How to Build Your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension Part 5 The Lead Again

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Welcome back to How to Build your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension. We have covered a lot of information in this series. However, knowing what stats you need and how to build them can be very important to your success. We want to continue this week by continuing to look at leads. However, if you have yet to read the previous articles make sure you catch up so you are in the know.

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A Quick Recap

As a quick recap last week we talked about Attack for leads and the various places that you are able to find this stat to support your build. Attack is important in helping you to kill your Victim’s (umm… Opponents) troops. There are different types of Attack that are appropriate only for Leads and different types of Attack that are useful to only Defenders.

Much of this was covered in the first article where we laid the foundation. However, for a quick reference, we will include our table of terms here as well.

wdt_IDTerminologyDefinitionWhat does it do?
1Troop AttackIncreases the Attack of your TroopsThis stat functions in a couple of different ways. As a Lead player, it allows you the ability to kill off more of your targets troops. As a defending player, it allows you to kill off more of your incoming attacker's march.
2Troop DefenseIncreases the Defense of your Troops.While Attack allows the opportunity to kill off more troops from the opposing player, defense, helps to decrease your losses.
3Troop Health / Troop HPIncreases the HP of all TroopsHealth is Wheaties for your troops. If you look at the icon in the game it shows an arm with a muscle. Health strengthens your troops so they can endure in the battle.
4Hero AttackIncrease's your Hero's Attack against a Monster.Note!! Hero attack is for monsters not against troops or other players.
5Infantry Attack
Cavalry Attack
Ranged Attack
Seige Attack
Increases the Attack of your Infantry Troops
Increases the Attack of your Cavalry Troops
Increases the Attack of your Ranged Troops
Increases the Attack of your Seige Troops
This is a type stat and dependent on the one you choose will only increase the attack of your Troops of that Type.
6Type ArmorIncreases the Armor of your Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Troops.Armor is a Defense stat. This stat works for Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged troops.
7Type AttackIncreases the Attack of your Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry TroopsAnother Type stat that increases the Attack for your three troop types, Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged.
8Empire Assault ArmorProvides an Armor Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This stat is only useful when attacking other Strongholds. While Armor is a defensive stat this specific type protects the troops of the attacker when they are hitting other players Strongholds.
9Empire Assault HPProvides an HP Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This stat is for attacking other Strongholds only! This provides Health for the attacker's troops.
10Empire Assault AttackProvides an Attack Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This is once again for Attacking other Strongholds only. This provides attack stats for Attackers.

March Fourth Leads

Happy March! How appropriate is it that we will cover March stats as the month of March begins. Are you prepared to March Fourth to Victory? There is a lot of debate about whether or not March Stats or Attack Stats should be prioritized first. However, we do know that in some cases, size matters.

Where can I find March Stats?

Knowing, where to obtain March Stats, is very important so that you can utilize them to the best of your abilities. Here we will cover the various places and ways you can increase your March Size to send a more powerful force at your opponent.

Build Up

One of the most common places to increase your March size is through your Buildings. By increasing the level of your Stronghold you are able to increase the size of your solo march. In order to increase the size of your Rally then you need to increase the level of your Hall of War. These two buildings are where you will receive the majority of your March Size Stats.


The next place to look for March Size Stats is within your Research. Research, as mentioned before, is a great place to get different boosts. There are not many spots within the research to increase your March Size but they do exist so make sure that you are taking advantage of them.

  • Combat Research- Rally Size increase
  • Draconic Combat Research- Solo March Size Bonus and Rally Capacity


While with Buildings and Research you do not lose your March Size where it becomes more controversial is with choosing your Hero. Only the stats of the Hero that is activated are active so do you compromise Attack Stats for March Stats by choosing Hero 2? Or do you sacrifice March Size Stats for Attack Stats by Choosing Hero 2?

  • Hero 1 has March Size and Rally Size Increases
  • Hero 3 has a Solo March Size Bonus and Rally Capacity Skill


VIP is another place you can receive March Size Increases. At VIP 50 which is the current max, you will receive a March Size increase of +5000. While it is small it is another one of those boosts that will stay on at all times as long as your VIP is activated.


The final place to increase your March Size that we will cover is Boosts. Boosts are great for tons of things however, they are a huge help to March Size too. These are not easy to come by but can typically be found in packs with other boosts and Prep packs for events. In the Dragon War Dimension, we have seen March Boosts for 10%, 25%, and 50%. If you have these boosts make sure you use them wisely.

Defense Debuff

Next up we will cover Defense Debuff. This Stat formerly known as Armor Piercing will help to weaken the Defense of your opponent. Defense Debuff can be found in a few different places now and we will cover those places here.


The amount of Defense Debuff you are able to get from research is limited but it is there. Currently, you are able to get Defense Debuff from Draconic Combat Research at a max of 250%.

However, while you are unable to get Defense Debuff from other spots in Research you are able to get it from Gear as well. This makes completing your Craft Research important in order to be able to amplify those stats and use them to the best of your abilities.


A new Gear has arrived! The Skeleton King Set has arrived and this gear was made specifically with attackers in mind. This gear set provides Empire Assault stats, however, it also provides Enemy Troop Defense Debuff. This gear will help to increase your Defense Debuff Stats and ensuring your craft research is completed will only amplify its abilities.


The final place we will cover that you are able to get Defense Debuff from is your Hero. Hero 2 has a Defense Debuff skill to further weaken your opponent. This is currently the only Hero that has the ability to help with this stat.

Filling in the Blanks

Attack, March Size, and Defense Debuff are three of the most important stats you will encounter as a Lead. However, that does not negate the importance of other stats. As a lead, you do want to increase your Stats as much as possible. Ultimately, it will make you a stronger lead and help you to have that extra edge. As you look for additional stats to strengthen yourself such as Health or Empire Assault Armor be sure to look in all of the places we have discussed for the previous three stats.

Prioritizing the Stats

When it comes down to it how should you prioritize these stats? Part of this will be dependent on your budget and where you are able to increase your stats. Part is dependent on where you have already increased your stats.

When you look at your budget be sure that you are spending for the most stats possible with the least amount of money. For example, when looking at VIP, look at how many packs you are willing to buy and how much your VIP will increase with those purchases. Then look at Research, Boost Hall, Banners and other places and see if you can buy the same number of packs and increase your stats more. If you can say, yes, to that question then prioritize your stats on where you will get the most bang for your buck.

Looking at this you should always increase your stats before you start looking at weakening your opponent’s stats. So prioritize March Size and Attack Stats first. However, where you prioritize March or Attack stats is fluid.

Increasing your March Stats may allow you to hit harder. However, increasing your Attack and Defense Debuff with Hero 2 may allow you to hit smaller targets that are reliant on defense harder. In every situation, you should focus on what is best in that instance.


  • Attack and March Size
  • Defense Debuff
  • Other Attacker Stats

While we are prioritizing the stats this way it is important that you are fluid in your decision making because at times the benefits of one of these may outweigh the benefits of the others.

Always Test!!!!!

Always, Always Test. We hear a lot about Traps testing their setups but it is just as important for Leads to test their setups as well. Test different scenarios and different set-ups so that when you encounter them in a battle situation you know how to address them. Just because your Hero 1 may hit harder in certain situations does not mean that Hero 2 will not hit harder in other situations.

The best way to test as a Lead Player is to find a trusty Trap player and ask them to run some tests with you. Traps are always willing to be hit (believe me I know) and you may end up running a few more tests then you planned on when they decide they want to test a few of their different setups as well. Believe me, it could easily turn into a whole if you give a mouse a cookie scenario.

How to Test Tutorial

  1. Determine what you want to test and find someone you trust to test with
  2. Give Clear instructions to your testing partner of what you need
  3. Run your first Test
  4. Have your Victim (test subject) reset so that the testing conditions remain the same between hits. (This is where those hospital traps are great as many of them will just have to quickly heal troops.)
  5. Change your stats for the next test you want to run
  6. Compare Reports
  7. Repeat as necessary

Do Not Be Afraid to Switch it up

One of the great things about Game of War is that it is constantly changing. You will constantly encounter new scenarios and be able to burn new things that you were not able to burn yesterday. Due to this changing environment, it is necessary to be able to switch things up if needed.

Make sure that you remain fluid and are willing to make changes (even mid-zero) if and when they are needed. The ability to switch things up and push the limits is what makes great Leads, great.  You may get capped a few times along the way but hopefully, you get capped by friendly traps (like me) who release when asked kindly and have some fun in the process.

Hopefully, this has helped to address questions you have surrounding how to build your stats as a Dragon War Dimension Player.

Do you have additional questions? If so let us know in the comments below and we will work with you to find the answers!

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