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Hephaestus Core Set: Stats, Recipe, Set Bonus, Gems, Hero Skills


Looking to gain an edge on your enemies at the Wonder?  The Hephaestus core set will provide you the edge you need in the Wonder over the Apollo core set.

How Much Better is Hephaestus (Healthaestus) than Apollo?

Hephaestus’ strengths lie in its high troop specific health and attack stats.  Apollo will have difficulty debuffing the health of Hephaestus.  Apollo is of the Four Horsemen “lineage” which focuses on general troop stats and debuffs while Hephaestus is more of the Emerald Dragon lineage which is high troop specific health, attack, and debuffs.

Hephaestus Core Set Stats vs. Apollo (Ungemmed)

  • Overall Troop Boosts
    • Troop Attack: 876% | 1468%
    • Troop Defense: 1457% | 1189%
    • Troop Health: 1020% | 2255%
  • Troop Boosts
    • Infantry Attack: 1464% | 535%
    • Ranged Attack: 1459% | 567%
    • Cavalry Attack: 1483% | 547%
  • Troop Health
    • Infantry Health: 3224% | 0%
    • Ranged Health: 3190% | 0%
    • Cavalry Health: 3179% | 0%
  • Enemy Troop Debuffs
    • Infantry Attack Debuff: 1663% | 1942%
    • Ranged Attack Debuff: 1667% | 1940%
    • Cavalry Attack Debuff: 1649% | 1927%
  • Overall Enemy Troop Debuffs
    • Troop Attack Debuff: 200% | 90% (Research Dependent)
    • Troop Defense Debuff: 312% | 230% (Research Dependent)
    • Troop Health Debuff: 570% | 276% (Research Dependent)


hephaestus core set

Hero Skill Selection

When choosing skills, you should use a typical wonder attacking or defending setup with focus on Health and Attack.

Remember that you will not need Rally Attack when defending, so adjust accordingly using two presets: one for attacking and another for defense.

Keep in mind that Attack and Attack Debuff stats are priority when fighting for the Wonder.  Next, priority is Health and Health Debuff.  The best type of stats is troop specific stats because it is harder to debuff than general troop stats.

Gem Selection for Hephaestus

You should choose gems that reflect the priority for Wonder battles.  These include attack, attack debuff, health and health debuff.  For more guidance on gem selection, check out the Gem Selection Guide.

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Special Set Bonus

These set bonuses are fantastic!  The bonuses include everything a Wonder player needs.

  • Specific Troop Attack
  • Troop Attack/Troop Attack Debuff
  • Health/Health Debuff

Hephaestus Core Set Heph Set Bonus 2 Heph Set Bonus 3 Heph Set Bonus 4 Heph Set Bonus 5 Heph Set Bonus 6

Hephaestus Core Set Recipe

Hephaestus Core Set Recipe
All Cores Use Pieces:
 Ruby Heart Grim Fire Inferno Crystal Salamander Tail
Firegod’s Ire (Helm)Smoldering HelmBlood Knight EmblemChampion Proof
Firegod’s Hearth (Armor)Smoldering MantleDragon AshGothic Candlestick
Firegod’s Bearing (Feet)Smoldering LegsGothic CandlestickSalamander Skin
Firegod’s Skewer (Weapon)Smoldering ClaymoreSinister GimletVolcanic Ruby
Firegod’s AnvilSmoldering ShieldPower CrystalBlood Knight Emblem

Text Recipe for Line

Firegod’s Ire (Helm) – Smoldering Mantle Core + Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Blood Knight Emblem, Champion Proof

Firegod’s Hearth (Armor) – Smoldering Mantle Core + Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Dragon Ash, Gothic Candlestick

Firegod’s Bearing (Feet) – Smoldering Legs Core +Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Gothic Candlestick, Salamander Skin

Firegod’s Skewer (Weapon) – Smoldering Claymore + Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Sinister Gimlet, Volcanic Ruby

Firegod’s Anvil (Accessory) – Smoldering Shield + Ruby Heart, Grim Fire, Inferno Crystal, Salamander Tail, Power Crystal, Blood Knight Emblem

If you have a screenshot of Hephaestus with full gems and skills we’d love to see it!  I’m also searching for top special set bonuses for this article.  Thank you in advance!

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P.S. Ever wonder how “Hephaestus” is really pronounced?

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