Health Traps in Game of War: The Fundamentals

Health Trap Game of War

Health Traps are increasing in popularity in Game of War: Fire Age. With a Health Trap you can score big points during a kill event or cap everything that's thrown at you. You can use a Health Trap on a limited budget and have a lot of fun crushing your enemy's rallies.

I love my Health Trap. I can score hundreds of billions of positive gain points in a normal kill event in a matter of a few hours.

In this article I explain the basics of how to set up a health trap and the mechanics behind it.

This article is designed to be a guide to Health Trapping. Use this guide to design your own unique HT.

Building a trap is a journey not really a destination.  Once you've perfected the trap you will start to think of even better ways to trick, manipulate your adversaries into hitting you.  Eventually, your trap becomes known and you must adapt and think of new designs.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

To learn more about Kill Events in general visit the following guide:

5 Useful Tips for Kill Event Warfare Leaderboard

Introduction to Health Trapping

A Health Trap, is basically converting your Stronghold into a Mobile Wonder or Tile battle. Most of the hits you will take will be from the max rally size, but you may experience a solo now and again, because Health traps are much lower in power than your typical defense trap.

Understanding Health and Why it Works at Low Troop Counts

So, what happens at the Wonder when 50 million troops hits another rally of 50 million troops? Do both sides just kill each other?  Not usually.  Why is this?

Because the rally has a lot of health and the amount of attack in the cores can't overcome all that health. Also, other stats like Attack Debuff comes into play to reduce the amount of damage each rally leader can do to the other.  Finally, the battle is typically a ratio of 1 to 1.  Meaning each troop is battling one other opposing troop.

If this is the case, you may be asking, why does my trap with billions and billions of troops suffer literally hundred's of millions of losses in troops to that same rally leader?  Well, it has to do with the stat you are focusing on, defense.  Rally leaders have core sets specifically designed to reduce your defense.  The best rally leaders use core sets, skills, gem sets, and research that can reduce your defense to zero. Therefore, their rally is devastating to your stronghold when that happens.

Now take that same rally leader with the same cores and set up and have him hit 50 million troop at a wonder with it.  The likely result is he loses that rally against 50 million troops defending the wonder with "Wonder Cores", which have higher health and attack debuffs than your defense debuff missiles.

Health does not enjoy the same exponential gains as defense does as you increase troop count.  However, at low troop numbers health is a dominating force. Taking advantage of that dominating force is what health trapping is all about!

Its a bit scary at first, taking rallies from maxed out rally leaders while being relatively low in troops, but thats what makes Health Trapping so awesome!

Recently, one of the most deadly players, in Game of War, [ONE] XxCtessexXDN, paused her kill event to take to Instagram to tell about a 19 billion player who capped her maxed out rally! Unbelievable!  Enough fluff and puff. Let's learn how its done.

Also, the best trap player in Game of War [AoX] o Nex o has attributed his success to health-based trapping.

Interview with the Best Trap Player in Game of War.

Wonder Cores and Traps

Wonder core sets typically have loads of Troop Health and Attack Debuff making them sustainable in a Rally vs. Rally fight.  However, because they have relatively low defense you can't use them as defensive cores on your stronghold. The defense stats are improving as seen in Nian Core Set. To understand this we must understand the difference between health and defense.  Quite simply when you greatly outnumber the opponent you need defense to reduce the amount of damage done to your troops.  However, where troop sizes are equal or you are greatly outnumbered defense is not helpful much at all.  In this case you need Health to spread the damage across the troops.


Health Trap can be played at non maxed Stronghold , but going higher provides additional benefits.

With higher levels of Stronghold you gain:

  • Higher range boost on cores and longer duration from upgrading the forge.
  • Your altar will add more attack, health, and defense with your altar bonus
  • You will gain more Embassy Defense from upgrading Embassy
  • Barracks adds more Health Defense and Overall Defense
  • Hospitals add more Overall Health.

Also upgrading Stronghold gives you higher luck when you roll Time Orbs up to level 26.

Reminder: You can boost luck levels past the building level for higher building boosts!


There is no clear answer if you should chose barracks, hospitals, or a mix of them.
With barracks you can train faster, with hospitals you will get beds and can instant heal troops.
It's up to you how you want to build your city.

Building Boosts with Time OrbsHealth Trap Battle Report Game of War Fire Age GoW

Boosting your buildings can greatly improve your Health Trap.  To learn how to efficiently boost buildings check out our Building Boost article. I recommend the following building boosts:

  • Barracks - Individual Health
  • Hospitals - Overall Health
  • Villas- Individual Health
  • Forge – Overall Health
  • SH – Overall Attack
  • Altar- Individual Attack
  • Embassy – Overall Defense
  • Walls – Overall Defense
  • Storehouse – Individual Attack
  • Watchtower - Attack Debuff


For a Health Trap, you only need limited research completed.

  • Economics tree
  • Combat tree
  • Wall Traps
  • Crafting Tree
  • Defense Tree - except the super wonder part
  • Set Bonus
  • Runes Unlock, Multiplier, and as deep in the remainder of the tree as you wish to add to your trap.  Great benefits to traps in this tree for relatively low power gain.

Notice Gem Set Tree or Advanced Economics tree is not required for a Health Trap and will add too much power potentially, however as Game of War releases new content and rally leader's become stronger, overall trap power increases allowing health traps to add these research trees into their repertoire without the added power gain being much of an issue.

Hero SkillsHealth Trap Battle Report 2 Game of War Fire Age GoW

For the Health Trap you want to jump to a hero level you are comfortable with to gain the skills you desire. There is a trade off between power added and the skills you unlock. Prioritize Health, Attack, and Attack Debuff.


You can do both Game of War recipes or custom core sets but will have better results with wonder cores because you will have the set bonus also.

Warning: New Wonder Core sets and Gem Sets contain "Wonder-Only" stats. This means part of the set bonuses will not benefit you when defending your stronghold.

Core Boosting

Core boosting can provide incredible boosts as well. However, you must upgrade your Gear Workshop in order to boost these items.


When gemming your regular gear or cores use Hades Gems as the 4th gem. This will give you the
opportunity to switch between cores, training gear, and also avoid the timing when you switch between regular defense gear and cores. You want the rest of your gems to maximize health.

Some players just show the cores and use Gem Sets to maximize their stats. Again, your health trap is a unique design that will fit you play style. The journey to finding a successful trap through trial and error is a huge part of the fun and is extremely rewarding when you finally find the right combination.  Don't be afraid to take some hits and start learning how to improve.


Troops will depend on the purpose of your Health Trap.
What I mean is, do you want to burn and entice the enemy to keep rallying you or would you like to cap the hero?

For kill events, I keep a higher number of lower tier troops as "kindling troops".  The job of the low tier troops is to die and cause my stronghold to go up in flames.

To capture enemy heroes you will reduce the number of these kindling troops so you are more solid.

Final Health Trap Basics Remarks

Ultimately, the amount of troops you will need will be determined by how much you've invested in the other areas of your Health Trap set up. Similarly to the Wonder. If you have far superior stats than your opponent you can get away with fewer troops.  However, if you haven't boosted buildings or crafted a really good set of Wonder Cores then you will likely need a few more troops to make up the difference.

Keep in mind that you are basically a giant tile trap.  You need Health and Attack enough to kill full rally, and Attack Debuff to reduce enemy's damage on your troops.

You will have far superior numbers but if you have too far superior numbers then Defense becomes an issue again.  So, keep your total troop count low, under 1 billion troops.

If you have questions at this point in the series, please provide them below in the comments and I'll answer them in the next installment of the series!  Thank you!

About Darkthorne

Darkthorne is a seasoned veteran of Game of War Fire Age. He's responsible for thousands of tips and guides. He's helped countless players improve their gameplay. Using a hands-on approach to uncover the secrets of Game of War, Darkthorne stays at the pinnacle of the game and brings his discoveries to all of us to enjoy and benefit! When not playing Game of War or blogging Dark enjoys playing console games, guitar, and traveling the world visiting friends, many of which he met while playing Game of War!

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  1. I was told build all hospitals 2 barracks 2 villas zeroed all hospitals and now all barracks im sitting at 56mt power now.

  2. Sorry below question now that players are exceeding 1bt in power should we still try for health trap I didnt realize how complex this game is just started buying packs at 19.99 2 days later zeroed again lol i have a mix t3 -t9 I just dont want to be zeroed in one hit and survive a couple hits.

  3. Wow my apologies. lag is so bad on here i posted twice cos first one didnt appear.

  4. Darkthorne,
    Very curious to know if a t2/t4 trap is still viable? Havent unlocked tt5 and not willing to line the pockets of mz any further.
    Are low level SH dead ducks now?
    I know with all the new gear, stats are insane. Have I left my run too late and had my chance of being a trap passed me by?

    • Game of War trapping relies on one factor. Do you have enough Health+Defense x troop power to survive the rally? This is basic formula to think of when setting up your trap. So, first you need defense to lower the incoming attack damage. If you successfully lower the damage to zero then you will lose zero troops. We know this rarely if ever happens. Typically you lower the damage by half lets say. Next, your health comes into play.

      Whatever damage got through your defense is going to hit the health stat of your troops. Now, you can have 1 troop with 1 trillion health lol. Or you can have 1 trillion troops with 1 health %. In GoW, its not possible to have 1 trillion health….yet. So, you need to add troops to reduce the damage done to that one troop.

      Putting it all together. So, now you need to ask some questions.

      What is maximum Rally Leader debuffs?

      What are my resistances?

      How much real defense or health do I have?

      Will I be debuffed?

      How can I prevent being debuffed?

      For example:
      Legion defense debuff = 125k
      Troop Defense Debuff = 300K
      Embassy Defense Debuff = 25% Notice no K here, yes only 25. You should look at what your empire defense is. 31-35 provides a lot.
      Empire Defense Debuff = 85k
      Health Debuff = 400k
      Type Defense Debuff = 67k

      So, to answer your question T4/T2 is still viable but t2 have very little health or defense, so they are considered squishy. If your defense fails, then a lot of damage is hitting those squishy troops. They just fall over. More of them together however spreads out the damage taken and you can cap, but requires a lot more troops when you have little to no defense.

      So, figure out a way to get some defense to lower the damage of insane rallies. Most people are upgrading embassy to gain the embassy defense that can’t be debuffed. Just make sure your mates reinforce you.

    Check out my video for Rally Trap Set Up and Strategy 🙂

  6. So I just go zero’d. 10x rallies (75K+) And Im starting afresh. Since t6s turned up I just cant get it right. I have researched everything and unlocked the lot. Cost me a mint. I just cant get the troop count right. All the gear and no idea now the t6s are about and the nerf calc that I lived by has not got t6s on it. Some help please for my sanity…..

  7. Hi thanks for the information can you post an update with the latest troop numbers I’m looking at going t6 t5 do you have any info on that set up and troop numbers I’m almost at max research hero 80 and VIP 43 I just got zeroed so looking at reconfiguring

    • I’ve seen a lot of players with T6/T2 do extremely well with hero 80. Troop count players an important part in builds at the moment. Higher troop counts regardless of tier do much better than lower troop count traps with better troop tiers.

      200-300 b troops should do great t5 and t6.

  8. What about updates as of today on the game? I use to cap w/ease at 3 trill & last night got soloed w/15 mill march & I burned w/92 bill troops & 8.6 mill traps! Whoah!!!

  9. Health trap days are gone! With 2.5 mil attack and all debuff and 85 mil rallies and new KVK scoring you cannot win being a health trap. 1-1.5b troops is max before defense kicks in and health becomes almost useless.

  10. Question for all, I’m new to trapping and need suggestions with my set up. I believe I’m above the power level of health trapping but ive been reading this thread a lot and would like some input. My research power is 853b, SH 30, hero 78. I’ve been sitting in maxed lycan gear with Health gems on all pieces. I have t6 troops and traps unlocked normal and strat. Troop numbers are sitting at 12m t6 380m t5 and 1.6b t4. Info on what cores should I craft, troop ratios, boosts etc would be helpful. I got burned by a rally the other day so I know I don’t have it set up right yet.

    Thanks for the help!!

  11. Hi,with everything that has come out can you estimate how much health we should have as well as what ratio to use for troops/ how many troops should we have?

    • Health trap is a very dangerous game. The amount of Health Debuff on a rally leader is insanely high right now compared to the health you can achieve. However, keep your eye on Legion Health. Legion stats can’t be debuffed except by other Legion Debuff stats. Once, Legion Health enters it may be viable to health trap again. However, for now I think its a fool’s errand.

  12. How do you get around the new health debuff? With the new core release it is just over 36000%.

  13. my question is with a troop of 72b t2/t4 i was caping players with lvl80 hero only losing traps and this is only a fews weeks ago well i want to no do i now increase my troop count to manage the new rally size plus

  14. Hey whats the limit of troops you can have b4 defense starts to become a factor? I’m 3b t5 and 1b t4. Am I getting into defense now?

  15. Anyone think it’s possible to HT with 12-15 bil troops t2/t4?

    • So can I have 3b total t5 even mix and 2b t3 even mix and still try to use full pegesus or jio with 2 knives? Or Is that troop count to high and starrtng to get into more defense then health? Where’s the cut off for when your troops start to use defense instead of health 5b 6b 7b? My power is low 350b hero 71 sh28 I’m only getting 22k health with 5 piece jio and 2 knives. And 25k with full pegesus. You think I’d be ok with 3bt5/2b t2?

  16. Troop specific 11,313
    All troop 31,700
    That’s with the new Defence gear on

  17. Going to give this health setup a run. Can someone post a troop count by troops type per tier so I have a start point and don’t get blasted first time out

    • With all the additions lately that adds health debuff it is extremely difficult to effectively health trap. You need considerable health now to combat the health debuff. How much health can you achieve?

      • I experienced the same. Had 33k th and lost pretty going high troop count and option? I was thinking 15 bil total t2/t4. Thoughts?

  18. How did everyone fare in the kvk on the weekend?
    With nian core, I had 37k overall health and 8,900 typed health. 570b power, with 4b troops (T1, T2,T5).
    I beat every solo attack easily…always capped.
    But I lost points against the strong rallies and had to shield.
    60T rally leader (presumably close to max research), cored, with mobile traps would kill 600-800m of my T2’s, and I wouldn’t cap them.
    Wish MZ would make true health trapping possible again…
    It was a good setup to be a rally filler and solo eater, but frequently had to shield to dodge rallies…

    • Roo, I used a similar setup. Last kill event I lost at most 250m T2 when rallied by what I assumed was maxed rally leaders. Now, add VIP 40, Set Gear Level Cores, and Mobile Trap Research, I took significant losses and it got out of hand quick! The amount of health debuff and insane boost to attack has me back to the drawing board. BastiOn did well he said. I hope he has a moment to give us some insights here.

    • I had similar results. I was still trying to use the billion troop level as my base. Quickly realized that is not working anymore. At 450 billion I was able to get alot of solos. I lost on points to every rally because they got into my tier 4s. I was able to utilize the promotion strategy to cap 2 rallies. I keep 30 billion tier 3 siege in promotion and then cancel when the rally or rallies march. Unfortunately you will probably get caught by the attackers and won’t recieve any more hits. I was trying to port far enough away that I could put them back into promotion before they could see my power change. This will work well if you are up against active kingdoms with many attackers. I am going to add to my research and triple my troop count before next kvk. Just keeping the promotion trick for a secret weapon.

  19. So I want to know not as a health trap, but as a defensive rally trap sitting around 699b power I was able to cap most rallies and if I burned I only lose about 97m, do more troops equal more damage taken since I have about 41b troops t2/t4

    • I’m not sure I understand your question? “Do more troops equal more damage taken?” If you are attacked by more troops yes. But if you mean that by having more troops on defense you are more susceptible to being damaged I would argue that is not true. Increasing troop density improves your defense which lowers damage taken and also increases your total health pool which helps absorb the damage across more troops. However, if you increase lowest tiers like T1 then these can lead to more losses as they do not have a great amount of intrinsic health and defense so requires a great amount of them to improve defense. You must also be weary of nerf limits.

  20. With traptraps now in rallies, how can we adjust?

  21. What SH, hero lvl, VIP should i get? What rearch is required?

    • I use SH 28 because you don’t need Hall of War until 29. Research, I did the Combat T5 and Runes Tree until nearly the end. I also did Gem Set. I skipped the extended Hero tree because benefits are pretty bad now. I did Battle Marks to 3 but 4 is also pretty good. The gains drop after that.

  22. What overall health stats should I be aiming for?

    • 30,000% Health is the number I’m aiming for with my pegasus set up. I achieve it with no problem when using cores.

      • I crafted Nian and came nowhere near 30k health. Any idea why?

        • Research! Do all combat trees research, some runes to 4 or 5/10 and battle marks to 2 or 3/10. I have 35k combined health no boosts (except potion) in Nian cores and 51k attack. My runes tree is 5/10 and some 6/10. Battle marks is mostly 3/10. I’m a 450b health trap. Yes I know it’s big, but MZ just released a new research tree! I have 3.5b troops at a t2/t5 ratio and it works okay. I barely lose on power. Use health and attack debuff boosts, behemoth health boost, milestone (health, if none, attack) a potion, and the gear workshop. My cores are +13 if your wondering.Also use hero health, power and ultimate power for banners (warden if you don’t have ultimate power and hold 3 heroes). I hope this helps!

          • Thank you! You gave 2 health stats is one for reg gear and one for Nian? Is Niantic custom recipe? Thanks again!

  23. Great stuff, I enjoy reading and learn a lot. I have a defense trap in Mobile Strike and want to try a health trap. How close are GoW and MS? Any tips would be great. Thanks

    • The two games are closely related. The game mechanics of Mobile Strike translate fairly well to GoW. However, GoW contains much higher debuffs to defense. However, Mobile Strike attack is much stronger than that of GoW. You will need a lot fewer troops in GoW than in Mobile Strike I’d imagine.

  24. So my boosts should go health, defense, attack debuff. Or should the debuff be before the defense.

    • Attack debuff after Defense is correct. Attack Debuff is so minor in comparison to what rally leaders are using right now :/ 300k attack and you may debuff 5k attack. So now they have 295k attack lol.

  25. I built my account up too high, maybe too high, and I’m getting rallied by max players now and burning. I’m hoping you and the other commenters can help me with my setup.

    I want to build an account that can cap the strong players in my kingdom. I know that during the frenzy of a kvk event I’d attract a lot more attention even in core gear hidden by Hades Gems, but I’d like to be sitting around in normal gear capping players on regular weekends too.

    SH 27, and most of my buildings are 26~27. I have them boosted pretty well.
    Hero 76. Skill tree is focused on health and defense.
    Research Power 316bil. Tried to just focus on research that would help defense and health.
    Typical gear is Frostlord Helmet, Jiao armor, feet, & weapon, and 3 Kunai. Four gemmed for defense, and 3 for health.
    Troops are 4.8bil t2, 400mil t4, and 150mil t5. Even mix of normal, strat, and wild.
    Total power is 930bil.

    I see a lot of players around this level getting rallied in similar gear and winning. I figured with the recent inflation in game power anything less than 1bil power could be considered a trap. I recently lost 170mil t2 troops to a 50mil t5 rally from a max player, so I’m getting close. What can I do to stop burning when getting rallied? Or do I consider this a win since I won on power lost 1.57B to 2.25B?

    • Raise your T5 count, 450m total T5 and lower your T2 count to remain the same size if you’d like. Also, focus more on health. 3/7 gear slots are doing basically nothing but attempting to save your defense. Try using 5 piece Jiao Dragon with 2 Kunai. Max your health as much as possible.

      • So can I have 3b total t5 even mix and 2b t3 even mix and still try to use full pegesus or jio with 2 knives? Or I’d that troop count to high and staring toget into more defense them health? Where’s the cut off for when your troops start to use defense instead of health 5b 6b 7b?

  26. Great thread. I’m hoping to be successful at health trapping.
    As of now I’m losing points, but killing a 10.2 mil march. I’ve increased my research to 120 bil and focused on building upgrades as well. Currently I have 1.6 bil troops, 200 mill each reg t2, 250 mil each reg t4, and 60 mil each all types of t5.
    I haven’t taken a hit since making these changes, and hoping for for the best.
    I’m new to this so I keep checking back for new posts.
    Any advice on setups would be welcome!
    Thank you all.

    • Raise your T5 to 120 m each. Basically double them. This will increase your total Health Pool. T4 and T2 is ok. Next, at the time of kill event use T1 as cannon fodder. Also, I finished nearly all of the Runes Tree save the last couple. This added significant strength to health and defense for little cost or power. I’m sitting at around 300 B right now. I used Nian Wonder cores last KVK and did quite well. However, I’m now trying to make it work with Pegasus. Let’s keep up our findings here 🙂

      • Thank you for the advice, I will train em up tonight!
        I have runes at level 5 for now, and battle marks at level 3 up through the first set of individual health boosts.

        • I’ve been health trapping for a month or so now. Similar setup (pegasus, runes, etc.), but fewer troops (had tried to keep at 1b as per some articles). Mixed results. Max research solos and 50m rallies beat me easily.
          I’ll train more T5’s as per the suggestion.
          But I’m wondering: why use T4’s too, rather than just T5/T2?
          Thanks. Really great articles and commentary btw!

          • Layers have shown to be strongest when trapping. Also, if they happen to get through your T2 they hit t4 instead of t5. So with that logic it may be wise even to add a layer of T3 as well. Add a small amount of layers of various tier traps as well. The more layers you have in your trap the strong you will become because of the turn based combat algorithm of Game of War. Turn-based is not actually a good term but “order of attacks” T1 traps then T1 Troops, T2 Traps then T2 Troops and so on.

        • I’m a big fan of Runes research tree for trapping.

      • Hello,
        I took a max solo hit including moving traps. Results in pic.

        My troops:
        200 mil each t1/t2/t3 reg
        250 mil each t4 reg
        120 mil each t5 all types
        100k each t1/t2/t3 reg traps
        Gear: ice legend boosted 13

        Their troops:
        Even split of cav each type 3.3 mil each, and some moving traps. Not sure what cores.

        Lost all my t1 and some traps, but lost big on power.
        I’m at 177 bil power with 110 bil research. Used behemoth and milestone health boosts. Did not use any others.
        Trying to work this out. Any suggestions appreciated!
        Anyone I can add in game to bounce ideas off of?

  27. is there any way you can be a health trap with regular gear?

  28. Anyone know a LINE group for Health Traps?

    • No, but we could use this comment section to discuss setups. At this point I feel like this method of trapping is coming to an end. I have had so much fun doing it that I am willing to try any means to keep it going. So, for those of us still doing it lets share our ideas and setups. I want to give this kvk one more shot. I don’t want to be point negative.

      • I’d like to see battle report showing #troops, hero lvl of defender and attacker. And then see the type health and troop health boosts. And name gear used along w gems.

      • Tried a health trap this past kvk (March 18-19, 2017). 310b power, research power around 200b, used Ice Atlas cores and Ice Legend 27 cores, 52k% attack, 20k% D, 32k% health boost (with potion, 700% AD & 700% D boosts, banner, behemoth boosts), 12.5k% type health. Had 950m to 1.2b troops – approx 450m T5 Wild/Strat (70/30), rest equal mix of t2 (wild, strat, reg).

        Mostly lost 150m to 180m t2 against full hero 78 50m rally. Against some of the nastiest, lost 225m t2. Lots of 10.2m solo attacks killed 20m-28m t2. Points breakeven for the kvk assuming battle marks by the attackers. Killed 1.25b outlanders, spent approx 250m gold retraining after the nastiest hits. It was very active – 45 attacks playing for about 3 hours. But….

        overall, I’d say “not sustainable” – not losing 175m troops to the hero 78+ rallies. What needs to change? less t5 and more t2? go up to 1.5b troops? thoughts, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

        • Murf I think you did pretty well bud. Unfortunately, the margins were narrowed this kill event as far as points needed to break even. It was easy for rally leader’s to be point positive. What I did to remain point positive last KE with my health trap that apparently is very similar to your except I was using Nian Core Set, I trained and retrained T1. By doing this I lowered the number of points the rally leader received by hitting me. Also, they are cheaper to retrain.

          • thanks – t1 is something I’ll try. I know the nerf formula, so won’t be a problem there. But seems that the old saw of “600m-800m” is passe with new hero levels and new missile cores. Maybe someone could do some testing and see if the new norm is 1.2b-1.4b? or 1.5b-1.8b? or whatever?

            also, with attack cores in the 135k% range, what good does a puny 700% attack debuff do, really? similar, some of the research to get 50% more health when your health is at 34k%, peanuts isn’t it?

            seems lots more should be considered “passe” (aka useless). just thinking outside the box.

          • I’ve never focused much on attack debuff. Attack debuff comes more into play when both share similar stats and troop sizes. For instance, at wonder or on a tile.

        • You were getting killed on points. This was a tough point system for HT and trapping in general if you wanted more then one hit from any attacker. The point set up heavily favoring attackers may signify a shift in battle strategy but only time will tell. It’s just not as fun to trap without burning and taking multiple hits. Gonna have to toy with using T1 I suppose.

        • Thanks Murf. My experience was similar. I was a little shocked by the new scoring system. I felt like what was already fading was killed by that move. A couple of thoughts. As far as raising troop count, I did not have success doing that. My kills actually went up as my tier 2 troop count went up. I even tried using 600 million tier 5s. Obviously lost big on points. That brings me to a question that maybe Darkthorne can answer. How is it possible for 50 million tier 5 troops to beat 600 million troops? I was using Nian Cores and had 47k total health. Is the new Attack boosts so high now that it cuts through the health? Using the wonder scenario I would expect to do much better.

        • Why do you use gold when training troops instead of speeds?

          • You can use speed ups as well. I like to use gold because its instant. For what other purpose will you gold?

  29. What is a good number for health stats? What should i be aiming for?

  30. Ok is this a new HT guide ? Or it’s still outdated ? If so what tier troops and what amount of each would be ideal for a HT ? Thanks .

    • Its updated and is meant as a general guide to health trapping. Check the comments from other posters for better idea of troop counts. GoW experiences a few updates a month now so troop counts are constantly in flux.

  31. I have been running a successful health trap, until the last kill event. Up until the last kill event, I was almost always points positive on attacking rallies (even 50 million rallies).
    This last kill event, did not go well. I lost every rally (badly). I am VIP 30, stronghold 27, and increased my research power to 100 billion. I have orbed my buildings. I keep my troop numbers close to 1 billion, and use T5/T2.
    I don’t want to spend a ton of money on this account, and am not sure what to do. I am wondering, if my health trap days are over.

    • It’s definitely trickier out there for all traps. Health trapping is especially difficult now with Pantheon adding 5,400% health debuff. If using T2 you don’t gain as much additional tier health so those troops are extremely weak in comparison to your T5.

      Secondly, Health’s effectiveness is reduced in relation to how much attack the rally leader. Rally leader attack increased with Pantheon potentially as well.

      VIP 35 increased attack, health and defense of rally leaders as well.

      So, combine additional health debuff to additional attack and you have a recipe for devastation to health traps.

      Health trapping is definitely still possible you just have to adjust and test bud. It doesn’t require a fortune either.

      What gear are you using?

      • Wow, thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it.

        I was using Ice Legend 27, boosted to level 7. It looks like I am using the wrong troops. Would you recommend a T5/T4 mix, or a T5/T3 mix?

        • I am still using tier 4/2 troops.During the free research I moved up to 290 billion power total. I also prefer the legend 27 cores. My health is 30k with cores equipped and all available boosts. What I lose on the biggest rallies, I make up for with solos.

          • Would you mind sharing your troop counts by chance? Thank you, this is a great article!

          • I am keeping my total troop count between 600million and 800million. I have tested above 1 billion and do worse at the higher number. I am using 75 million tier 4s and 600 million tier 2s. All regular and even mix.

        • I gave up. I could not figure out how to be points positive on the new rallies. The increase of VIP to 35, the stronghold 30 (and now the release of hero 80), was too much for my account (and my wallet).

          I only had stronghold 28 and VIP 32. I just didn’t want to put any more money into this account.

          I turned this account into a “regular” rally trap (that can also fill T5 rallies), and gave it to another alliance member. I am going to stick with my 3 other trap accounts. At least with those, I won’t lose points in a kill event. Lol.

          I have really enjoyed these Health Trap articles. I had a blast, when I first started with my HT, and scored a lot of points for our kingdom. It was fun, to try something new.

          • I understand, the struggle is real. I’m giving it one more try this kvk. Health trapping has been the most fun thing in GOW. Not sure I will enjoy defense trapping again.

  32. I am finding that I do worse with a troop count above 1 billion. The sweet spot seems to be 600 to 800 million.Problem is having to stop and train more often.The hits come too fast sometimes.

    • Thank you very much. I will try to do something similar, was thinking T5/T3 with T2 shield. I’ll try lowering my numbers and report back.

  33. At what point in regards to troop count does health stop being a priority and defense takes over for trapping. With rally sizes what they are now I’m trying to find out how many troops I should have. Everyone around me keeps telling me to add troops, but I know that will be counterproductive to being a health trap.

  34. What is a acceptable size for an HT around 300B. How many T4 vs T2. I havent been able to determine a strategy for 50M marches. Id apprediate any help.

  35. Building a health trap and pushed my Hero level too high resulting in more power than suggested. What will be the impact of this on my trap?

    • Well I think it matters much less nowadays with all the updates. Traps are growing ever larger. You have more room to grow power wise. Don’t fret too much. Please keep me posted on your progress. I hope to update the Health and Defense Trap articles this week!

      • I created my health trap around 3 months ago. As more has been added, I’ve made adjustments. I run 30 mill each t4 and 150 mill each t2. T4s, reg, strat and wild; t2 reg only.

        Usually favor ice legend boosted to 4. I am hero 73 and have 30 bill research power.. mainly focused on health and set bonus, for new year gem set. Last kvk I posted 256 billion points. My total power is 120 billion w/ sh26. My 2 favorite hits came from 38 million marches. I doubled them in power destroyed.

        • Awesome KillerRohan! Thank you for sharing. Keep crushing it!

        • I thought health became ineffective when troop count got really high?

          • Health remains effective even at higher troop counts but works to reduce losses not prevent them. For instance, think of defense as a gate. If the rally leader is able to debuff your defense low enough to get his rally over the gate you will suffer great losses. If he’s unable to break down your defense then likely you will cap and just lose a few traps, maybe some wounded troops.

            Now health helps to REDUCE losses once the rally leader is through the gate. The attack of the rally leader is then spread across your troops +health each one has.

        • killerRohan,

          so do you have 150mil of each t2 reg,strat,wild? or is that only t4?

    • At this point power is not an issue as far as being a trap. They are attacking 1 trillion and under. The lower the better still make you a more desireable target.

  36. Good day Dark
    With the latest 50m rally march how do you feel the health trap will do? Do you recommend an increase of troops or will this be detrimental to the trap.

    • When rally leaders get stronger you have a few options.
      Option 1) Use stronger gear
      Option 2) Increase research
      Option 3) Increase troop counts

      Rally leaders have potentially increased strength more in last 30 days of Game of War than any previous time in Game of War. I highly recommend asking an alliance mate to test your trap with what you think you can handle and slowly increase one of or a combination until you get the results you seek.

      I think these top rally leaders will be hitting nearly anything to test the limits of their new 50 million rally. If you are under 500 B they won’t bat an eye. Under 1 trillion still won’t really slow them down. Players over 1 T may need to think more about bait gear etc. But what we are seeing from 50 M rallies so far is complete devastation for traps that haven’t invested in proper research. Compare your health stats to other health traps to see if your research and gear is on par with successful health traps. Just adding troops as a health trap will not work against a 50 M rallies with the strength of a full Rune Tree behind it.

  37. Long time HT. back when emerald cores were the go for trapping.
    Capping rallies are becoming harder and harder. Has anyone used runes in the cores to trap with yet. If so what was the results?

    And controlled burns t3 meat Sheilds always helps in getting more hits. Every rally leader loves to see flames.


  38. with the introduction of the new rune research, should troop count be increased greatly to withstand a solo or rally attack?

  39. I like this post. If you dont mind darkthorne to answer my questions, do you have another experience with current situation? I mean 30 mil rally with maxed research agains HT? If we want to cap heroes with HT, should we use cores? Any experience using regular gears like pegasus? and what exactly considered troops numbers in HT when it prepare for maxed research 30 mil rally. My account has about 1.8 bil troops with 240mil each t4 regular and strat and also 20 mil each t5 reg, strat and wild.. does it too many for HT setup? Thanks.

    • The new rally size and now new Rhea Core Set with massive health debuff will make Health Trapping much more difficult. However, I believe your trap may be the appropriate size now to focus on health and defense using either a Pegasus set up or Wonder cores. I recommend testing as much as possible when your alliance is burning cores to find the right combination.

      Now that SW is over for a few weeks I’ll hop on my HT and upgrade it to withstand a 30 m rally and tweak this article.

      Thanks for your comment!

      • i’m looking forward for you result dark. been testing using pegasus, but didn’t work. i was burning with maxed research solo hit and of course it much worst against full rally march. i was trying using thelegend cores, also didnt work. My opponent was using styx cores. Probably anyone has better experience?


  40. It sounds like your recommending a lower troop count than a def trap. I think your saying it’s necessary. Can you elaborate before your next installment?

  41. How do you even get Hades gems now, Ive spent a couple thousand on my different accounts the last 3 months and i have like 1 hades gem

  42. I have a health trap and a maxed account. Scored 64 bill in health and 214 bill in big account but had way more fun in the health trap. This article helped a ton. Thanks for the great work. Health banner is big too. I just tested a 20 mill rally and still won on power but the kill size was big, 66 mill, most kills in last kvk 20 mill. Going to have to train faster…lol. Any ideas what to do with the larger March?

    • Do you think a t5/t3 would work opposed to t4/t2. I love my health trap but was worried of this exact problem. I scored big last week in kvk. Just wanted to know if anyone had suggestions to lower the increased kill amount? Have another kvk this weekend and was hoping to do even better due to more building boosts and potion, but the add on t5’s and increased rally march kinda messed up my plans. Great article and website though. Any thoughts would be helpful.

  43. I have been wanting to build a health trap account because traditional trapping has become boring for me. When I read this article I immediately sprang into action. It cost 200 USD to set up my brand new health trap. I trained only T1 and T4 troops and filled my city with hospitals. I tested my setup last weekend for KvK. I was taking only solo hits since I did not want to core up. I did take a few rallies if the rally leader did not punch hard while soloing. My losses were only T1s. My worst loss was ~ 44M T1 against a fully researched player with latest core and hero 75 but typical loss was 5-20M range per hit. I was able to heal some of my troops for the most part (exceptions were coordinated simultaneous attacks and game lags) so the actual loss was much lower than that. I did very well and performed way better than my two traditional traps combined. I got ~ 750M T4 and T5 kills and scored 85 billion points. As some have stated, this is not a cheap enterprise (at least compared to a traditional trap) – I had to spend ~ 50M gold to train destroyed T1 meat shield during the event. Like I said, I did not use any core. Imagine what you can do if you mix it up with cores. I can’t wait to try this out during next KvK. I hope my testimony informs readers of this blog as they decide whether this is worth pursuing.



    • So I’m in same spot bored with normal traping I’m at point where I’m calling full Rally’s in full monster gear so now I need new challenge but I’m having trouble finding out what health stats I need to shoot for to be health trap can u or someone else help clue me in on required stats for health trap

  44. can i do this with a few 20$ packs i cant buy a 100$ pack due to personal reasons but i can get 20$ 5 times i wont get some stuff needed shouldi bother doing this i was the best rally trap before t5 and new march i plan to do t4 and t3 to hold those t5 pls help and one last question can i use three kunais with wonder core

  45. How does reinenforce play in a health Trap… is it require to be rein at all times or you can set your account with out it… and will troop count come into play if you don’t have rein?

  46. Seems like a bad trap if your loosing that many troops.. I’m considered low power and I only put about 25mill in beds and eat the rally with a captured hero

    • Correction
      25,000 in beds

      • Lol so you have made an account that screams health trap? Sh26 filled with beds. I can imagine if you cap a lot of heroes during ke your hits stops coming pretty fast. Even if you burn a rally leader that knows a little bit about the game will stop hitting pretty fast if you at your max lose 25 mill t2 against a full t5 rally. I bet your setup is great but like I said earlier no trap are the same and DarkThrone is just showing one way to do it. So maybe you should focus on your trap game and how to improve yourself instead of focusing on how everyone else should trap.

        • Mine screams “health trap”, I cap my rallies and I have a ton of beds and yet they still keep setting on me (I once had 4 people from the same alliance set on me back to back and I capped each one and even if I boost and they get a scout they still set and hit), so perhaps you should take your own advice and not criticize their setup. Everyone is entitled to their opinions which includes you as well as anon and anyone else, but you seem to be rather hypocritical in your posts

          • lol didn’t say he was doing anything wrong. Only thing I tried to say is that everyone traps differently;) so chill:)

        • I’m not SH26, I’m 25
          Only have 901,200 beds (4 hospitals)
          And since I don’t pay big $$ on this game I don’t have full sets bonus for armor.

  47. I’m breathlessly awaiting your new article on this.

  48. Again, thank you for taking the time to respond to each of these future Health Trappers. Albeit your method is a bit “Drill Instructor-ish” but I think you’ve hit on some valid points that they can work on. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind helping them one-on-one with setting up their traps to be an effective health stat based trap as opposed to defense. Its is my hope that more players will choose the health road to defense against rally leaders. In my experience its much more “hands-on” and challenging. My trap was a “defense-based” burner trap converted to a health trap. So, it still has all the barracks I used as a controlled burner defense trap, but I’m kicking around the idea of building a new health trap for the next installment limiting myself to the purchase of just One Bogo budget.

    It is my believe for $150.00 a player can be up and running as a functioning health-based trap that could run in a kill event for approximately 6 hours.

    At any rate, it will be a fun experiment. Stay tuned!

    • Hmm cores are still a bit difficult to obtain. DBC club does pay out a full set each week potentially. Also, 19.99 packs BoGo have quite a bit of nice cores and pieces in them as well you can pick up for a kill event. But, perhaps Pegasus could be used as a base of health and then build a trap around it…. That’s another fun experiment. Anyone trying that I’d love to hear from them. I may do that one next. Maybe toy around with both. Finally, in the final installment we will look at how to destroy the Health trap as a rally leader. Its important to understand how these rally leaders will try to dismantle you so you can adapt to this rally leader when the time comes.

  49. 4th Kunai is not possible and is meant to distract players from learning how to effectively trap rallies using Health as opposed to defense.

  50. What’s a trap? What’s a health trap? What I think is great about this game is that no trap is the same. Every trap has some variety and lets face it without traps this game would die. All DarkThorne has done is written an article on how his trap looks like.

    What I think is funny is all the time you guys use on trying to make this article look bad. If it was that bad you wouldn’t have bothered right? And some of you may not agree on how he’s done his trap and say it’s not a “real” health trap. But what is? I bet I can ask any health trap and they would give me a different answer.

    I see a lot of trolling going on in LINE.. Lol so if the statement that all DarkThrone has done is gathering reports and info in LINE to create this article it would come out completely different.

    At the end of the day this is a game and we all play it because we love it.

    • Thank you for your comment TrapArtist. Tell us more about your experience as a trap player :-).

      • I’m try to help some of my smaller members & create one myself. My question is, can I just train & maintain 750m t4s only…even mix, no siege? I don’t care about appearance, just that health remains the important stat..Thanks for the articles.

  51. What percentage should we be shooting for on health and attack? Just guideline, I know it would be troop number dependent etc.

  52. What percentage are we looking for on health and attack stats? It would be troop number dependent, but just a guideline?

  53. With research a tile 13 bill and hero power at 10, how low can you go on your troops. At 460 mill still burning with 50 mil T4 and remainder T2. Reduce T4 is my initial thought. Hero at 67. Mostlly L25 buildings.

  54. So two people say this article is not a good article, but offer no alternative. I have turned an old account over to being a health trap. One it has way more research than is needed for a health trap, two it still worked beautifully last night to the end of receiving huge amount of hate mail. Third, if you have a better method, show us. I spent $30.00 on a 19.99 bogo offer and did an amazing turn around on an account I had given up on. For that $30.00 I have a nearly immortal account with enough beds to take any solo, and with another bogo will have enough beds to cover even the hardest hitting rally. It doesn’t matter if I burn if I score huge on a KE and only cost me rss to heal.

    • Awesome! It’s great to hear you breathed some new life in your Game of War account! Keep us posted.

    • Sorry but why should we offer you an alternative method on HT? HT are hush hush, articles like this doesn’t help.

      The only reason why you are all quick to jump to do HT these days is because of the ‘packs’ being offered by MZ, one or two packs alone can get you set up… If this was maybe two years ago when HT were limited I doubt you would have ‘much success’ running one as you are ‘beautifully’ running now so you say…

      You talk about running a pure T4 account ‘immortals’, yeah you can take solos and rallies but I doubt you would even ‘win’ on points… LOL

      So keep ‘health trapping’ and let the pros do the actual job…

      Blueprint… You a clone..

      • Thank you for your time and input. That is helpful. Please tell us more.

      • Actually 2 years I was a 35 mil health trap with max hospitals and running t3 set up because t4 was 5k to get. I didn’t spend more than 300 bucks in a 4 month period during those days when rss were scarce and i had no idea what cores were. I had great success BTW. The first ever KE I maxed with 50 mil pts in the first hour. HT is not a new fad it has been an under the radar trap since the beginning. It is gain popularity now because of the massive amounts of DD that are being reached. So, @MZ Lover if you’re a pro I would love to see your info on this subject. If not sit down, shut up and dark do what he people in GOW.

    • My alternative to this article is to find some line chat rooms (Line being the most used form of communication in GoW) and ask experienced trappers questions instead of trying to fit a few questions in a comments section. Ask Dark, he’s in one of my Line trap rooms and no doubt has his own or could easily start one to help all of his new found fans. But then that wouldn’t be enticing people to “stay tuned” to his next installment.

  55. This article is just misleading, no such thing as a ‘budget’ health trap. If you ain’t willing to spend your life savings on a health trap, I wouldn’t bother making it…. Long run, you won’t get much action either.

    If new updates come to the game, you will also need to adjust also, which means ‘spending’. The cores listed in this article, I beg to differ. As new wonder cores are released, the others will have no purpose, again you will need to spend to grab the latest sets.

    Raw Power ain’t cheap either, don’t really understand why you would power them up to Level 4? When Level 5, 6 and 7 offer additional health with attack debuffs etc?

    I doubt DarkThorne will even post this reply 🙂

    Health Trapping ain’t for everyone… Leave it for the pros. This article WILL get you burned.

    • Thank you for your comment and your advice.

    • Life savings? Leave it for the pros? I had no idea what a health trap was until reading this article and I managed to build my own in a few days and spent less than $300. I did burn a couple times during the initial testing but it wasn’t th end of the world. Thanks for sharing Darkthorne.

      • I’m glad to hear this article enriched your gaming experience in Game of War. That is the goal of Thanks Captain!

  56. Health trap? You need a ton of the mewest wonder cores…because you don’t have the research for DURATION…..don’t let anyone tell you any different. Be a Trillion player plus or a health trap. It’s not for non spenders. Also, yes some are using T5 now as they expect T5 strat/wilds to hit soon making T4 health traps obsolete.

  57. By “normal”, do you mean regular troops and not Strategic or wild?

  58. I have seen these traps during kvk’s. At first I thought they were glitching. After emailing one and asking how they did it, he said he was a health trap. Interesting concept.

  59. Was wondering if in the combat research suggestion if that means all the new combat research to completion as well or did you write this before they released that.

  60. Is it possible to be a health trap at higher power say 120b….lot of research and few troops.


    No more info on this topic. I’ve got a good thing going with my health trap and don’t want the masses to figure out how I’m doing it. Yes, I know I am not the innovator of this technique but lets keep it quiet 🙂

  62. hmmm this is interesting but just need more examples.(is what it seems to me)

    cant wait till the mnext post

  63. Post your boost stats (attack/defense/health for ind troop and overall troop, debuffs, etc). And note whether you think your stats are “top shelf” or “average” or whatever. That’ll give best guide to anyone going down this path. thanks!

  64. Great article. I’ve been building one this week actually and this helps a ton. Curious on the idea of putting some T5 in there and only doing the research to unlock t5 so you can get the extra stats gained from having t5. I only have 100 of each kind but have been told that the t5 bonus also extends to the other troops fighting with them. Also, I only have 8 hades gems so as you’re getting rallied by 4-10 rally leads/solos how do you train fast enough to replace when the chaos is happening. Is it best to just shield once the meat is gone and retrain then start again or just train in bad gear as fast as possible. Lastly, What’s the ideal size to pull in both rallies and solos bc I’m trying to not be too big. Thanks again for the great info, whoever Ary is, what a tool… respect for hard work and great info. Cheers,

    • How do I know that this isn’t a great article? Because I have a battle tested health trap that can and has capped 8t+ power sh’s rallies sent at me with max research and max march including the recent T5’s. Following bad advice won’t help you but instead will end up making you burn, but meh what do I know. But cheers and best of luck, you’ll need it.

      ~The Tool aka Ary

  65. Thank you for the article. I haven’t been able to find much information on Health Traps and what I did find was contradictory to each.

  66. This article isn’t very good and will only get people to waste time, money and get themselves zeroed

    • How would you improve it? What did we miss?

      • He’s a tool… Brilliant article.

        • She actually, and I’m a tool because I have a successful health trap and know what I’m talking about. Hmm ok how good is your health trap since you seem to know and have one to be able to judge if this is a good article or not?

          • Aryaneth – You still have not indicated how this article has it wrong when it comes to health traps. While I appreciate your skepticism, you have not countered the ideas presented in this article with solid arguments other than a dire warning and how great you are in health trapping.

            I for one am greatful that someone is willing to share their experience – thank you Darkthorne! I look forward to your next article on this topic.

  67. What is a Mobile Wonder? I think Dutch/Hades run something like that but it’s kinda Mickey Mouse Trapping? Seems like it would be easier to trap in Colossus at 160b power.

    • Its a metaphor basically. The fundamental concept of a Health Trap is to use the same mechanics used in a Wonder or Tile fight. More on that in the next article. Stay tuned. 😉

    • The idea of a health trap is to keep power lower than you can on defense traps using kunai. A rally lead was more likely to rally a 10B account than a 160B account. Now that a lot of these health traps are getting high in kills they will stop getting action unless they reset. The ‘budget’ term is always relative. I didn’t see where the author mentioned this is a budget method. Really need wonder cores and they come around 5 per pack now and without duration research you talking 40 or so minutes per set. So each pack gets you about 5-6 hours of trapping. So to play a whole KE takes 2 packs or so. $300 a month to keep your health trap running.

      • The DBC club was dropping Full Wonder Sets each week. Also Raw Power every few days. Once in awhile you can catch a $19.99 pack with some good cores/pieces in it to craft ya a set of cores for trapping with Health as a focus as opposed to Defense. However, you can also use similar concept to trap as a defensive burner trap. In my opinion, the game benefits greatly with a shift to core trapping with minimal troops rather than all these traps that switch to kanai and cap heroes.

        The burner traps keep the game pace high, while the large troop kanai traps slow it down while we wait on hemlock.

        • I can understand that. Why I always release on my trap (release for kills or for fun). As a lead I also know how frustrating it is to have someone sit on your hero like they cool. As far as defense burner go. Still gonna need kunai if your defensive. Have ran many many tests. Cored without kunai gets raped every time. I am talking small traps, say under 45B. I don’t see how most of these set ups actually can score so high, but then again I am amazed at what some people will rally without even looking at stats and just concerned with power.