A Hero Guide for the Dragon War Dimension

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I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
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And he’s gotta be fast
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I need a hero
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He’s gotta be sure
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And he’s gotta be larger than life!
Larger than life

HEROES!!!! Your Hero is a very important feature in Game of War. Knowing what Hero to use and how to skill it is essential to your setup. Well, that is unless you are a Hero-less trap but that is a discussion for another article. Today we are going to spend time talking about our three Heroes for the Dragon War Dimension. Also if you love the song I quoted as much as me, here is a YouTube link so you can jam with me as you read.

Dragon War Dimension Heroes

Currently, in the Dragon War Dimension, we have three heroes. Each of these heroes has different skills that you are able to use to make your build stronger. We will take a look at each Hero individually, however, before we do that let’s talk about some basics you need to know when you are setting your heroes up and getting ready to gear up for combat.

The Hero Hall

This may seem basic to some players but for newer players let’s take a look at the Hero Hall. The Hero Hall is where you are able to access your heroes. It is located the left of your Stronghold.

Hero Hall

When you enter this building you will see your three heroes.

The Heroes

You will be able to see the level of each hero and which hero is active. If you want to switch to using another hero then you simply need to activate the hero you want to use. For some players, three heroes can feel a bit overwhelming. So we will cover which hero to use and when so you are sure to invest your time, energy, and money into the hero that is right for you.

Hero One

Hero One is the hero that everyone gets. This hero is automatically unlocked in the Dragon War Dimension. Where Hero Two and Three require purchasing an unlock. Hero One goes to level 100 and has some basic skills that are helpful to all players. For this hero, you are able to choose what you want it to look like. You are able to see the options in the second tab of your Hero Hall screen.


Hero One Cost

Below we have provided a chart of the cost of experience and the medals needed to level up Hero One. We have also provided the power gained at each level.

1Hero LevelXP NeededPower GainedMedals Required
Hero One Skills

Now that we have covered the cost and all of that I know what everyone wants to know is how is this Hero Beneficial to me? There are some skills that this Hero has that are unique to it.

  • Economic Skills- This Hero is the only one with Economic skills such as production, upkeep, construction, training, and research. It is very similar to the original Hero in the game.
  • Monster Hunting Skills- DO NOT BE FOOLED! Make sure you are reading what you are skilling. One of the very first skills on this tree is Hero Attack. This is a stat for Monster Hunting so be sure that you do not use points on this unless you need to or love killing monsters.
  • Type Attack and Troop Armor
  • Troop HP
  • March Size Boosts- many leads like using this Hero for the increased March Size. While they may lose some attack stats the debate remains the same as to whether the increased march size outweighs the stats that are lost. Some of this is dependent on how much you have leveled Hero One versus how much you have leveled your other Heroes.

Hero One Level 150

Hero One Levels now go to 150 and with that, we have a range of new skills to choose from. The skills we will see as we increase our Hero level over 100 are: 

  • Hero Attack II- Increases your Heroes Attack against monsters (Max: 500%)
  • Troop Defense (Max: 800%)
  • Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Attack (Max: 800%)
  • March Size II
  • Rally Capacity II
  • Troop Health II (Max: 400%) 
  • Enemy Attack Debuff (Max: 300%)
  • Enemy Health Debuff (Max: 400%)
  • Enemy Defense Debuff (Max: 500%)
  • March Slot

These are great stat increases for all types of players. However, keep in mind the stats offered by your other two heroes as well and whether or not these are more beneficial to you then the skills offered by Hero One. 

Hero One Cost

Please note that these costs are gathered by the community. If any of this information appears to be incorrect please let us know so we can update it.


Hero One Steadfast Skills

Hero One Steadfast Skills are here! This is a feature that is unique to the Dragon Dimension and has a ton of benefits for players of all types. This feature allows you to maintain stats from the Steadfast tree even when you do not have Hero One Equipped. This means that even if you are using Hero Three you can still be utilizing the Steadfast stats from Hero One. 

Steadfast Hero One
Steadfast Hero One Skills Tree

This is a new release and at this time not much is known, however, we will keep you up to date on the most current information as we learn it. For now, here is the information you need regarding how to level up and utilize the Steadfast Hero Tree.

Steadfast HeroHero Two

Hero Two was the second Hero to be released. This Hero is the homely looking dude with the red Jason-like mask and no you cannot change what he looks like. This Hero has his own unique set of skills as well. He also goes to Hero 100 and requires medals to unlock certain levels.

Hero Two Costs

Hero Two Costs and power associated with leveling up are listed below!

wdt_IDHero LevelXP RequiredPowerMedals Required
Hero Two Skills

Hero Two has his own unique set of skills. We will cover some of the most notable ones here. I will also include a screenshot of the in-game blog so that you are able to see some of the max stats you can obtain with this hero.

Hero 2 stats

  • Attack March Speed, Return March Speed, Scout March Speed, and Rally March Speed. If you have a need for speed make sure to check this Hero out.
  • Type Attack.
  • Empire Assault Stats- Currently one of the more common Attack Gears is Dragon War Haunted Assassin Gear Set. This Set also has Empire Assault stats so using Hero 2 can help enhance these stats even further.
  • Rally Attack Stats- If you are big on Rallying this is definitely a stat you will want to look into to give your Rally that extra push.

Hero Two Level 150

Hero Two is now also at level 150. This Hero brings its own unique set of skills for 100 and over. We can see these below:

  • Empire Assault Troop Defense (Max: 800%)
  • Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Troop Assault- Note this increases not only your type attack for each by (Max: 600%) but it also increases your Enemy Troop Defense Debuff
  • March Size
  • Rally Capacity
  • Troop Attack (Max: 600%)
  • Empire Assault Troop HP (Max: 500%)
  • Rally Attack (Max: 600%)
  • Empire Assault Troop Attack (Max: 1,000%) 
  • Enemy Troop Health Debuff (Max: 400%)
  • Poison Enemy Troops- Causes wounded troops to be killed instead

Note that the skills provided by Hero Two are mostly attack focused and this is a Hero that will be really beneficial to attackers if used correctly. 

Hero Two Costs

Please note that these costs are gathered by the community. If any of this information appears to be incorrect please let us know so we can update it.


Hero Three

Hero Three is our most recent hero. This hero is probably the most unique hero we have seen so far. She is the pretty redhead with the horns coming out of her head and just like Hero Two you are unable to change her appearance. In order to open this hero, you must purchase an unlock from the Gold store.

Hero Three Costs

Below you can see the cost and power associated with leveling Hero Three up. While we do not have all data on this Hero we will work on providing it as we gather it and if you are able to provide information feel free to send screenshots to thatcinder on the Line app.

wdt_IDHero LevelXP RequiredPower AcquiredMedals Required
Hero Three Skills

Hero Three comes with her own unique set of skills as well. We will provide a screenshot of some of the max stats available for this hero as well.

Hero 3 stats

  • Hospital Capacity- for players that rely on their Hospitals to save their troops this Hero will help to increase the number of beds you have available for your troops by a max of 300%.
  • Troop Defense Bonus- this is a skill that is completely unique to this Hero.
  • Gathering Attack and HP- if you enjoy farming tiles and spend a lot of time tile hitting this Hero is beneficial.
  • Bonus March Slot- This skill is especially useful for players who maintain a low Stronghold Level and need an additional march slot.
  • Empire Defender stats- This is useful for players who are big on the defense side of things.
  • Wonder Stats- Wonder Players be sure to check out this Hero as it is the only one offering Wonder stats.
  • Enemy Troop Attack Debuff- This is one of the only Debuffs offered in the Dragon War Dimension and Hero 3 is the only place you can currently obtain this stat.
  • Troop Attack- This is a good place to get stats for all types of players.
  • March Increases, March Speed, and March Speed Debuff- Whether you want to increase your March Size, speed your March up or slow your attackers March down you can do all of these things with Hero Three.

Hero Three Level 150

Finally, Hero Level three has been upgraded to go to level 150. We will cover the added skills and costs here as well. 

  • Enemy Troop Attack Debuff (Max: 400%)
  • Empire Defender Troop Attack (Max: 800%)
  • Empire Defender Troop Defense (Max: 1200%)
  • Empire Defender Troop Health (Max: 800%)
  • Solo March Size Bonus
  • Rally Capacity
  • Wonder Rally Troop Attack (Max: 1200%)
  • Wonder Defender Troop Attack (Max: 1200%)
  • Enemy Troop Health Debuff (Max: 500%)
  • Wonder Troop Attack (Max: 1000%)
  • Wonder Troop Health (Max: 1000%)
  • Troop Attack Bonus (Max: 800%)
  • Rally Time Reduction

The skills for Hero Three when going past level 100 are mainly focused on defenders and Wonder Players. However, traps beware Hero Levels will continue to add power and higher-level heroes may reduce the number of hits you get. 

Hero Three Costs

Please note that these costs are gathered by the community. If any of this information appears to be incorrect please let us know so we can update it.


Which Hero?

We have covered all three heroes and the stats that they offer. However, we are missing something important. One question we see asked a lot is “Which Hero should I use?” Some of this is an easy decision but there is some strategy involved as well.


Part of the decision is going to be based on which Hero is leveled higher. However, also be sure to grab a friend and run some tests. Is it more beneficial for you to increase your attack stats with Hero Two or to increase your March size with Hero One? This is very dependent on the level of these heroes and will need to be tested on an individual basis.

Wonder Players

Your best hero for Wonder stats is the only hero with Wonder stats, Hero Three.

Traps and Defensive Players

There is a lot of strategy here and as long as you choose a Hero that best enhances your build then there is not a wrong answer. Hero One has good type attack and HP stats that traps can use to enhance their build.

Once you start looking at Hero Two or Three as a defensive player then you may be classified as what is called a spender trap. This is a player who spends for stats so that they can maintain lower troops counts and therefore lower power.

However, many traps like Hero Two for some of the Attack offered that helps to kill off your attacker’s march. Hero three with Attack, Attack Debuff, Defense, and Empire Defender stats is an obvious choice for Traps and Defensive Players. However, remember that your Heroes do come with power increases. So if your goal is to stay low power then you will also want to keep Hero Levels low. So make sure you choose your Hero wisely and build your stats in a way that will best enhance your build. We will discuss more about this in another article.

Which hero have you chosen to use and why? Let us know in the comments.

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