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Guy Eats 22 Rallies In A Single KvK


22 Rallies, Need I Say More?

Today we read one of the most entertaining articles that was ever posted about Game of War.

A player name “MooseLuvR” eats 22 consecutive rallies and 7 heroes over the course a single KvK.

Read about the now legendary MooseLuvR is a hilariously entertaining story over a Game of War Tips.

The video has been released!



Attention Hero

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  1. Roberto Palmieri says

    MooseLuvr is my Hero. I took 3 rallies in 30 minutes and captured 2 heros. After 2 hours of holding them I had to release them; I had to take a break my legs were still shaking….for long time!
    Definitely I would like to see the video..Well done!

    1. RYAN says

      I haven’t seen what gems to use to rally trap. I am currently running the new xena gear. Don’t have set bonus yet. I have lvl 6 health, defense and shadow gem on. Not sure on 4th gem slot. Please let me know best gem set up. I am rocking about 6 mil t3 reg, 3 mil t3 strat and about 6 mil t4 mixed. Please give me any ideas to improve my outcome. I literally just made this in last two days so I haven’t even taken a rally yet or crafted cores.

  2. Brent Ward says


    We have reports of not 22 rallies but 23 rallies taken in a single Kill Event! “Moosluvr” was around 1.2 B power at the time. It required about a million gold to instant heal through all the rallies and 5 full sets of cores. Our alliance MGd stood in the wings to replenish resources and gifted speeds to help Moose recover quickly but during the rallies, at times four at a time, we withheld our resource donations to free up his watchtower so he could see what was coming his way. It was an incredible experience! With so many players feeling helpless in the face of such powerful players, MooseLuvr has given the little guy HOPE! I streamed and recorded the entire battle. I hope to gain permission to post it from Moose next week. He wished anonymity for one more kill event and I’ll respect that. Great site Chad, keep it up man! – Darkthorne k94 MGd Mad Guardians

    1. Chad says

      I would love to add the recording of this fight to the article Brent. Please email it when you get permission: [email protected]

  3. robert martinez says

    1bill power read on

  4. robert martinez says

    He was 1 bill power read on nice job moose

  5. lexx says

    would be more impressed if it would say how much power he had…..since they fakerallied i guess a lot so i am not too impressed….

    1. Chad says

      I’ll see if i can find out

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