How to Pick Gear That’s Right for You

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How many times have you logged in and seen the question, “What’s the best gear right now?” Anyone that has played Game of War for long enough will know that there is never a One-Size-Fits-All answer to that question. No two accounts are the same. Therefore, this article will be teaching everyone How to Pick Gear That’s Right for You. Only you know what your account’s strengths and weaknesses are, so whats best for you may not be best for someone else.


First, lets take a look at some of the different defense-related stats in the gear and learn what they mean

  • Defense is how well your troops can defend against an attack.
  • Health is how long your troops can last while defending.
  • Attack Debuff decreases Attack of the city that is hitting you.
  • Embassy Attack/Defense/Health are only active if you receive reinforcements.
  • Empire Defending Attack/Defense only applies when you are defending.

There will always be specialty trap set-ups, and each of them have their own ways to build stats. The most important thing to remember is that stats that affect your troops are going to be better than stats that affect the attacker’s troops. In other words, boosting defense will almost always be better than boosting attack debuff, since the attack debuff only changes the attacker’s strength. So, when picking gear for Defending, you want to make sure that you are choosing gear with the highest Defense and Health. Also, since no one is able to kill a full march in the Demigod Realm, Attack stats are important for killing more of the incoming march.

Examples of Defending Gear in the Demigod Realm:

  • Conqueror Guilded Gear Set
  • Champion Storm Gear Set
  • Bastion Gear (original Demigod release gear, and out of date)

Examples of Defending Gear in Dragon Realm:

  • Sentinel’s Gear Set
  • Hunter’s Gear Set (Monster Set with good defensive stats)
  • Arbiters Helm, Armor, and Feet


If you are picking Attack Gear, the obvious choice is to always choose the highest attack percentage available in the gear piece. Just like when you are defending, there are a few different ways to set your gear up.

  • Attack Bonus is the strength of your troops when you hit another city.
  • Assault Attack/Defense/Health (Dragon Realm) only applies while you are attacking.
  • Defense Debuff reduces the strength of the defending player’s troops.
  • Rally Attack/Health (Demigod Realm) is attack that is added when you are the Leader of a Rally.
  • Type Attack is attack that is added specifically to each individual type of troop: Calvary, Infantry, Range.

If you are a Rally Lead, then you would want to prioritize Attack and Rally Attack. Solo attacks would not benefit from Rally Attack at all, but Type Attack could be useful, especially when sending missiles. Then once you have maxed the amount of attacks, you could focus on Debuffs. Because the Dragon Realm does not have Debuff or Rally Stats yet, you would want to try to build your Assault stats or Type Attack when attacking other cities.

Examples of Demigod Attack Gear:

  • Conqueror Fire Gear Set
  • Champion Chaos Gear Set

Examples of Dragon Realm Attack Gear:

  • Arbiter’s Gear Set
  • Assassin Gear Set

Wonder Battles

Wonders can be pretty intricate. Sometimes Attack gear pieces can outperform Wonder gear pieces, and it also depends on what the player you are competing with is wearing. So, we will just go over some of the stats found in Wonder gear and what they are for. Also, since the Dragon Realm does not currently have a specialty Wonder gear set, then you would pick gear based on highest attack and health.

  • Wonder Holding Attack/Health only applies when you have taken the Wonder and are defending against incoming attacks.
  • Wonder Rally Attack will only apply if you are the player that is attacking the Wonder.

Since there are so many different setups, the best way to figure out what works best is to constantly test.

Examples of Gear with Wonder stats in Demigod Realm:

  • Conqueror Centurian Gear Set
  • Champion Risque Gown
  • Champion Jester Hood
  • Champion Riding Guards
  • Champion Corrupted Heart
  • Champion Bloodstone Guantlets

Rounding Out Gear Selections

Now that you know how to pick your gear, make sure you link to our Demigod Gear Article so you know the latest gear to choose from. We will have a Dragon War Dimension article coming soon!

Remember that this article is just a guide for stats that are found in Gear only, and how to chose them to suit your city. There are many, many, many more stats in the game and many more places to obtain them from, such as boosts. This post is just a starting point for choosing gear, and with everything we have gone over, only YOU can figure out which gear is best for YOUR setup. Always test your setup and gear, don’t be afraid to drop your shield, and always reach out and ask questions if you ever need help.

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