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How To Choose The Right Gold Packs For You


Game of War Fire Age has become a game where it’s increasingly essential to buy packs in order to stay competitive. Therefore, choosing the right pack for your account is essential.

However, $100 isn’t chump change so you need to be sure you are choosing the right one. Also, choosing the right pack for your needs should be just one aspect of your buying strategy.  Now, a player must be aware of the purchasing inferno events, rewards chests, and Athena private email offers.  You must line all these offers up to maximize your returns.

Also be sure to take advantage of Amazon Coins.  You can save up to 25% when you use Amazon.  We have an easy to follow guide to help you step-by-step.

First Question: What Do I Need?

New Players

Speedups, speedups, speedups. You will need a wide variety of speedups. Everything from a one day speedup all the way up to 10,000 days. Lately, there’s been some fantastic speedup packs available.

Pro Tip: Race to Stronghold 21. Only do the minimum requirements necessary to get sh21. The added helps at sh21 will save a tremendous amount of speedups. Sh21 allows you a total of 25 alliance helps.  Also, Prestige VIP Level 21 provides autocomplete alliance helps +25. This is by far my favorite VIP reward to date.  It allows you to blow through research at a blistering pace and not regret wasting so much speeds because you didn’t wait for 25 helps.

If you are purchasing packs then resources won’t be a problem until you begin buildings level 24 or deep in the research trees.

Warning: Don’t “use all” the RSS at once. Instead, only click what you need at any given time. Reason being, if you forget to shield then your RSS’s will be at risk.  However, resources are so plentiful now and march troop loads so small that players don’t really bother attacking you for resources.  Mostly, they are just after troop kills and your hero.

Once you are past Stronghold 21 and begin some really large researches the storehouse will become virtually worthless.  The research requirements will vastly overnumber what your storehouse can protect. However, if you wish to upgrade your Stronghold past 21 to 22, 23, or 24 you will need the storehouse to upgrade.

Troop Trainers Need Sub 1000 Day Speed Ups

Troop training depends on how you have your city set up. Personally, I like being able to train as many troops as possible and get it done quick! I currently train 15 million troops at a time!  Athena is currently giving out hundreds of days of speed every hour.  It’s easy to obtain a thousand days of speed in one day if you catch most of the hourly gifts throughout the day.  You can then use these 100, 150, 200 days of speed gifts to train troops for free if you have enough training queue capacity.

Also, keep an eye on troop queue kingdom boosts that add 500% queue capacity.  You can ask alliance mates for a Troop Training Blessing.  If you do receive a blessing be sure to use the blessing time to efficiently because it requires a Blessing Orb for your alliance mate to bless you.  These blessing orbs are available only from packs.  Typically, your alliance mate will receive only 1 or 2 per $100 pack! Be sure to thank them!

Resources will rarely be an issue to train troops.  One $100 pack will contain 1 trillion of each resource which will allow you to train billions of troops!

Researchers Need 1,000 Day and 10,000 Day Speed Ups

You will want packs that offer as many 1,000 day and 10,000 day speedups as possible, and as much resources as possible. Thankfully MZ has started offering packs that are great for these kinds of speedups and include a decent amount of resources along with it for $19.99 USD or $49.99. The higher level research categories require much larger resources and speed up timers.

Crafters Need Chestschinesedragonchest

A lot majority of your offensive and defensive power comes from the hero gear that you have. If you only plan on spending a couple hundred dollars, then focus on crafting good permanent gear. If you plan on spending thousands, you need to be thinking cores.

You want the packs that offer the most amount of chests possible. Keep an eye out for legendary chests that contain only high level items. Also, don’t overlook packs with a high number of L1 items. Currently, MZ is offering packs containing 400 each of certain L1 items. Three of these packs and you are guaranteed a L6 item. This is often far cheaper than taking chances on chests.

Pro Tip: The newer the core gear (ie. emerald dragon and colossus) the less chance chests have of dropping the materials you need. Sometimes it’s not best to go for the newest gear right when it is released. Rather wait until packs come with two or three times as many chests as the first pack the came out for that certain gear set.

Big Spenders Need Specific Chests

These guys are after cores, cores, and more cores. You need to be looking for specific chests in packs. Primarily hallows, four horseman, and super hydra chest. All three are necessary for crafting the the four horseman set. Also watch for chests containing Ra, fisherman, and dragon set items. You will naturally be accumulating RSS and speedups from these packs as well, but you will mainly be focusing on core mats.

Don’t worry if you have an excess amount of speedups, the game is structure so that you always have more speed ups than you can possibly use if you are a spender. This is because it’s hard to find the necessary resources to use them.

Don’t Neglect VIP & Hero Experience Packs

Consider buying packs that serve multiple interests. Still needing VIP points or Hero Experience? Look for packs that contain them in addition to your primary need.

Pro Tip: One thing that can’t be overlooked, especially for serious rally leaders, is any pack with hemlock in it. If you already spend a lot you might as well buy up as many as you can. Having the hemlocks allows you to take extra risks.

Golden Rule: Always be happy with the packs you buyepic gold

Always be happy with your purchases. No matter when you decide to buy a pack, MZ will always come out with a better pack right after. This is just a natural progression. I’ve been playing since the game released and back then it took an estimated $20,000 to get T4 after reaching sh21. Now, you can get T4 with one pack and a few infernos…

Avoid Alliance City Packs and Monster Packs

Avoid packs with little to offer, especially the alliance city packs. Until MZ actually releases some benefits to the ALC it’s a complete waste. Most packs released that are monster specific should usually be avoided as well.

How do you choose the packs you buy?

Game Analysis article contributed by Badda OG

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  1. LadyDireW0lf says

    You need to update the blogs the strong hold is up to 300 now and hero 450 all the specialtie buildings are also 300 so when I come to see your info and tips they aren’t helping me much. Thank you and continue with all your wonderful blogs and tips and video
    I support you also.
    Sincerely ladydirew0lf

  2. Torque says

    I raced to SH21 and all packs are$159. I dont get the cheap packs & deals i get with my main account. And the events are too hard to achieve. I havent done much research. Focused on upgrading buildings & hero lvl 60.

    1. Torque says

      Why dont i get cheap packs?

  3. Monica Bandeau says

    I am look for a pack please elp which 4.99 pack shud I buy I eed heroic metals and econd building que

    1. Brent Ward
      Brent Ward says

      The 4.99 packs are usually only available in the Banner packs at the top of your screen while looking at tab like Resources or More. Keep an eye there for the items you desire.

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  6. MoMoneyMoPowerNoBrains says

    The only packs I buy now for Jumpers are the half off $50 packs , which give significantly more speeds , resources ,and gold (the most worthless of the 3 ) when buying 2 compared to buying 1 $100 pack ; I prefer the ones with ViP points and Hero experience for Hero 55 and Prestige 12 ,not willing to pay Gold for those ; the main weakness of these packs is the lack of Level 1 Mats ; If focused on Gear ,buy $100 packs with lots of Level 1 Mats, as all of the higher end chests are worthless for the rarest mats ( example : Legendary Anniversary chests will you give you dozens to hundreds of Levwl 6 Anniversary Flames you can’t use , and almost no Green and Turquoise flames

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      Yes exactly, they assume that players who buy these packs are not thinking about gear, rather they are thinking about growth and research. At least that’s my opinion. I think MZ tries to cater packs towards what players want to buy at different stages of their game.

  7. Oxumare says

    Racing to level 21 is terrible advice. While the more you spend the less important rural buildings become, at level 21 the events become much much harder. There is a sweet spot for finishing events between about sh16 and sh19…it’s worth using your speedups carefully to level up research and buildings while taking full advantage of finishing events. You can still advance solidly and steadily, but unless you are set to spend a LOT of money, going straight to sh21 is a bad idea.

    There’s massive deflation of speedup value right now which is great for players. You can get almost 2000 days for $100 where once you could get only a couple hundred days.

    1. Badda OG says

      I should have clarified. I was more talking about racing to sh21 as it related to buildings. Completely forgot to mention the infernos at each level. Yes, stay at the inferno levels each time to get the most out of them. Recently had one acct that was staying at the lower level infernos: 7mil point ones. The acct was able to accumulate almost 30mil T4 by only doing troop training. At some point doing March tree research triggered it to level up in the infernos.

    2. Margoxo says

      I suspect I remember you from valley of the dolls, true?

  8. samwise says

    “pro tip – race to 21” . Here’s another pro-tip – NEVER race to 21. The time saved from help buttons is minuscule compared to the payouts in infernos for lower levels vs power needed to complete them. Stay at sh14 until all research is maxed there. Do the same at sh18. Then, go to 21 (just some advice. use the low level infernos to your advantage for as long as you can).

  9. Cyrus says

    I’m working on a jumper, what do you think would be best pack wise to be T4 ready come some time in January?

    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      Whatever pack is released in January lol.

      Definitely wait until then to buy a pack unless you are trying to win a lot of events right now with your jumper. If so, just the low level 5,10,20,50 ones will be plenty to help you win a lot of events. Buy them as you need them though because they get much better over time.

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