Hero Release Program: How to Make Your Kingdom Stronger

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The Hero Release Program is a controversial topic among all Game of War players. Today we will look at the benefits of this program and talk and how it essentially makes a kingdom stronger for kill events.

CRR – History and Meaning

CRR stands for chop, ransom, or release. This initially started on the demi side back when cores were extremely costly and hemlocks were scarce. The basic idea is that when a hero is capped, you then execute, set a ransom, or release the hero immediately. This is put in to practice outside of kill events, either kingdom-wide or between a group of alliances.

Get the Bad Side Out of the Way

There is only one real argument against a hero release program. Players will tell you that they spend their own money, and they should not be told how to play their game.  Each person has to decide if they want to go along with the hero release program themselves, but these next few points make a good argument.

How Does the Hero Release Program Affect You?

While at first it seems like it is just a win for the Rally Leads, it is actually beneficial for all players

Savvy Traps

Well built traps are some of the biggest point scorers in a kill event. With each release, traps need to consistently test and adjust their setups. However, traps that hold heroes are basically blacklisted and will not be hit by leads in the kingdom. Traps that are hit continuously between kill events are more prepared and give fewer points away. By participating in the hero release program, leads will love hitting your trap knowing they won’t have to waste hemlock. This results in a trap having the experience of being hit by a variety of different rally leads. Those traps will be the stars of the show for the next kill event!

Experienced Leads

Everyone knows that the dragon is still yet to be completely figured out. Rally leads especially are still learning the pros and cons of using a dragon in a rally or solo. The only way for a lead to know their limit is to constantly test! Rally leads need experience hitting a wide number of targets with different power levels, hero levels, gear, and VIP. The last thing a lead wants to happen is to get capped in a kill event. This loses points for all the fillers and the alliance as a whole. When leads get on board in the hero release program they gain the practice and experience in picking better targets.

The Bottom Line

The hero release program has more pros than cons. Not only does it improve both leads and traps, but it will attract more active players. Players from other kingdoms will go where the action is. With the ancient advanced ports in play now, many players will be looking to go where there is a high rate of activity. In kingdoms where traps hold heroes for three days and Leads stop hitting targets, the activity declines and the kingdom slowly dies. These kingdoms become popular in kill events for all the wrong reasons. Rally teams will port in and zero unprepared traps. Those inexperienced leads will then hit those well-built traps and lose their heroes. Thus killing the kingdom that did not promote growth with a hero release program.

How to Start a Hero Release Program in Your Kingdom

The first thing I did in my kingdom was reach out to other leaders in the bigger alliances. Some weren’t familiar with the idea and how it worked. If that is the case, feel free to direct those players to this article! Once you have an agreement in place, you want to inform the alliances involved what the hero release program is and what the consequences are if you choose not to participate. It is easier to have an in-game chat or a Line room with these other members so that it is easy to alert another player if you need a hero released. It is also smart to have a log buddy in case you cap a hero while you are asleep. As other alliances catch on and join in, sit back and watch the activity increase and enjoy the fun!

Do You Have Any Ideas?

If you have recently started a hero release program in your kingdom, or have any tips on how to successfully start and continue the program, join in the community discussion! We would love to hear your ideas! Start the talk on Discord or Line, or you can comment below the article.

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