Hera Core Set: Stats, Recipe, and Set Bonus

hera core set super wonder guide

If you think by crafting Hera Wonder Core Set you will dominate the wonder then think again!  The Hera set may not be THE dominating set you think it is!  Let's take a closer look at this Hera wonder core set!

Is Hera actually better than Hephaestus?

Hera Quick Stats vs. Hephaestus (Ungemmed) + Set Bonuses

  • Overall Troop Boosts (Hera | Hephaestus)
    • Troop Attack: 2227% | 921%
    • Troop Defense: 2028% | 3233%
    • Troop Health: 4143% | 1020%
  • Troop Boosts
    • Infantry Attack: 1500% | 1800%
    • Ranged Attack: 1500% | 1800%
    • Cavalry Attack: 1500% | 1800%
  • Troop Health
    • Infantry Health: 63%  | 3224%
    • Ranged Health: 63% | 3190%
    • Cavalry Health: 63% | 3179%

Hera has 400% Infantry, Ranged Health Debuff from Set Bonus.

  • Enemy Troop Attack Debuffs
    • Infantry Attack Debuffs: +1357% | 1663%
    • Ranged Attack Debuff:+1357% | 1667%
    • Cavalry Attack Debuff: +1357% | 1649%
  • Overall Enemy Troop Debuffs:
    • Troop Attack Debuff: 866% | 335%
    • Troop Defense Debuff: 328% | 328%
    • Troop Health Debuff: 1304% | 1970%
  • Troop Specific Defense
    • Infantry Defense: 2260% | 265%
    • Ranged Defense: 2300% | 265%
    • Cavalry Defense: 2300% | 265%

Interesting! This set is high Troop Health and Troop Specific Defense while Hephaestus is the opposite, high Defense with high Troop Specific Health.  Could it be that the rally size has gotten so large that defense is now becoming a factor in wonder battles?

Special Set Bonuses

The set bonuses of Hera include:

  • Base Bonus 5
    • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Health Debuff: +400%
    • Troop Attack Debuff: 200%
  • Full Set Bonus 7
    • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Attack Debuff: +625%
    • Troop Health Bonus: 3000%
  • Special Base Bonus 5
    • Troop Attack: 45%
  • Special Base Bonus 7
    • Troop Attack: 130%

Set Bonus of Hephaestus include:

  • Base Set Bonus 5
    • Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Attack: 375%
  • Full Set Bonus 7
    • Enemy Troop Health Debuff: 1400%
    • Troop Defense Bonus: 1775%
  • Special Base Bonus 5
    • Troop Attack: 45%
  • Special Full Bonus 7
    • Troop Attack Debuff: 135% or Troop Attack 148%

Hera Stats and Set Bonuses

Hera StatsHera Set Bonuses

Hera vs. Hephaestus Battle Analysis

So, as mentioned before Hera has higher troop health and higher attack.  It would appear then that Hera will dominate Hephaestus.  However, we must factor in debuffing.  Troop attack and health easier to debuff than specific troop health and attack (Infantry Health, Infantry Attack).

So, does Hephaestus have the necessary debuffs to take down Hera?  It does have higher Troop Health and Attack Debuff than Hera...

Wow, this is heating up to be quite a match!

Hera Core Set Recipe

Hera Core Set Recipe

More to come!  Check back before the Gauntlet for more analysis!

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  1. I hate hera core set, because of set bonus of health.
    before this core set, I can win enough to apollo, Hephaestus core set with my anti-apollo core, anti Hephaestus core.

    • Hmm cool custom set. May have to try it out!

      • If you understand cores/piece s(without ‘deadly cores’), you should know this fact.
        1= defense/DD boost, 2=health boost/health debuff, 3=attack/attack debuff boost
        For example, bloodstone has 150 inf/cav defense, 100 attack debuff. Calculate: 150×1+100×3=450
        Other example: spring sash: 150 health, 80 attack debuff
        result: 150×2+80×3=540
        I trust you can calculate pieces’ real boosts.