Hero Levels 86 – Hero 100: Something for Everyone!

Hero 100 provides Game of War players benefits to both sides of the combat equation. This tree has a ton of attack and debuffs, however, it falls short for me.  Rally leaders need Embassy Defense Debuff the most. This skill tree expansion has zilch.

Trap players will love this tree as it provides incredible defensive skills right from the start. First day of the release you could get from hero level 86-90 with one full pack purchase.  So, if you are a trap you are going to gain some incredible defense with that purchase.

Let's take a look!

Hero 100 Upgrade Cost

A big thank you to Cinders who keeps us updated on Game of War stats with her awesome charts!  Have a look at this one that has hero levels 61-100 information:

Hero 100 Costs Game of War GoW

The costs are not too bad until about Hero 97. As I mentioned above, the cost of 86-90 is minimal but lets take a look at what you gain!

Hero Level 100 Game of War

Hero 86-90 Skill Benefits

Defensive Players (Traps)

For the trap player, you benefit straight away from Troop Defense VI with 100,000% Troop Defense!

At 87, you get another 100,000% for each troop type defense.

At 88, another 100,000% Legion Defense, which is incredible!

Rally leader's with hero 97 gain just 25,000% Legion Defense Debuff. So, you can see that the extra 75,000% Legion Defense will give a trap an advantage. Hero 99 leaders will gain another 10,000% Legion Defense in their Quadruple Defense Debuff skill. This still leaves considerable defense even against a Hero 100 while only at Hero 88.

Hero 89 continues the defense gravy train. An additional 100,000% Empire Troop Defense! Again, rally leader 99+ will only have gained about 35,000% debuff. So, this a huge net gain of defense for upgrading hero levels for traps.

Hero 86100,000% Troop Defense
Hero 87100,000% All Type Defense
Hero 88100,000% Legion Defense
Hero 89100,000% Empire Troop Defense
Hero 90Altar Boost Duration +30 days

It's a good thing too. They will need it to sustain the incredible increase in attack power on rally leaders as a result of these hero levels. Let's take a look at them now.

Offensive Players (Rally/Wonder/SW Leaders)

Hero 86 provides Troop Attack VII. You gain 50 million troop attack from this skill alone.

Hero 87 adds another 50 million type attack (infantry, ranged, cavalry).

Hero 88 gives the 50 million Legion Attack.  So, in three hero levels you've gained 150 million attack.

Hero 89 adds another 50 million troop attack vs. empire.

Hero 90, even more attack, 50 million rally attack bonus.

Hero 8650,000,000% Troop Attack
Hero 8750,000,000% Type Attack
Hero 8850,000,000% Legion Attack
Hero 8950,000,000% Troop Attack vs. Empire
Hero 9050,000,000% Rally Attack
Total Attack250,000,000%

Hero 90 gives rally leaders a significant boost in attack, but if you stop there best hit only traps with less than Hero 86. The added defense from hero 86+ is going to give you trouble until you grab hero 94+ which has all the debuffs. Let's take a look.

Hero Levels 91-95

Defensive Players

Hero 91 is not much help for you, but hero 92 adds Empire Defense Attack Debuff of 50,000,000% when defending in your empire.

Hero 93 gives another 100,000,000% Rally Attack Debuff.

You may be asking, "whats the difference?" Well, its two different types of attack. Without going to far into it, one skill debuffs troop attack of anyone attacking your stronghold when rally or solo attacked. The other debuffs only Rally Attack. Rally Attack is a separate stat that rally leaders have in addition to Troop Attack. So by having Hero 93 you have both Troop Attack Debuff and Rally Attack Debuff.  Rally leaders are susceptible to both! Double debuff!

Now the coolest of all hero levels for defensive players is Hero 94! You gain 50,000% of each type of defense "Quadruple Defense". The four are Troop, Legion, Empire, and type. However, after Hero 94 you won't gain much. Hero 95+ is definitely for the rally leaders!

Hero 91Troop Health on Empire Blessing II (Bless your mates for 50,000%!)
Hero 9250,000,000% Empire Defending Attack Debuff
Hero 93100,000,000% Rally Attack Debuff
Hero 9450,000% Quadruple Defense (Troop, Legion, Empire, Type)
Hero 95100,000,000% All Type Attack (Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry)

Offensive Players

Hero 91-95 provides the following benefits:

Hero 9150,000,000% Wonder Holding Attack Debuff
Hero 9250,000,000% Rally Troop & Trap Attack
Hero 9350,000,000% Battle Mark Attack II
Hero 9415,000% Triple Defense Debuff (Enemy Troop, Legion, and Type Defense)
Hero 95100,000,000% All Type Attack
25,000% Enemy Defense Debuff

These levels provide a significant boost if you are an attacker. Rally leaders versus empire gain 200,000,000% attack and gain 40,000% Troop Defense Debuff, and 15,000% legion and type defense.

Hero Levels 91-94 Blessings!

The new blessings are sure to intrigue any defensive player.  Let's take a look at a breakdown of what each new hero level provides.

Hero 9150,000% Troop Health on Empire Blessing
Hero 9250,000% Troop Defense on Empire Blessing
Hero 9350,000% Embassy Defense Blessing
Hero 9450,000,000% Empire Defending Rally Attack Debuff Blessing

Blessings are now 10 x stronger than before.  Keep a watch for the blessings of the empire you are hitting. You need to scroll down past the banners to see them.  They can be easily overlooked.

GoW Banners BoostsHero 100 Blessings

Hero Levels 96-100: Wonder and Rally Leaders!

Hero 96-100 is definitely an attackers playground. For rally fighters you gain the following:

Rally Fighter Hero 96-100 Benefits

Hero 96100,000,000% Rally Attack vs. Empire
25,000% All Type Defense Debuff
Hero 971,000,000% Mobile Trap Attack
1,000,000,000% Wonder Rally and Holding Mobile Trap Health
25,000% Legion Defense Debuff
Hero 98100,000,000% Rally and Wonder Attack
1,000,000,000% Rally Health and Wonder Holding Troop Health
25,000% Empire Defense Debuff
Hero 99100,000,000% Rally Attack, Wonder Holding Trap Attack and Mobile Trap Attack, 1,000,000,000% Wonder & Rally Troop & Trap Attack & Health
Hero10050,000,000% Onslaught Attack

That about does it for Hero 100. You may be wondering, "what is Onslaught Attack?" I believe this is just another type of attack such as legion or troop.  It will be difficult to debuff as Troop Attack Debuff or Legion Attack Debuff won't affect it.

Hero 100 Key Combat Benefits

Hero 100 Conclusions

Hero 86-100 released all at once. It seems like a lot of levels at once. Its really not though.  Look at what each hero level actually provides.  It only gives you one skill maybe 2 at most.  In past hero level releases we gained multiple skills for each hero level.  Its just reversed now. The actual number of hero skill released is basically the same as in the past.

The skills released this time are much more balanced for offensive vs. defense players.  Also, the blessing improvement was a nice addition. Traps I recommend trying to make it work with hero 85 as long as you can.  You will have a giant target on you, which for traps is great!  If you just can't survive without upgrading your hero, then do it one hero level at a time until it works. You can always go up a hero level but can't go down.

Have you seen the max boosts for buildings? Be sure to leave me your questions in the comments!

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  2. I have yet to see an explanation from any source of what a legion is in GOW. Any ideas or answers?

    • Legion is a made up term for a new category of stats that can only be debuffed by other legion stats. Therefore, troop defense debuff does not affect legion defense. Another type or category of attack was introduced with Hero 100 – Onslaught Attack. I hope that clears things up.