How to Build Your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension Part 2 The Trap and Filler

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Last week we had the opportunity to lay the foundation for stats and discuss what different stats do and what is important for different types of players. This week we will continue our series with Traps and Fillers and a discussion of how to prioritize stats for these different players.

If you did miss last week’s article though be sure you step back and read that first so the Foundation is laid out well for you.

How to Build Your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension Part 1 The Foundation

Dragon War Dimension Stats Dictionary

Just as a reminder and reference we will include our table of terms and definitions here as well.

wdt_IDTerminologyDefinitionWhat does it do?
1Troop AttackIncreases the Attack of your TroopsThis stat functions in a couple of different ways. As a Lead player, it allows you the ability to kill off more of your targets troops. As a defending player, it allows you to kill off more of your incoming attacker's march.
2Troop DefenseIncreases the Defense of your Troops.While Attack allows the opportunity to kill off more troops from the opposing player, defense, helps to decrease your losses.
3Troop Health / Troop HPIncreases the HP of all TroopsHealth is Wheaties for your troops. If you look at the icon in the game it shows an arm with a muscle. Health strengthens your troops so they can endure in the battle.
4Hero AttackIncrease's your Hero's Attack against a Monster.Note!! Hero attack is for monsters not against troops or other players.
5Infantry Attack
Cavalry Attack
Ranged Attack
Seige Attack
Increases the Attack of your Infantry Troops
Increases the Attack of your Cavalry Troops
Increases the Attack of your Ranged Troops
Increases the Attack of your Seige Troops
This is a type stat and dependent on the one you choose will only increase the attack of your Troops of that Type.
6Type ArmorIncreases the Armor of your Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Troops.Armor is a Defense stat. This stat works for Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged troops.
7Type AttackIncreases the Attack of your Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry TroopsAnother Type stat that increases the Attack for your three troop types, Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged.
8Empire Assault ArmorProvides an Armor Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This stat is only useful when attacking other Strongholds. While Armor is a defensive stat this specific type protects the troops of the attacker when they are hitting other players Strongholds.
9Empire Assault HPProvides an HP Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This stat is for attacking other Strongholds only! This provides Health for the attacker's troops.
10Empire Assault AttackProvides an Attack Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This is once again for Attacking other Strongholds only. This provides attack stats for Attackers.

Stat Focus

For Traps and Fillers, we talked about different stats that you will want to focus in on. These included the following:

  • Attack
  • Empire Defender Attack
  • Defense
  • Empire Defender Defense
  • Health
  • Empire Defender HP
  • Enemy Attack Debuff

For Fillers, we will also add in march size due to the fact that they will be filling rallies and reining wonders and bigger marches will help them do so more effectively. However, recall that in order to fill you must first ensure your safety when doing so. Therefore, knowing how to set up safely is a huge priority for these players as well.

Stat Priorities

When we are looking at building a trap there are three stats that we want to prioritize Attack, Health, and Defense. Each of these stats has their own function and is important in building a strong trap account. Knowing how to prioritize these stats and when to add more of different stats is very important.

We will take a look at each of these stats individually and where you are able to get them. We will also look at how to know what stat you need to increase based on the hits that you are taking.


The first stat we will start with is Attack. To many, this may seem counter-intuitive. As traps, our first thought is defense, however, in order to be able to cap you need a certain amount of attack. Attack is the stat that allows some players to cap with much lower troop counts than other players.

When looking at a report a player that is not able to kill off all of their attackers march whether they win or not needs more attack. This can be addressed through stats or troops. However, addressing it through stats allows you to maintain a smaller build versus having to continually add troops and large amounts of power.

Attack Versus Defense

In the reports below we took a closer look at Attack versus Defense. In the Image, we can see that the first hit the defender was unable to cap the lead player. However, for the next hit, the defender swapped out a piece of Sentinel Gear for a piece of Arbiter Gear.

This allowed the defender to cap the attacker with only a slight increase in losses by simply adjusting their stats.

Attack Versus Defense

Where do I find Attack Stats?

Now that we know what a report looks like and when we need more attack it is important to know where you can find these stats and how to prioritize them. Knowing where you can get the most attack when you need it is important so you are able to prioritize your purchases.

Many times players ask questions such as “Is the Boost Hall Worth it?” The Boost Hall is definitely worth it, however, knowing where to prioritize it is important.


The easiest stats to get for Attack are in research. There are several trees you can obtain different attack stats from. We will list these below, however, before we do so there are some things to consider with Research.

  1. Some Research such as the Crafting Research require special scrolls to complete
  2. Research will add power to your setup so if you like playing small keep an eye on the power increases and determine whether or not this is something that is worth it
  3. Different Researches only open at a certain Stronghold Level, therefore, you may be prevented from getting some of the max stats due to your Stronghold level.
Rewards Research

In The Dragon War Dimension rewards research you are able to get type attack stats, however, keep in mind the amount is small.

In the Seeker’s Rewards Research you can get Empire Defender Attack at a max of 150%. This is a good increase. You are also able to to get Troop Attack with the hero at a max of 150% from this research as well (Keep in mind this stat only applies when Hero is home).

The nice thing about this research is that it does not add any power to your setup. This is research that all accounts definitely want to work on completing as they are able to do so.

Draconic Combat Research

This new research has a wealth of stats to help with your setup. In looking at Attack specifically in the first part of the tree we see Empire Defender Attack with a max of 600%. In the second part of the tree, you are able to find Troop Attack with the  hero (recall that your Hero must be present for these stats to apply) at a max of 300%.

Crafting Research

Crafting Research is important as you are able to access it as it increases the strength of your gear and opens the fourth gem slot for players. While it does not have “Attack-specific,” research it is important in strengthening your stats due to what it does have available. For more information about Crafting Research be sure to check out our article discussing it.

Hero Research

Hero Research further into the research provides a max of 65% Troop Attack.

Combat Research

This Research provides Troop Attack at a max of 136%. You are also able to get Type Attack from this tree.

Wall Traps Research

Here you are able to obtain Empire Defender Attack, at a max of 220%.

Gear and Set Bonuses

Gear and set bonuses are other places you can get these stats from. Athena’s Armory is going to be important to have unlocked. When you obtain Level 6 sets of gear (or lower depending on if you level up your armory, however, be aware there is a power increase with leveling this building) you receive a set bonus that applies even if the gear is not equipped.

There are three sets of gear that we will consider here.

  • Arbiter’s gear set- this gear set provides attack stats that can be equipped to your hero but it also provides a set bonus of 75% Troop Attack. Many players use this gear set or a mix of this gear set to help defend.
  • Beast Master’s gear set- This gear provides a set bonus of 32% Troop Attack.
  • Dragon War Monster Slayer Set- This gear set provides a set bonus of 100% Troop Attack.
  • Frostlord Gear Set- The Weapon for this set provides Empire Defender Attack and the Set Bonus provides a 100% Troop Attack Bonus

Hero skills are another place where you can find Attack Stats.

  • Hero 1- Provides Type Attack Stats.
  • Hero 2- Also provides Type Attack Stats.
  • Hero 3- Has Troop Attack and Empire Defender Attack.

While each of these heroes provides different attack stats make sure you remain aware of the current sentiment that is constantly changing in regards to these heroes. While a lot of traps prefer Hero 3 due to the skills provided many leads are cautious in hitting accounts using this hero.

Boost Hall

The Boost Hall contains a good amount of Attack. If you are debating between purchasing a gear pack or a Boost Hall Pack to increase your Attack stats then we would recommend going with Boost Hall first. There are three different sets of gear that provide set bonuses for Troop Attack. However, getting all of these gear chests in one pack is unlikely.

In the Boost Hall, you can increase not only your Type Attack but your Troop Attack. You can get a max of 120% Attack in the Boost Hall and a max of 350% of each Type Attack in the Boost Hall. This is a great place to get those Attack stats.


VIP is a huge place for Attack. At lower levels, the increase is smaller but as you get closer to max VIP there are huge Attack Boosts. Our caution with this feature is that it is a visible stat. In that people can see what your VIP is. Leads may be more unwilling to hit players with higher VIP and VIP is a costly feature. So be sure to keep an eye on leads sentiment regarding VIP and when leveling up make sure that the stat increase is worth the level up.

Gems, Altar, Boosts, and Banners

All of these are great places to get little boosts in your Attack stats. For more information on which of these will help you the most with your attack stats be sure to check out, The Little Things. One note on Altar, be aware that a dirty graveyard can keep you from getting hit at times.


Next up is Defense. Defense acts as a shield to our troops. This stat allows you to decrease the losses that you are taking so that you protect your troops and are not losing more then your attacker is. If you are burning then whether or not you kill off your Attacker’s march you will not cap.

This is one of the reasons that traps need such a balance of stats. Too much of one and not enough of another can be detrimental. If you are killing your Attacker’s march off but still losing then you want to look at adding more Health or Defense into your build. We will go more in-depth on Health later.

Defense Versus Attack

Here is an example of where the defender was able to kill off the Attacker’s March but was unable to cap. However, in the second report by switching from a mixed gear set to full Sentinel’s Gear (adding more defense) the defender was able to still kill off the march and cap the Attacker.

Defense Versus Attack

Where do I find Defense Stats?

Well, my friends, that is a topic for next week! Next week we will continue this series with a closer look on where to find Defense Stats and take a closer look at Health. You will not want to miss that information.

In the meantime, if you have questions that you would like us to address in this series make sure you post them in the comments!


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