How to Build your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension Part 7: The Wonder Player Again

How to build your stats as a Wonder Player

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Last time in our How to build your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension we began to talk about Wonder players and how they can build their stats.

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This week we will continue with the second part of exploring How to build your stats as a Wonder Player. However, before we dive in let’s do a quick recap of where we have been to get to this point.

A Quick Recap

Last week we discussed Wonder and where to find Attack Stats that will help you as a Wonder Player. There are various places you are able to find these, however, you want to be sure that you are using the right stats as well. Certain types of Attack will not be useful for Wonder Players. We also mentioned March Stats, however, to get a better look at March Stats, make sure that you look back at our articles covering how to Build your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension for Leads.

If you have not gotten the chance to review the previous articles be sure you do, however, for simplicity we will once again include our quick reference for stat definitions here. Be sure that you make note of what scenarios each stat will be a help in.

wdt_IDTerminologyDefinitionWhat does it do?
1Troop AttackIncreases the Attack of your TroopsThis stat functions in a couple of different ways. As a Lead player, it allows you the ability to kill off more of your targets troops. As a defending player, it allows you to kill off more of your incoming attacker's march.
2Troop DefenseIncreases the Defense of your Troops.While Attack allows the opportunity to kill off more troops from the opposing player, defense, helps to decrease your losses.
3Troop Health / Troop HPIncreases the HP of all TroopsHealth is Wheaties for your troops. If you look at the icon in the game it shows an arm with a muscle. Health strengthens your troops so they can endure in the battle.
4Hero AttackIncrease's your Hero's Attack against a Monster.Note!! Hero attack is for monsters not against troops or other players.
5Infantry Attack
Cavalry Attack
Ranged Attack
Seige Attack
Increases the Attack of your Infantry Troops
Increases the Attack of your Cavalry Troops
Increases the Attack of your Ranged Troops
Increases the Attack of your Seige Troops
This is a type stat and dependent on the one you choose will only increase the attack of your Troops of that Type.
6Type ArmorIncreases the Armor of your Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry Troops.Armor is a Defense stat. This stat works for Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged troops.
7Type AttackIncreases the Attack of your Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry TroopsAnother Type stat that increases the Attack for your three troop types, Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged.
8Empire Assault ArmorProvides an Armor Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This stat is only useful when attacking other Strongholds. While Armor is a defensive stat this specific type protects the troops of the attacker when they are hitting other players Strongholds.
9Empire Assault HPProvides an HP Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This stat is for attacking other Strongholds only! This provides Health for the attacker's troops.
10Empire Assault AttackProvides an Attack Bonus for all Troop Types when attacking an enemy Empire.This is once again for Attacking other Strongholds only. This provides attack stats for Attackers.

Finding Health as a Wonder

This week we are going to take a look at finding Health as a Wonder Player. This is a very important stat when it comes to Wonder so you want as much as possible. We will find Health in various places just like with the previous stats. Some of these will be the same as we saw in previous articles however, note that Wonder also has stats that are specific to Wonder Play and not helpful in other places. We will start with Research once again as recently some of the newer research provides big Wonder Boosts.


When it comes to Research it can seem like there is a lot especially when you want to get as much done as possible. However, it is important to know what is available where so you are able to focus in on the more helpful research. However, let’s take a look at where specifically you can get Health Stats within Research for Wonder Players.

Combat Research

In Combat Research you will find Health Stats that include the following:

  • Troop Health 36%
  • Troop Health II 80%

Also, do not forget that you will find the ability to unlock regular troops here as well.

Hero Research

There is a little Health that can be found here:

Troop HP 65%

Crafting Research

Once again, this research does not have any Health stats in and of itself. However, it is very important that you complete this research as it will apply bonuses to the Gear that you have equipped. This can be enough to give you the extra edge that you need.

Rewards Research

Dragon Dimension Rewards Research will provide 15% Ranged, Infantry, and Cavalry Health. While Seeker’s Rewards Research provides 150% Troop HP with Hero. Do not forget that while some of these boosts may seem small they add up in the long run.

Draconic Combat

Draconic Combat Research is full of Stats for Wonder Players. This is definitely research you will want to focus in on.

  • 300% Troop Health with Hero
  • 600% Wonder HP
Strategic Combat

This is our newest Research and has not yet been covered in earlier articles in this series. This research gives you the ability to unlock Strategic Troops through T4, however, it also has stats to help you continue to boost your stats.

  • 450% Troop Health
  • 450% Wonder HP Bonus


Gear and Athena’s Armory

Gear is so important and the Armory unlocks many set bonuses that apply when you are not even wearing the gear. As a Wonder player while you will not wear each of these sets you will want to have many of them for the set bonuses that are provided.

Recap from last week on Gear to Wear when playing Wonder

  • 4H Cores- This is the go-to core for Wonder Players currently. For a recipe be sure to visit our Dragon War Dimension Cores Article.
  • Dragon War Samurai Gear Set- This Gear Set has stats specific for Troop Attack while Attacking the Wonder. However, does not offer any Health Stats.
  • Dragon War Haunted Samurai Gear Set- However, be sure to switch to this set when Occupying the Wonder for Troop Attack while Occupying the Wonder.

Keep an eye on the accessories for these gears as well. Some of the special accessories have stats that exceed the normal set and can be used in both instances. The accessories are also where you will find the Health Stats.

Gear to get Health Set Bonuses from for Wonder

The Following Gear provides different Health Set Bonuses that apply at all times.

  • Vindicator’s Set Gear- 300% Troop HP Bonus
  • Beastmaster Gear Set- 32% Troop Health Bonus
  • Dragon War Monster Slayer Set- 100% Troop Health Bonus


Your Hero is a great place to get many stats. However, we want to continue to focus on Hero 3 for Health Stats for Wonder.

Hero 3

Hero 3 is the best Hero choice when it comes to Wonder. Here are the stats in this Hero that will help you with Health in Wonder.

  • 250% Wonder Troop Health

While there may not be much for Health in this Hero, this Hero also has the Wonder Attack Skills.

Boost Hall

The Boost Hall has tons of great stats. Recently Wonder specific stats have been added to the Boost Hall. So you have the option to get a ton of different kinds of Health by unlocking the various boosts here.

Boosts in the Boost Hall

  • Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Health
  • Troop Health with Hero
  • Troop Health
  • Wonder Troop Health


VIP has obviously been covered in previous articles as well. VIP is a very important place when it comes to Health Stats. When VIP is maxed, it offers 1250 Troop Health. So be sure that you keep an eye on this feature when you are an aspiring Wonder Player.

Gems, Banners, and Boosts

Gems, Banners, and different Boosts from Altar, Prison, or Boost Items are great places to get additional Health. Make sure you check out our article covering all of these items to be sure that you are using the ones that will best boost your build.

A Quick Note on Other Stats

Obviously, we took the closest look at Attack and Health for Wonder players. However, there are other stats that will help Wonder players out there. Debuffs are continuing to come into play in larger and larger numbers that you will be able to access to continue boosting your stats. However, our recommendation is always to first strengthen your own stats before attempting to Debuff the stats of your opponent.

The other stats you will want to look at obtaining are Health and Attack Debuffs. Both of these stats are used in different scenarios and can be found in places such as Heroes, Research, Gear, and Banners.

Prioritizing the Stats

Prioritization is going to look a little different for Wonder Players then it will for other types of players. Depending on the scenario you will want to prioritize your stats differently. In every situation you want to prioritize March Size Stats, we covered where to find these stats in our earlier articles for Leads. So make sure you hop back there so you know where to find those stats.

After March Size, however, how should you prioritize your stats? Well let’s take a look:

When Attacking Wonder


Rally Attack


Health Debuff

When Holding Wonder 



Attack Debuff

When you are Holding Wonder versus Attacking Wonder you will shift your prioritization, that could mean switching gear or banners or gems. However, you need the ability to be flexible in each scenario.

Moving Forward

While this wraps up this part of the series in How to Build your Stats in the Dragon War Dimension, we are not done! We will have one more article to pull this whole series together and wrap it up.

While we have given different recommendations for different styles of players on how to prioritize and where to find the stats you are looking for, it is important that as players you are aware of how to adjust and how to be flexible as new releases come out.

In our next article, we will look at customizing your build and how to do that. However, in the meantime let us know if you have any questions in the comments below and we will do our best to get them answered.

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