Hydro Dragon Overview

The Newest Dragon for Game of War, the Hydro Dragon, is now available. SavageArab goes over what this new addition means for the game.

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Hydro Dragon Overview

Lifetime Combat Boosts

With President’s Day, came new Lifetime Combat Boosts. They can be obtained through Freedom Packs which are out for a limited time, but if you do acquire these Boosts, they’ll be on your account forever.

Lifetime Boosts

Hydro Dragon

The new Hydro Dragon has been revealed and it brings a lot of the same stats as our friend, the Inferno Dragon. Additionally, both the Hydro and the Inferno Dragons have additional Skill Points to purchase in the Gold Store to help you max their levels.

As mentioned before, the skills that Hydro Dragon offer is nearly identical to those of the Inferno Dragon. The main difference between the two? The Hydro Dragon bonuses are geared towards Ranged Troop Type, whereas the Inferno Dragon caters to Infantry.

As Savage points out, this means a majority of players will naturally switch to this Dragon to gain an advantage against any players that may be using Infantry. And, Savage predicts, we’ll be seeing a Calvary Troop Type Dragon soon (I’m guessing a Lightning-Themed, or Grass if we’re going Pokemon type advantage route).

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