How To Build Your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension Part 4 The Lead

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We have discussed basic information regarding how to build your stats in the Dragon War Dimension as every type of player and what stats you want to focus in on. We have looked more in-depth at traps and fillers however, it is now time to move on to the Lead. These are players who simply want to smash everything. However, before we begin to explore the Lead and different stats that are available for Leads make sure that you are all caught up on our series.

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Why Should I Read the Trap Articles?

You are probably wondering why I am recommending you go back and read the articles that are focused on Trapping. As a lead why should you have to worry about how Traps build their stats?  Well, I do have an answer for you. Talk to seasoned Leads and they will tell you that some of the best Leads were at one point traps. Knowing how Traps build stats and different things that are helping Traps will help with picking targets. As a lead, you need to be conscientious of Trap setups as well.

A Quick Recap

So far we have looked at different definitions of stats and Traps and Fillers. We have explored what stats are important for these players including Attack, Health, and Defense. There are some Attack stats that are specifically for Traps and some that are specifically for leads. In this article, we will focus more on stats that are available for leads and where to find those.

However, before we dive in be sure to refresh your memory on the stats and their definitions by checking out our Combat Stats Dictionary.

wdt_IDTerminologyDefinitionWhat does it do?
1Troop AttackIncreases the Attack of your TroopsThis stat functions in a couple of different ways. As a Lead player, it allows you the ability to kill off more of your targets troops. As a defending player, it allows you to kill off more of your incoming attacker's march.
2Troop DefenseIncreases the Defense of your Troops.While Attack allows the opportunity to kill off more troops from the opposing player, defense, helps to decrease your losses.
3Troop Health / Troop HPIncreases the HP of all TroopsHealth is Wheaties for your troops. If you look at the icon in the game it shows an arm with a muscle. Health strengthens your troops so they can endure in the battle.
4Hero AttackIncrease's your Hero's Attack against a Monster.Note!! Hero attack is for monsters not against troops or other players.
5Infantry Attack
Cavalry Attack
Ranged Attack
Seige Attack
Increases the Attack of your Infantry Troops
Increases the Attack of your Cavalry Troops
Increases the Attack of your Ranged Troops
Increases the Attack of your Seige Troops
This is a type stat and dependent on the one you choose will only increase the attack of your Troops of that Type.
6Type ArmorIncreases the Armor of your Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Troops.Armor is a Defense stat. This stat works for Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged troops.
7Type AttackIncreases the Attack of your Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry TroopsAnother Type stat that increases the Attack for your three troop types, Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged.
8Empire Assault ArmorProvides an Armor Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This stat is only useful when attacking other Strongholds. While Armor is a defensive stat this specific type protects the troops of the attacker when they are hitting other players Strongholds.
9Empire Assault HPProvides an HP Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This stat is for attacking other Strongholds only! This provides Health for the attacker's troops.
10Empire Assault AttackProvides an Attack Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This is once again for Attacking other Strongholds only. This provides attack stats for Attackers.

Stat Focus

For Leads, we talked about the Stats that would need to be focused on in the first article in our series. This included:

  • Attack
  • Health
  • Armor Piercing
  • Empire Assault Attack
  • Empire Assault Armor
  • Empire Assault HP
  • March Size

All of these stats will play a role in your ability to effectively lead and you want to be able to max these stats as much as possible. For this article, we will talk about Attack, March Size, Defense Debuff and other stats for leads. We will also discuss how to prioritize these stats when you are building your account.

Getting Started with Attack

Attack is a huge component of your makeup as a Lead. This is one of the numbers that you really want to focus in on. Attack stats are going to help you be able to kill off more of your opponent’s Troops. Currently, in the Dragon War Dimension, we have a few different types of Attack. However, as a lead, the Attack stats that are going to be relevant to you are Troop Attack, Type Attack, Troop Attack with Hero, and Empire Assault Attack.

Attack and March Size are what most leads struggle with when it comes to prioritizing stats. This is something that we will discuss later when we get to prioritizing the stats. However, as a lead, you want to max stats as much as possible. When this is not possible you will need to know how to prioritize the stats you need and where you can find them.

Do Not be Afraid to Test

Note that when you are building up as a lead, and trying to decide between different components you should not be afraid to test. Testing different setups is as important for leads as it is for traps. If there is a trap in your Alliance who is willing to be used for target practice change your skills or heroes up and see what works best based off the level you are at.

Finding Attack Stats

Attack stats are important and knowing where to find them is just as important. Just like with Traps and Fillers we are going to break down each area you will be able to find different attack stats in. We will start with research because this is such a big part of the game. As a Lead, you will want to max your research as much as possible to really get those great stats. In order to find research saving tips be sure you take a look at our Research Guide.


We will cover each research first and how it will help you with your Attack Stats.

Combat Research

As a lead, this is probably one of your most important Researches. It unlocks the troops you will need in order to be able to attack, T4 are obviously the optimal choice for Attack Players, however, there are other times where it may be appropriate to use lower tiers. What we are specifically going to look at in this research, however, is the Attack Stats offered.

Troop Attack- 36%

Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry Attack- 64%

Troop Attack II- 100%

Compared to some research these numbers are smaller but these are researches you need to complete anyways to unlock your troops.

Hero Research

This Research does not provide much in the way of stats but it all adds up so do not forget about it. In this research, there is one Research for Troop Attack that gives 65% Troop Attack.

Crafting Research

Crafting Research does not provide Attack Stats but it is still important when it comes to Attack Stats. The Crafting Research will provide Gear Multipliers that allow you to strengthen the gear you are using to Attack. This is research you want to be sure to really focus in on.

In addition, in this research, you are able to open the Fourth Gem Slot. This provides the opportunity to use the Prophecy Gem to be able to use two gems of the same type or use another Gem to further increase Attack stats.

Rewards Research

What is really nice about Rewards Research for leads is the fact that you are able to pick and choose what you are researching. So you can really hone in on the stats that you want to focus on with this research. When it comes to Attack there are stats in both rewards trees that will help.

Dragon War Dimension Rewards

Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Attack- 10%

Seeker’s Rewards

Troop Attack with Hero- 150%

Empire Assault Attack- 150%

Draconic Combat Research

This is our newest Research in the Dragon War Dimension and is full of great stats. When we are looking at this research it is broken up into three sections. The second section is really where you are going to be able to find your Attack Stats.

Troop Attack with Hero- 300%

Empire Strike Attack- 600%

Gear and Set Bonuses

There are several different places where you will be able to find Attack stats in Gear and Set Bonuses.

  • Dragon War Haunted Assassin Gear Set- This Gear Set provides Empire Assault Attack and is the go-to set for Leads. It also provides a Set Bonus of 330% Empire Assault Attack.
  • Dragon War Monster Slayer Set- This set provides a 100% Troop Attack Bonus
  • Beastmaster’s Gear Set- This Set provides a 32% Troop Attack Bonus
  • Assasin’s Gear Set- This Set Provides a Set Bonus of 220% Empire Assault Attack
  • Arbiter’s Gear Set- This was the first Attack set in the Dragon War Dimension and provides a set bonus of 75% Troop Attack.


Your Heroes have good boosts for Attack as well. When it comes to the Hero this is where most have a difficult time deciding whether to use the Hero that provides the most Attack or the Increased March Size. We will address that question later, however, for now, we want to cover Attack Provided by Heroes.

Hero 1

Infantry, Cavalry, Ranged Attack

Type Attack

Hero 2

Infantry, Cavalry, Ranged Attack

Empire Assault Attack

Rally Attack

Hero 3

Troop Attack Bonus

Boost Hall

The Boost Hall is an amazing place to get Attack Stats. It has everything from Type Attack to Attack with Hero. These are combat Boosts that you want to be sure to unlock. So do not forget to be working towards your Attack Boosts in the Boost Hall.


VIP is a huge place for Attack Stats. For Leads, you want your VIP as high as possible to get the max benefits. Currently VIP maxes at Level 50 and provides 1,250% Troop Attack. This is a huge boost and you definitely want to take full advantage of it.

Gems, Altar Boosts, Prisoner Boosts, Banners

These are places you will be able to find Attack stats of all different kinds. Be sure when choosing these items you recall the Attack Stats that are relevant to Lead Players. Also, remember to be aware of what is providing Rally Attack and what is just normal Attack. If you are soloing you do not want to use items that enhance your Rally Attack. For more information about all of these items check out The Little Things. 

March Size

Next, we are going to discuss March Size as a Lead and where you can find additional stats to Boost your March Size. However, we will be doing this in the next article in our How To Build Your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension Part 5 Leads Again.

In the meantime, let us know what questions you have about building your stats in the comments below and we will do our best to answer them!


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