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Hero Guide- Be Extraordinary

The Demigod Hero Guide


Are you strong enough to lead your army, or a smart enough tactician to defend your Stronghold? Every battle has a hero that stands out and rises above the rest. Does your hero have what it takes?

Meet The Heroes

Spartan Hero

Spartan HeroWe, of course, cannot discuss Demigods without a new hero with Demigod stats to protect our city. Upon the release of Demigods, we also received the Spartan Hero. This is our hero for everything Demigod.

Facts about your Spartan Hero:

  • Leveling your Spartan to 50 is easy once the hero is unlocked, as it requires only Hero XP.
  • The Spartan Hero tree resembles the original hero tree from the beginning of the game.
  • Spartan Hero Tree includes skills for:
    • Construction
    • Production
    • Research
    • Training
    • Food Upkeep
    • Demigod Combat Stats
    • Core High Range Boost
    • Demigod Wonder Stats
    • Overlimit March Size
  • The points given for skills are very limited and therefore must be used wisely.

Valkyrie Hero

Valkyrie HeroFacts about your Valkyrie Hero:

  • As with the Spartan hero, no Leveling Hilts are needed until level 50.
  • Valkyrie Hero Tree includes skills for:
      • Demigod Combat Stats
      • Food Upkeep
      • Training Cost Reduction
      • Research Cost Reduction
      • Economy Blessing Modifier
      • Combat Blessing Modifier
      • Crafting Core High Range Boost
  • This is a hero you will definitely want to use for Core Crafting.
  • This is your only Demigod Hero with Blessing Modifiers.

Demigod Frost King

Frost KingFacts about your Frost King Hero:

  • Frost King Hero Skills Include
    • Demigod Combat Skills
    • Construction Cost Reduction
    • Upkeep Reduction
    • Research Cost Reduction
    • Overlimit March Size
  • This Hero has some great debuffs and Econ Stats.

Demigod Sapphire Hero

Sapphire HeroFacts about your Sapphire Hero:

  • Sapphire Hero Skills Include:
    • Demigod Combat Skills
    • Training Resource Cost Reduction
    • Upkeep Reduction
    • March Speed
    • Overlimit March Size
    • Mercenary Stats
  • If you are T5- and T6-based, this is a hero you will definitely want to look into for its T5 and T6 Specific Stats.

Demigod Azure Knight Hero

Azure Knight

Facts about your Azure Knight Hero:

  • This Hero provides various Combat Stats, however, these will become more useful as this Hero’s level is increased
  • This Hero will be your Standout Hero if you are completing Pantheon Research. Be sure to skill it to reduce your T1, T2, and T3 RSS costs.

Beryl Warrior Hero

Beryl Warrior

Facts about your Beryl Warrior Hero:

  • Currently the stats on this hero are somewhat lacking, however, like previous heroes we can expect these to improve as the Hero Level is increased.
  • One of the biggest uses from this Hero right now will be for RSS Reduction for Combat and Defense Research

Hero Level

Let’s look at Hero levels from each side:

Attack and Wonder

As a lead player, you want your hero to be the highest level possible. Hero levels give great boosts in attack and health.


If your goal is just defense so that you can unshield, your hero should definitely be leveled as high as possible. However, many of us old-school traps know that there used to be more strategy regarding whether or not you level up your hero. We are left wondering if, with Demigods, some of this strategy will return. For traps, hero level used to be key because if your hero level was too high, leads would not hit.

All of these need to be taken into account when choosing whether or not to level your hero:

  • Is the cost of this feature realistic for me?
  • Are the stats worth the possible decreased hits due to hero level?
  • If I choose not to level up, where else can I get stats that I am missing from hero levels?

Skilling of the Hero Tree

Skilling is no longer as simple as it was with previous heroes. We do not have massive amounts of skill points to allocate wherever we want, and it is not cut-and-dry “start at the bottom and work your way up.” Your points need to be very well-planned.

Things to Consider when Skilling:

  1. In order to put just one point in the bottom skill, you must use 24 points.
  2. Just because you unlock a box doesn’t mean you can max that skill; you must be a certain hero level to max the skill.
  3. Points are very limited (below, we will cover hero costs and points).
  4. Hero Presets do not open until VIP 1305.
  5. Hero Preset items are very rare and difficult to get, which makes using this feature difficult.

There are multiple factors to consider when skilling your hero. On the defense and attack side, skilling for attack will be very important. Here at Teamrealtips, we recommend skilling using a setup even the current Emperor, Huckster (73V) uses!

The theory with this skilling setup is that you provide max protection for your traps, which die first and max attack for traps because they are a huge factor. You want your points for trap defense and attack as high as possible and then use any leftover points in a troop attack slot. Attack is currently important for defense players, as it allows them to kill more of their Attacker’s march.

Which Hero

With the multitude of Heroes, at times choosing the right hero to use can be difficult. We have created a table for the heroes so you can look at a side-by-side comparison of their stats. We will look at Combat Stats and Economy Stats. The number in the table is what the Hero offers at max skilled level. So be aware that, depending on your Hero Level, you may still need to make adjustments for yourself.

Demigod Combat Stats

Attack StatsDefense
Defense StatsHealth
Health StatsDemigod Economy Stats
Economy StatsDemigod Overlimit March Stats
MarchDemigod Debuffs

DebufffsThe Other Heroes

WIth Demigods resetting the game, are all of those other heroes irrelevant? Mostly, but not completely. If you plan on hitting any monsters, your Demigod Hero has no skills for this, so using your original hero is best for this function.

Bait traps! Toss your old hero on with old gear and swap that hero! With the expense of gear presets for those who love bait trapping, this brings a whole new level of strategy.

We have heard of many other uses for your Hero out there. People are using this hero for cost reductions with powering up and more! So be sure to check the Eco stats on your Original Hero and see how it can help you.

Hero Garrison

While the Hero Garrison is still in your city there is currently no demigod stats included here. Therefore, this is a feature you do not need to factor into your calculations.

Equip Your Hero


Now that your trees are skilled, equip your hero with the best gear possible. For a list of the best gear, check out our Gear Guide.

With the massive update, your hero will need to be at the top of his game to survive. Do you have what it takes?


  1. Bacon says

    I just started playing after 3 years. My hero has hit level 50 and requires hero medals to go beyond level 50. Where may I find those? I’ve been asking my kingdom and alliance server with no response and am unable to find them in packages in the gold store. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Cinder says

      A lot of times you can find them in events but not at helpful levels. If they are not in catch up packs then you could try emailing MZ and letting them know this is an issue for you.

    2. Cinder says

      Also check and see if you have an instant hero level x items in your inventory.

  2. Tommy Torres says

    Why is the reason to have 100 instant upgrade all building to 1101 ?

    1. Cinder says

      Later on if you decide to switch up your set up and say build villas instead of barracks you will need them to be able to do so.

  3. James says

    Could y’all explain more about the Hero Garrison? Thank you!

    1. Cinder says

      Honestly it has no demigod stats so there is really not that much to go into currently. You can garrison heroes there however, the stats provided by the slots are older combat stats and they are not relevant to todays game play

  4. Chuckkey says

    Where do you find monsters pellets?

    1. Cinder says

      Monster pelts are no longer in packs. In addition, if you want to complete that research you may have an instant item from past purchases however, it is old research and as such stats do not apply to demigods.

  5. Cybed says

    Newbie question. How do you”un” garrison a hero? I see
    no option to do so.

    1. Cinder says

      Go into your Garrison. Click on the hero. Click ungarrison

  6. Psylock1045 says

    How to unlock the “max unlock to here” and “spend x skill points” buttons on the hero? I can find anything to make these options available to be clicked. They are visible, but I can’t click on them

    1. Cinder says

      Those are unlocked with VIP. If they are not working you will need to send a ticket in through the game to MZ.

  7. Gecko says

    Awesome information as always. Thanks for all you do to help us stay effective in the game.

  8. Lili says

    Very thank you Cinder!

  9. Crys says

    The ancient power gem set is recommended for attack and defense/trap accounts?

  10. Dan says

    Does it matter which garrison you use to garrison each hero? I
    have two accounts one is attack and the other is a trap.

  11. PushMyButton says

    well done article, thanks buddy

  12. joseph says

    Wouldn’t you include troop health and health debuff in with defensive stats ?

  13. Katherine DiMaoi says

    This article is well written and thorough. Thanks so much!

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