How To Dominate Kill Events in the Dragon War Dimension Part 1

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Kill is coming! It is a cry that echoes through the Kingdom! Everyone in Game of War loves a good Kill Event. It is an opportunity to test your abilities against players that you would not otherwise encounter. However, are you prepared for the battle at hand? Will you conquer your enemies or crash and burn in flames?

Posted by Game of War – Fire Age on Friday, August 4, 2017

TeamRealTips is here to walk you through a Dragon War Dimension Kill Event and how to be sure that you are the one that conquers! We have some basic safety tips for you and ways you can be sure to find the best targets.

Three Steps to Dominating a Dragon War Dimension Kill Event

We have three steps to help you begin to dominate in Kill Events. From starting at home to points calculations prepare yourself for a quick Kill Event tutorial.

Step One: Winning Starts at Home

Typically before a Kill Event, we know it is coming. The blogs announce the upcoming event and as players, we begin to prepare to war the invading kingdoms. In order to be able to win the upcoming battle, you need to prepare your kingdom. There are several ways that you are able to do this.

  1. Educate Your Kingdom-Work with Traps and Leads in your kingdom to educate them on what is a good target and what is not.
  2. Build up your Resources– Ensure that you are saving ports and March Speeds and Loyalty so you have them the night of kill.
  3. Create a Kill Room for players to be able to communicate on a kingdom basis the night of the event so you can communicate good targets or the need for help. Communicating this information in Kingdom Chat can be detrimental as Outlanders are able to see this chat.
  4. Kill Each Other– Kill each other up until the very moment the event begins. Hitting each other help players to be able to learn what their limitations are. While many kingdoms enforce NAPs and other rules regarding attack these are also Kingdoms that do not know their own limitations when Kill Events roll around.
  5. Work Together- Here is what many kingdoms struggle with. A kingdom versus kingdom event is not won by one alliance. A kingdom that can kill each other and then turn around and work together is going to be a kingdom that is difficult to beat.
  6. DO NOT HOLD EACH OTHER’S HEROES- When it is not Kill hold away. However, do not take a player that can contribute out of the running during the event. No matter how much you dislike Billy Jo Bob over there if he can help the kingdom let him. Next time you cap his hero do whatever you want but for kill work together.

A Kingdom that Kills Together Stays Together

Step Two: Get to Scouting

Finding targets is key in Kill Events. While Wonder holding does accumulate a lot of points that is limited to the player that is actively holding. So the other players need to get out there and Kill, Kill, Kill. Typically shortly before the event begins points and the kingdom you are against is released. Use this time to begin looking around opposing kingdoms. Due to the cost and lack of teleports you want to be sure to look for hives with a few viable targets.

Active Target Looking

There a couple of ways you can look to see if a player is active. The most obvious is watching for activity such as gear changes, loyalty amount changes, and incoming and outgoing marches. It is difficult to do this by looking at power. Because of Quest Power, you can have a player who is effectively trapping at 9.5 million and other players who are zeroed at 100 million plus.


However, the screen above can give us a lot of information. First of all Loyalty, a player who is active is going to be accruing Loyalty, however, this is not always accurate as some players may use it as soon as they have it. However, this is not a bad place to look especially because if they are actively online and pushing help for their alliance or doing alliance help you will see their Loyalty amount increasing.

The next place you can look is VIP. A player with active VIP is very likely to be an active player. With no permanent VIP currently being available if VIP is on you know they have logged in recently. The final place to look at is the Player’s kills. A player with a low level of kills may not have troops or be active. However, players with a higher level of kills, especially the player in this example are more obviously active players.

Step Three: Familiarize yourself with the Points System

Knowing the scoring as a Lead and a Trap is essential. Just because something burns that does not always mean that you are scoring good points. Let’s take a look at the scoring system and what a good burn versus a bad burn looks like.

KvK Scoring System Based off of December 1, 2018, Battle Royale Kill Event
wdt_IDActionPoints Given
1Hold Opposing Wonder as Conqueror for one Second!1.000
2Kill 1 Outlander Tier 1 Troop(s)!5
3Kill 1 Outlander Tier 2 Troop(s)!10
4Kill 1 Outlander Tier 3 Troop(s)!20
5Kill 1 Outlander Tier 4 Troop(s)!35
6Kill a Draconic Legionnaire Mercenary Troop35
7Kill 1 Outlander Tier 1 Trap(s)!1
8Kill 1 Outlander Tier 2 Trap(s)!2
9Kill 1 Outlander Tier 3 Trap(s)!5
10Kill 1 Outlander Tier 4 Trap(s)!10

For every second a wonder is held you receive 1,000 points. Making holding Wonder very important. However, only the person holding gets those points so the rest of your team will need to find points elsewhere. Let’s get killing.

The Math

Here we are going to take a closer look at some reports and the points associated. Note that according to the scoring system no points are given for Dragon HP lost or Troops Hospitalized. So players with a good Dragon or high bed capacity may not give up as many points as other players.

Good for the trap, not so good for the lead

This first hit we are looking at is an example that gave great points to the trap that was involved and no points to the lead. This hit was taken by a 9.5 million power trap. The lead was a stronghold 40 who at the time was wearing cores.

Example Hit

The Trap in this case obviously burned. However, if the lead was paying attention they would note that continuing to hit this target is a bad idea. While the Trap Player burned they lost no troops. In this scenario, the Trap received 1,202,075 points by killing the lead players Tier 4 Troops and the Lead received 0 points for this hit.

Not So Obvious

While the hit above is a little more obvious there are instances where it is not as obvious unless you are paying attention. To that end, we have some more screenshots and math for you. The following player was rallied. A less observant player may continue to hit in this circumstance not realizing they are giving up more points then they are receiving.


At first glance, it appears this report is a good one. A Lead player who does not take the time to do the math or really look at the report might continue to hit this target. However, let’s take a more in-depth look.

Back of the report

The Lead, in this case, killed only Tier 2 Troops and Tier 3 Traps. Let’s do the math.

First, we are going to calculate the Leads Score.

Tier 2 Troops at 10 Points

187,956 x 10= 1,879,560 Points

Tier 3 Traps at 5 Points

538 x 5=2690

Add These totals together

1,879,560 + 2690= 1,882,250 Points Scored for the Attacking Team 

Next we will calculate the opposing Player’s score.

Tier 3 Troops at 20 Points

52,753 x 20= 1,055,060

Tier 4 Troops and Draconic Mercenaries at 35 Points

34,805 x 35= 1,218,175

Add the totals for the Tier 3 and Tier 4 together

1,055,060 + 1,218,175= 2,273,235 Points Scored for the Defender

What looked like a clear win for the Attacker actually gave more points to the Defender and in the end more points to the opposing kingdom. Now if you do not care about points and just want to kill this would be a good hit. However, in this circumstance, the Attacking Team is losing more points by continuing to attack this player.

Making the Math Simple

Now that I have probably overwhelmed all of you with the numbers let’s break this down some more. In a Kill Event, the last thing you want to do is sit with Game in one hand and a calculator in the other (even though I actually have done that before). So how do you look at a report and know whether or not you should continue to hit?

  1. Remember not to look at the total at the top. Dragon HP and hospitalized troops do not give points so you need to look at the back of the report for the breakdown of what tier you are killing.
  2. If you are killing troops on the same level it is a 1:1 ratio. For example, if you are killing T3 with T3 as long as more of their troops are dying then yours then you are good to go.
  3. In the case, you are hitting with T3 and killing T2 you essentially need to kill double of their troops.
  4. If you are hitting with T4 and Killing T3 you need to Kill close to double of what they are killing but not quite.
  5. If you are hitting with T4 and Killing T2 you need to kill 3.5x of their troops as they are killing of yours.

There are so many things that can help in making sure that you are ready and able to dominate any upcoming Kill events. Make sure you check out our other articles for quick tips to help you dominate in your next Kill Event.

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