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Are Health Traps Back? – Leads Burn No More with Heroless Trapping


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It’s all about health!

Over the last week there have been several releases from MZ that  included huge health boosts… Health Traps used to be all the rage. People would hit them over and over and see only fire without checking the report that all casualties were going straight to the hospital.

Many of these traps ranked well in KvK events. However when some of the newer releases came out, Health trapping was believed to be dead. This week’s releases beg the question “Is Health trapping back?”

The biggest thing that contributes to this theory is the insane health! The concept began forming when T13 was released with an amazing 19KTT health with max research that was an insane jump compared to T12. While T13 took great strides to revive the Health Trap, it just didn’t quite get the job done.

T14 Max Research and Health Traps

With T14 released everyone was so excited about everything burning. The attack was great! Most people failed to check all the stats. One stat stood out above the rest. HEALTH. With a massive 105MTT when completely maxed research. This is jaw dropping. Health went from 19KTT to 105MTT! !!!!!! How was this overlooked?!!

GoW Health Trapping

Different uses for T14 Health

  1. The 1st use would be a Solo or Rally Trap. Just like all of the previous Health Traps, you won’t need as many troops. A few Trillion will do the trick vs the few KTT that are needed when using T2. Your power will be way less, thus making making you a better target and more noticeable to an experienced Lead.
  2. The more important use and the one that will probably benefit most is Heroless Trapping, using this method you can even take rallies while Heroless which is unheard of in the game!!!! Most players wouldn’t even consider a to be Heroless from Solos. Much less a Rally!!! This will also affect players trying to hold the wonder without worrying about their city getting destroyed with Hero in wonder.

Downside / Trade-offs

The downside to this set up is can be costly to upkeep. T14  uses way more Speed-ups and RSS. Also you have to complete the 3 new trees to make this method effective. This method won’t be for everyone but it is a good option for those tired of the same ol’ same ol’.

The second downside is the power difference. Being a Health Trap will make you very easy to spot and may turn most Leads away from you due to how strong you are. Is it a risk you are willing to take?

1 Comment
  1. Roland says

    Once everyone has atleast one branch of new ascendant troop research complete, won’t everyone be running with way less power than before? Even t3 troops will be benefiting from the 1MTT health boost from that research….sure it’s not 105 MTT, and t3s base health stat is way lower but….

    Even if t14s base health stat is 1000x t3s, and with t14 getting 100x the boost, a defending army of t3 1000×100= 100k times as many t14 should do the same job. So would only be 500Tx 100k = 5MT t….that’s still only 120MT troop power!!

    Before t14 came out I had already been working on a micro trap of t13….had just been waiting for packs with enough speeds….t14 has blown that plan out of the water tho, now have to wait for cheap packs to just finish t14 tree lol..

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