How to Train your Terra Dragon

A Comprehensive Overview of the New Terra Dragon

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Fire, Water, and Earth have completed the cycle of Dragons and we now have an Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry focused Dragon to grace our cities and fly out to defeat our enemies. However, I’m not gonna lie, I now want to rename my Reborn Dragon to Wind so I have Earth, Wind, and Fire in Game of War. If you do not understand that reference, google it. We now have a herd of dragons and we have covered each of these in different articles. Today we are going to focus on the Terra Dragon. For those of you who want more information on the original Dragon be sure to check out the following links: 


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The Details- Enter The Dragon’s Den

Once again our Dragon’s Den looks unchanged from the outside but big changes are happening on the inside. A Fourth Dragon has joined the ranks and it has its own purpose as well. This Dragon is our Terra Dragon and it is an interesting looking creature. We now have:

  1. The Original or Reborn Dragon
  2. The Inferno Dragon
  3. The Hydro Dragon
  4. The Terra Dragon

Each of these Dragons has stats that look a little different but you will find all of them in the Den where you are able to level and skill them. 


The Blog introduced our new Terra Dragon with the following quote: 

The Terra Dragon wields devastating Cavalry bonuses. Be an unstoppable boulder with an array of powerful abilities. Roll over all enemies before you! Don’t get caught sleeping on the bedrock! Take advantage of all of the unique skills that this new Dragon has to offer! 

The Terra Dragon Stats

Once again we are going to see a lot of similarities in this Dragon’s Stats to our previous Inferno and Hydro Dragons. This Dragon focuses on Cavalry Stats with some slight increases in the other stats that are offered. 

We will discuss this more in-depth as we go on in the article. However, for now, we are simply going to cover the different categories, the stats offered, and make sure you know what those stats are. 

Dragon Bond

The Dragon Bond Stats include stats that are specific to your Dragon. So we are going to see Dragon Regeneration, HP and flight. 

  • Dragon Bond: Terra Dragon Regenerative Tail (Max: 600%)- This helps your Dragon naturally heal more quickly
  • Dragon Bond: Terra Dragon Growth (Max: 300,000)- This skill increases your Terra Dragon HP 
  • Dragon Bond: Terra Dragon Flight (Max: 300%)- This skill increases your Terra Dragon’s March Speed. 

Dragon Spirit

These are going to be your type stats. Which means they are going to increase your infantry, ranged, and cavalry stats. These are great stats for different types of players. 

  • Dragon Spirit: Type Attack (Max: 15,000%)
  • Dragon Spirit: Type Defense (Max: 20,000%) 
  • Dragon Spirit Type Health (Max: 14,000%) 

Dragon Destruction 

Here is where we really start to delve into specific skills. Here we see stats that are for attackers attacking Strongholds only. Dragon Destruction is going to be an attacker only skill and we will see our Empire Assault Stats here. 

  • Dragon Destruction: Empire Assault Attack (Max: 28,000%) 
  • Dragon Destruction: Empire Assault Defense (Max: 32,000%)
  • Dragon Destruction: Empire Assault Health (Max: 20,000%)

Dragon Courage

With Dragon Courage stats we are going to delve into some general combat stats that will help to strengthen your troop stats in various situations. These are stats that are going to be beneficial in multiple situations. 

  • Dragon Courage: Troop Attack (Max: 25,000%) 
  • Dragon Courage: Troop Defense (Max: 34,000%)
  • Dragon Courage: Troop Health (Max: 12,000%) 

Dragon Carnage

The Dragon Carnage stats are where we will start looking at Wonder Specific Stats. These stats are only applicable in various Wonder Battle Situations. 

  • Dragon Carnage: Wonder Rally Troop Attack (Max: 25,000%) 
  • Dragon Carnage: Wonder Defender Troop Attack (Max: 25,000%) 
  • Dragon Carnage: Wonder Troop Health (Max: 25,000%) 

Dragon Purge

Next up, we have Dragon Purge stats. These stats focus in on our Cavalry Stats to complete the battle 

  • Dragon Purge: Cavalry Attack vs Battle Marked Target (Max: 20,000%) 
  • Dragon Purge: Cavalry Attack (Max: 20,000%)
  • Dragon Purge: Colossal Terra Dragon Growth (Max: 500,000%)- Once again this is an HP skill

Dragon Ego

Finally, we have Dragon Ego Stats. These are very similar to the Dragon Purge stats in that they strengthen only your Cavalry troops. 

  • Dragon Ego: Cavalry Attack (Max: 18,000%)
  • Dragon Ego: Cavalry Defense (Max: 23,000%)
  • Dragon Ego: Cavalry Health (Max: 10,000%)

The Comparison

While the stats on the Terra Dragon are very similar to the stats we previously saw in our Hydro and Inferno Dragons we do see some slight differences including the fact that the Terra Dragon is a Cavalry focused Dragon. 

For the majority of the stats offered by the Terra Dragon, they are exactly the same. However, if we take a closer look at the Dragon Courage, Dragon Destruction, and Dragon Spirit Stats we see that these numbers are not the same. This tells us a couple of key ways in which this dragon differs from the Inferno and Hydro:

  1. The Terra Dragon does, in fact, have a Cavalry focus instead of an Infantry or Ranged Focus
  2. The Terra Dragon has slightly higher Type Stats (with Attack and Defense only) than the Inferno or Hydro Dragon
  3. The Terra Dragon has slightly higher Overall Troop stats (Dragon Courage) than the Inferno or Hydro Dragon 
  4. The Terra Dragon has slightly higher Empire Assault Stats (Dragon Destruction) than the Inferno or Hydro Dragon. 

The Costs

Costs are also going to be very similar to your Inferno and Hydro Dragon. Recall that all of our costs are community gathered and please help us fill in the blanks as you can! 

Terra Dragon Costs

Terra Dragon for Defenders

For our defenders, good news! This Dragon is able to defend alongside your other three dragons and even at only level one, it is going to help your results. We did some testing to confirm this and our defender did better with all four dragons defending rather than just two even though the Terra was only level one. Skills to focus in on for our defenders include: 

  • Dragon Spirit
  • Dragon Ego
  • Dragon Purge (Specifically, the Ranged Attack)

Terra Dragon for Attackers 

For our Attackers, you are still only able to send one Dragon in a march. The Terra Dragon does have slightly higher Empire Assault Stats, Type Stats, and Overall Troop Stats. We also see a Cavalry focus with this Dragon. As you level this Dragon pay attention to when the stats surpass your earlier Dragons. Skills to focus in on for our attackers include:

  • Dragon Destruction
  • Dragon Spirit
  • Dragon Courage
  • Dragon Ego
  • Dragon Purge

Terra Dragon for Wonder Players

Last but not least we have our Wonder Players. For this player base, you are not going to see an increase in the Dragon Carnage stats but once again you will see the increase in Dragon Spirit and Dragon Courage stats. For these players the stats you are going to focus in on include:

  • Dragon Carnage
  • Dragon Spirit
  • Dragon Courage
  • Dragon Ego
  • Dragon Purge

What’s Next? 

Looking for more great content to read? We have 100s of helpful guides to help you on your way as you build up and prepare to engage in War. Now that you have had the chance to read up on our Terra Dragon be sure to take the chance to brush up on your Inferno and Hydro Dragon and the stats offered by those two. 

Inferno Dragon

The Inferno Dragon was our first specialized Dragon released and has an Infantry focus. 

How to Train your Inferno Dragon

Hydro Dragon

After the Inferno Dragon, we saw the Hydro Dragon join the family with a Ranged Focus. 

How to Train your Hydro Dragon

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned for more great information from our Realtip Team as the Dragon Dimension continues to evolve. 

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