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Hero Guide

Are you strong enough to lead your army or a smart enough tactician to defend your Stronghold? Every battle has a hero that stands out and rises above the rest. Does your hero have what it takes?

New Heroes

With the multitude of heroes now in Game of War it can sometimes become confusing what hero to use. Recently, the heroes became more unique with the drop of new levels so you were able to customize them to your own needs. Last week the Eventide Hero stood above all. However, with new hero levels once again the stats have changed and you are able to customize the hero you are using.

The concept of how to skill remains the same and is outlined below. Check out some of the key stats below that heroes will offer:

For defense you will definitely want to take a look at the Glorious Hero. With attack the Eventide Hero has the best attack stats. Finally for Wonder and Rally, the Mystic Hero stands above all the rest.

Hero Level

Let’s look at Hero levels from each side:

Attack and Wonder

As a lead player you want your hero to be the highest level possible. Hero levels give great boosts in attack, debuffs, and march size.


If your goal is just defense so that you are able to unshield your hero should definitely be leveled as high as possible. However, many of us old school traps know that there used to be more strategy to whether or not you level up your hero. For traps hero level used to be key as if your hero level was too high, leads would not hit. However, with many of the updates now Leads don’t even look at hero levels anymore which makes this an easy place to get additional defense, attack debuff, and health stats.

To find out other strategies on building the perfect defense be sure to check our Am I safe Article.

Skilling of the Hero Tree

You decided what you want your hero level to be. Now it is time to allocate skills. Here is the key to skilling your hero. Always start at the bottom and work your way up. The most relevant stats are going to be at the bottom as the stats get bigger as you go down. With the Skill to Here function this has become even easier.

  1. Go to Hero Tree
  2. Click Unlock to Here
  3. Add Points Starting from the bottom up
  4. Attack Players- You want to focus on attack stats, defense debuffs, defense annihilation, and march sizes
  5. Traps and Fillers- You want to focus on Health and defense stats

The Other Heroes

Your Other Heroes are not irrelevant you can now Garrison them for additional boosts for your city. Be sure to check the slot you want to put that hero in to see if it is the best spot for your hero!

In addition, you will want to keep a training, crafting, and potion making skill preset ready for your Original Hero!

Hero Garrison

We have had a lot of questions about the Hero Garrison. People want to know, where is the best place to Garrison the heroes that we are not using. Well Good news is that it is simple.

  1. Take a look at the slots and see which is best for the stats you want to build.
  2. Hit Garrison
  3. Garrison an Available Hero

Garrison Slot

The next question we have received a lot is what skills and what gear should I put on my garrisoned hero. So we tested it, and there was no difference from a level 200 naked hero to a level 500 hero in gear and skilled. Check out the screenshots below.

Garrisoned Hero

Equip your Hero


Now that your trees are skilled you want to equip your hero with the best gear possible. For a list of the best gear check out our Gear Guide. Make sure you put your gear in presets and equip your skills preset for easy flipping back and forth between sets of gear.


Equip your hero with the best runes out there too. Currently, the best choice for Runes for Attack and Defense are the 


Spellstone Runes




Also, do not forget Gems. Currently, the best choice for gems are the Barbaric Power Gems.

Barbaric Power Gems



Currently VIP goes to level 1300. This gives great increases not only in stats but in abilities. The newest level give presets for your different heroes. At level 850 you are able to orb your buildings to the highest luck level with one click. (Check out our City Setup Guide for more info on Building orbs). Earlier levels have opened up Gladiator and Duelist Presets. VIP will definitely help with the presets you need for your hero and make your life easier!




With the massive game update, your hero will need to be at the top of his game to survive. Do you have what it takes?


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  3. Awesome information as always. Thanks for all you do to help us stay effective in the game.

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  5. The ancient power gem set is recommended for attack and defense/trap accounts?

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