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“Home Make Over” – in just 5 minutes!


Ever get tired of the usual same ol’ same ol’ and just want change? Well, now you can have it! Game of War is offering Home Make Overs with the Instant lvl 90” item. It’s super simple now!

Sept.13 Packs Update

instant level 90

No need to sit and destroy buildings and waste all your time and resources (RSS) making a new one. If you want to to change out Barracks to Villa or wish you had more Hospitals, now is the time.

Before, it took way too much time and RSS to do it, so most people were just forced with what they had.

Now, you don’t have to worry! Just tear down the buildings you don’t need (be sure to leave 1 of each) then instant build all lvl 1’s of the new building. Use your instant lvl 90 item, and booom! Home make over complete in less than 5 minutes. It’s amazing! So much easier than my last home make over…

Home Make Over in just minutes!

home make over game of war

The only downside is you will lose your building boosts which isn’t that big of an issue since everyone has millions of them.  As building levels continue to grow, I am sure we will see more items like this in the future.

If I want to swap out my buildings to be more trap friendly or to be more of a lead style, I will just look for these items and it is as easy as 1,2,3. This is a trick we all will get a lot of use out of. Now the only issue is making up my mind on which buildings I want.

Stay tuned for the upcoming article about the best buildings for each play style and why.

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