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How Much Should You Spend on Game of War? (Sponsored)


Ever wonder how much money you can afford to spend on Game of War?

I’ve been playing GoW for 4 years and I’ve probably spent enough money to buy a nice car… Each time I buy packs there’s always a thought in the back of my mind about whether or not I can afford them, and how that affects my savings. Obviously, I know it’s OK to spend some money on entertainment, but how much is too much?

There is no “free-to-play” in Game of War, and in order to really enjoy the game, it costs a few hundred a month.

And if I try upgrading too early then I spend time upgrading instead of taking advantage of “instant upgrade”. So I usually stay at least a few days behind. Keeping the work-life balance is valuable to me.

To really understand how much I should spend, I figured I would have to download my bank statements, understand my expenses and debt, and somehow come with up with the right budget. But that’s way too much work…


Enter: Our Sponsor —> WizeFi

A simple, easy, and effective way to organize your money and build wealth.

WizeFi’s mission is to help millions of people reach and live their ideal lifestyle, which means being able to do the activities you love with people you love, without the constraints of a full-time job.

More specifically, WizeFi is holistic personal finance software that helps you get organized with your money. After taking into account your expenses, assets, and liabilities, it will tell you EXACTLY how much you should spend in every category of your life in order to build wealth as fast as possible.

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It will show you how much different your future net worth would be with and without WizeFi.

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And it will give you a 4-step plan to building wealth as fast as possible.

If you want to use it to see how much money you can spend on Game of War (Entertainment category), you can. But, WizeFi can be used for a lot more.WizeFi Affiliate Projections

Lastly, if you share WizeFi with others because you want to help them get organized with their money and build wealth, you will earn a portion of their subscription fee for as long as they are subscribed. It’s a fantastic way to create a passive income stream and earn a lot of extra money each month. Think about your friends and family who could use this software.

We thought about you.

When we heard about this software we figured it would be rad if all our viewers felt financially secure and organized.

This game-changing software has officially launched and you can learn more and register for it now by clicking here:

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