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Graveyard 23 and Ultimate Execution!


Ultimate Execution – Prevent Enemies from Resurrecting!

graveyard 23

Now more than ever is it easier to upgrade your Graveyard to Level 23 and unlock “Ultimate Execution” and gain a fearsome new look for your City!

Game of War has given the graveyard some ghoulish love. With level 23 you can prevent enemy heroes from resurrecting, and decrease the amount of time your hero stays dead after an ultimate execution.

Let’s take a look at what Graveyard 23 provides us.

Prevent Enemy from Resurrecting or Hiring New Hero

Iron Maiden

When you perform an Ultimate Execution on an enemy Hero using the new Iron Maiden item, the enemy must wait until the effect comes to an end to resurrect their Hero including rehiring one.  It is 3 days wait time to resurrect your hero if you have max level Graveyard. It is 7 days if you have level 1 graveyard.

Graveyard Details

This could spell disaster for a player who is zeroed while offline.  If this player doesn’t have an upgraded Graveyard they will suffer a 7 day loss of their Hero and 10 if the rally leader decides to hold for the entire duration before execution.  Talk about insult to injury!

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For example, your hero is captured by a rally player with Graveyard 23.  He decides to hold it for 3 days before executing.  The Ultimate Execution creates a 7 day wait period to resurrect.  If this is indeed the scenario then that player will need to rehire a new hero at the end of the 10 day period because you only have 7 days to resurrect a dead hero.

Ultimate Execution Resurrection Delay

Ultimate Execution with Graveyard 23
Ultimate Execution with Graveyard 23

From reading the Blog and debating with players it appears that Ultimate Execute may indeed be a 7 day wait period to resurrect which can only be reduced by 4 days with a max Graveyard, or 3 day wait period.

If we take a look at the above image from Ctesse executing a hero the wait time is 4 days.  I’m not sure if the Hero had a Graveyard 1 or not.  However, assuming its Graveyard 1 then the wait time is 4 days!

If you have Graveyard 23 and your hero suffers Ultimate Execute then your wait time is reduced by 4 days but you will still have to wait 3 days to resurrect.  I guess you get a 3 day holiday.  Or, if the above image is of a Hero executed with a Graveyard 1 then maxing your Graveyard would mean no wait to resurrect your hero!  Ok, Ctesse, please comment below if the Hero you executed had a Graveyard 1. Thanks!

Rehiring Hero After Ultimate Execution

Rehiring Hero with Gymnos maxed will retain most of your level of Hero and experience if 60 and under.  Game of War makes an exception for Heroes 61+.  You will not lose a level.  Those Heroic Medals won’t be wasted.  Don’t worry!  Again, you should NOT have to rehire a Hero if he suffers an Ultimate Execution because you will still have 3 days to resurrect.

Rehire Hero Ultimate execution

How to Upgrade Graveyard and Costs

At the moment, the cost to upgrade Graveyard to 23 is extremely expensive. So it is likely we won’t see many Ultimate Executions for a few weeks.  Watch for the number of Gravedigger’s Lanterns in packs to increase or start dropping in gifts or in events.  Then you will start to see more and more Ultimate Executions.

No need to panic just yet.

Gravedigger's Lantern

Graveyard level upgrades require a new item called Gravedigger’s Lantern that can be seen above. You can grab these items in any Graveyard sale you see in the store.

Lantern Requirements we know so far:

Level – Lanterns
10 – 250
13 – 375
22 – 3,125
23 – 6,250

Total: 12,700

Right now is a fantastic time to upgrade to Graveyard 23.  The packs contain more Graveyard Lanterns than ever before, nearly 1,000!

Other Benefits from Graveyard 23

Graveyard 23

When you level up your Graveyard it decreases the amount of time your Hero stays dead when the victim of an Ultimate Execution.  You must have a Level 23 Graveyard to perform an Ultimate Execution.

graveyard 23

When you see this port near you don’t lose your Hero to it!  This shows that the player has Ultimate Execution!  Congrats (ONE) XxCtessexXDN!

At Graveyard 23 you will receive a new, more deadly appearance for your City on the Kingdom map.

Graveyard Details

Game of War, has decided not to allow Ultimate Executions to be used in the Kingdom of Fire or Super Wonder.  However, this decision will likely change once Graveyard 23 is unlocked by more players.

For now Graveyard 23 is not a requirement to Rally Leaders but soon it will be.  As the cost of upgrading the Graveyard drops, the risk of losing your Hero for 4 days increases.

How Does Ultimate Execution Work?

Ultimate Execution requires Graveyard 23 to unlock and an item from the Gold Store to use for the actual execution of captured heroes.  For now, it is unclear whether the Ultimate Execution will be an instant item that can be used to execute a Hero or if the captor must hold the Hero for a day or something.  My guess is the Hero will be executed using the item similar to an instant execution.

Ultimate Execution and Battle Marks

Heroes will be missing from Strongholds longer and longer with the addition of Graveyard 23 and Ultimate Execution.  Therefore, it adds value to the investment of Battle Mark Hero Notification.  Check out our breakdown and review of the various Battle Marks to see how they can help you identify stronghold’s that have suffered an Ultimate Execution.

What do you think of Graveyard 23?  How cool do those new City profiles look!?

  1. SNAKE BONE says

    Tks for all the info

    1. Darkthorne says

      You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Multiversal says

    If you have “Ultimate Execution Delay Reduction” in your Gem Set Bonus tree. you can cut the delay for resurrection for about a day. Now it would be only 2 days if you had a maxed Graveyard.

  3. VIXXON1 says

    I so agree with those comments about this ultimate execution and the 10 days. I JUST GOT LEVELED went from almost 3 trillion to less than 500 million and now have a 7 day ultimate execution on me. There is really no point in continuing to play the game I just lost thousands of dollars and it would take thousands more to back to sheer I was. Thanks MZ

    1. Darkthorne says

      Wow, thats terrible… you just lost troops though right? Troops can be easily retrained once your hero is resurrected.

  4. james says

    so if you eat a hemlock before ultimate execution the ultimate execution wont be activated correct , ??

    1. Darkthorne says

      Ultimate Execution is an instant item. You likely won’t have time to sacrifice in time before they instantly Ultimate Execute you.

      1. Marus Trap account says


        does the timer for resurrection of hero runs in parallel with ultimate execution ?

        i.e. current rule with regular execution is if i don’t resurrect in 7 days i would have to re-hire hero

        but if someone ultimate executes me with full 7 days,,, will i not be able to resurrect hero at all ? or will i get another 7 days to resurrect ?

        1. Darkthorne says

          I don’t believe this has been confirmed yet.


    Graveyard 2 is 6 lanterns
    Graveyard 3 is 9 lanterns
    Graveyard 4 is 19 lanterns
    Graveyard 5 is 25 lanterns

    1. Darkthorne says

      Thank you for this!

  6. […] burn a player without hero.  Building boosts do not appear in scout reports.  Combine this with Ultimate Execution from Graveyard 23 and Battle Marks Hero Notification  GoW just added another level of […]

  7. Sir Newport says

    If you hemlock with a graveyard 1 you will be without your hero for 7 days. If you hemlock with a graveyard 23 you will be without your hero for 3 days. If you don’t have a hemlock then add 3 days.

    1. Leslie Hodge says

      These stats only apply if you’re executed with ultimate execute, not hemlock.

  8. Tome33 says

    Firstly, no rally trap will have any of this stuff. Secondly, if you don’t want to have an even remote chance of getting hit by this ultimate execute then don’t attack people with a SH that looks like the above. Easy as that. People should be more focused on the fact that game of war has turned into game of shield not —- like this.

    1. Darkthorne says

      Agree its easy to avoid. Unfortunately, its going to hit the weakest the hardest. Players who miss a shield and are zeroed and return to hero potentially missing for 10 days.

  9. Lee says

    It’s getting worse, another game you have to chuck money at to grow,

  10. TallyWhack3r says

    So much for testing limits on cores. Gonna push all rally leaders to be way way more conservative. This is a very bad move on MZ’s part. 45 min hemlocks now commonplace even in 19.99 packs because they are going to be useless. Add to the insult even more MZ. Spender here and learning to regret that more and more each day. TallyWhac3r 767

  11. Club says

    95 total packs for the max graveyard.
    68 from 21-23
    27 to get to 21
    3125 lanterns for 21 to 22
    6250 lanterns for 22 to 23

    $9500 till 23

  12. ZetaAngel says

    People already have it.

  13. lordheisinger says

    Just think of this. These are just rough numbers i’m giving by the way. Most bigger guys that can hold heroes for 3 days before executing them and adding the ultimate execution for 7 days. That’s 10 days without your hero. Even if you have graveyard level 23, it’ll be 6 days without a hero. That will drive those smaller people away. It’s not fun without your hero for just 3 days let alone 10. I think ultimate execution is taking it too far.

    Think of this scenario too. When they roll out alliance city attacks and you hit and zeroed from that massive attack and your hero is gone for up to 10 days. you will have people quitting left and right.

    Some of these things they put out looks cool on paper, but if you want to keep people spending money, this is not the way to go.

    1. Tums says

      Agreed, they are gaining money on one side and losing it on the other, rn very few people have ultimate execution unlocked I just got really curious and wanted to know how many packs it would require, I’m a trap so that was my curiosity talkin, and i have a feeling soon when they realize that they should probably put more in packs bc most people get up to (estimating) around graveyard lvl 15, and then stop, so soon I have a feeling they are gonna be losing a lot of newer players.

      1. Darkthorne says

        It still requires exactly 50 packs. Same as it cost when it first released months ago.

        1. Peter says

          Is that 50 packs to go from lvl 1 to lvl 23 graveyard?

          1. Darkthorne says


  14. Paul underwood says

    This will be the end of the game. Bigs take chances and loose there heros. Now they won’t. Lol MZ you have lost your mind. I am a big spenders. Not anymore. I quit. Stag 916

  15. Club says

    Looks ok, I guess.

  16. Wolves says

    I’m worried that this may be the killing blow in the game. As it is there are empty cities all over the place, the rest are either shielded all the time, or too big. Now I can first insult your hero for day with the hero lock, or I can make it so you are without your hero for a full week.

    I’ll build the grave yard at some point, mainly because I get tired of training troops for solo, and inferno’s. But killing a lower players hero for 7 days, that may be the straw that causes their city to be abandoned. And we sure the heck don’t need more of them.

    1. Darkthorne says

      I’m also worried Wolves. If we look at the graveyard reduction of time it states 4 day reduction. I assume the Ultimate Execution will be at least 4 days. This requires players to level up this graveyard to prevent losing their hero for that long. Are you sure its 7 days? My guess is likely 4 which is still a long time in Game of War days!

      1. MrsK says

        Assuming a 3 day prison hold time and 4 day resurrection block, the total time without hero could be 7 days. MZ missed the mark on this feature. They should have done the opposite and had a hemlock reduction time down to 5 minutes with the upgrade. 7 days no hero will mean less players are willing to take risks on harder rally targets.

        1. Chivalri says

          How many of those targets will have Level 23 graveyard? None I’d wager.

          At current prices this is at best a vanity project for the game’s biggest spenders – you get a nice shiny golden skull on your SH.

        2. Fabdog says

          So…. As soon as your hero is captured HEMLOCK… ASAP!! Problem solved and no ultimate execution.

        3. Darkthorne says

          I suppose that is correct if they don’t have a hemlock. Ultimate Execution will probably be an instant execution item or players could just hemlock and be out of there in 45 minutes.

    2. Gho0st says

      Also, solo events have become even harder to win than infernos… Cuz you get most of your points for winning the inferno, and still have to do more for the solo event. This isn’t just for bigs like me, on my farm (which is sh15 and barely 50mill power) it’s exactly the same requirements for events… And solo’s are still classified as “easy”!!

      Think of this as well, ultimate execution and graveyard 23 came out 2 days after hero banners, which came out 2 days after alliance gift tiles… And now, a less than a day after the graveyard there are Time Orbs and Rewind Orbs! All features that require you to buy more packs! Add to that the insane prices for upgrading hero to 61-65 and the 1000% percent RSS and time increase for building upgrades 22-23. MZ is killing the game… Guess they’re trying to get rid of GOW so they can start ruining Mobile Strike.


      1. Jolladin says

        Luv your post Ghosty.


        1. donny9802 says

          The more players they run off the faster they add new stuff to force bigs to spend more to keep up to compensate for the loss of players. It a model they will turn out in future machine zone games or what ever they decide to call themselves then. So there is no end in site. And yes they can instant ultimate execution. It just happened to me.

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