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Hades’ Rings: One-Shot Zero Part 2


Hades’ Rings new temporary item released in Game of War. It works like a core, and packs an incredible punch!

Hades' Rings Stats GoW

Hades’ Rings: The Power to One-Shot Zero

A new stat, “Unstoppable Attack” enters the game. Its possible that Unstoppable Attack ignores Resolute Defense.  In other words, its possible that the damage done by Unstoppable Attack is not lowered by any defense type. If true then only troop count plus health can prevent one-shot zero from these Hades’ Rings.

Why else would they add another attack type that’s substantially smaller than the Onslaught, Troop Attack, and Mobile Trap Attack on these rings.  334 T% attack is not much compared to 170,000 T% Troop Attack and 10,000 T % Onslaught Attack.

However, any way you add it up, Hades’ Rings contains incredibly high attack! Equip three of them!

Hades' Stat Summary

Extend Time on Hades’ Rings

A simple way to add more time to the Rings is open them while wearing Powerforged gear set.  You will add approximately 13 minutes to each ring timer. When you purchase the rings they will be added to your treasures tab. Equip your Powerforged set before you choose to add the rings to your inventory.

Power up Hades’ Rings

Don’t forget to power up the rings. You need 262,610,000 Power Seals for each ring to power up to 25. Each level of power up adds between 1KT – 4KT  of each attack type! You definitely want to take advantage of the Power Up boost on these!

Finally, add your highest level Mythic Liberator Gems and you are on ready to destroy your enemies!

Use these rings with your Anniversary World Slayer set.

Defending Against Hades’ Rings

Hades’ Rings claimed many heroes last night! It leveled nearly maxed rally leaders like they were farm accounts! However, data from testing shows high troop count plus resolute defense prevents complete annihilation to Hades’ Rings.

Check out our latest defense guides for help on how to set up your trap. Honestly, all players, traps, filler, rally leaders, Super Wonder rally leaders, everyone in the game needs to be sure they are set up for defense when not shielded.

The game moves very quickly, as Allysssa mentioned in her interview.  It doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.  So, we must always be prepared for something like Hades’ Rings to drop.  It may be wise to shield when not in Game of War from now on.  Otherwise, you run the risk of needing to retrain your entire army.


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