think it’s much better than the old one…
    Well done!

  66. Saary0
    Saary0 says

    Very nice and easier to access the subjects we need to know…
    Congratulations!!..very well done..

  67. DarkHeart08 says

    You guys did a great job

  68. Krähe says

    Website is soo much better!! It not only loads faster, but I actually get to read the whole article without issues.

  69. Anne says

    brilliant website well done and thank you

  70. Nancy Jones says

    Much easier to find what I want and need. Great job!

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