“Hyper Farming” Questions

"Hyper Farming" Questions

"Hyper Farming" or "pods" are both terms used to refer to a farming technique where each Member in your Alliance specializes in a Resource. Out of their 25 Resource tiles, they built 22-1-1-1. That means, 22 tiles of one Resource and one tile of the other three.

Key Tips For Hyper Farming

  1. You need a Stronghold that is always Shielded to act as a "bank". All Alliance members will ship excess Resources to the bank if no players need Resources at the time.
  2. You need TRUSTED members to manage that bank multiple times a day and fulfill mail orders of Resource requests. Those trusted Members also need to let the Alliance know when a Resource is running low in the bank, then Members with that Resources specialty can restock the bank.
  3. Each Member needs three other Members with different Resource specialties, to share Resources with. They will agree upon a certain amount each day to ship to each other. Any leftovers will go to the bank.
  4. Important: To make this work, there needs to be a constant push from the Alliance Leader onto the Members to focus on upgrading their Resource tiles. If members continue to neglect upgrading their Resource tiles, the Alliance will run out of Resources really quickly.

Additional Note: Often when Alliances start growing very fast they run out of Silver. If this happens, the leader should chose one or two Members that everyone gives Silver too. This focused Silver approach helps ensure Alliances get at least a few members to T3s or T4s. Once those few get T4s, they can give back a TON of Resources and Silver to make up for what the Alliance gave them.

What are your initial thoughts on Hyper Farming?



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  1. I’m trying to make a farm account but I can’t get the farm to my kingdom. My farm is SH5, I still have my beginners teleport, and every time I try to teleport to my kingdom, it’s gives me a message saying I can’t teleport here. My kingdom is not in a kvk or KE event either. If you can help me out that would be great.

  2. the only problem now is that there is no more gift mode in any package to buy. that means we cannot “help” to send shield even if we want have a bank

  3. I didn’t read all the replies, so some of what I say may have already been addressed. You should only have one bank in your main alliance that everyone should contribute to. The bank stores resources for several reasons. The way our alliance works, is we have everyone in pods, ranging from one person specializing in each resource to 3-4 people for each resource. All the rank fours in the alliance, or most of them anyways, have a login for the bank. Everyone in the alliance is encouraged to gift at least one one-day shield per month. If your alliance is full, that’s 70-80 shields per month that are given and will sustain the bank fine. Ports can also be gifted so the bank can be moved around. Everyone doesn’t need to send every bit of extra to the bank. A chat room should be set up specifically for resources, one per pod or one for everyone. That way people can request amounts of different rss that they need at that time in order to make sure people aren’t sitting with their rss at full capacity, then any extra that isn’t needed by someone immediately gets sent to the bank. Resources in the bank are there for people who might need a lot of rss all at once to rush tons of troops or big builds. It’s also there to hold rss as a recovery fund so if someone is zeroed they have rss to heal up and rebuild with. Banks are also good if you have a bunch of people going hive burning in another kingdom, the bank can be teleported with them so that any rss that’s plundered can be sent there immediately for safe keeping while fighting in case someone gets hit. Especially when going for T4 and the silver needed is 30 million or more for researches, most cities won’t max out at more than 3-4mil silver, so storing it somewhere else as you get it, then pulling out what you need helps.

    One R4 should be in charge of managing the bank, logging in each day to do quests, accept gifts, renew shield, and categorize rss. Members can mail the bank if they sent a specific amount that they are going to need back.

    Sorry if this is a bit un-organized and sporadic. I’m pretty drunk and this just caught my eye.

  4. Brian

    First thing I will answer is the shield. If most people in the alliance have gift mode which is cheap to get then they can gift shields to the bank. 3 day shields are the best because most people don’t have gold to get 30 day shields. If everyone gifts a 3 day shield that is 300 days for the bank go be shielded. Doesn’t really cost the alliance to provide that for the bank.

    Second is Silver. Navi is right as alliance starts to get bigger player, moving towards T4s it takes a lot of silver to research. To help with this silver should never be allowed to max out and should be sent to the bank. This allows you to produce silver all the time. Alone time to save silver is if you need it for a research but the best thing for that is to mail your bank and request the amount of silver you need for the research. Keep in mind depending on how your castle is set up you are not only one rss hyper but also a silver hyper.

    Last you may be able to start out with a few hypers like you said but it is best to have everyone be a hyper. With only a few people have real lives and cannot always be on to provide rss. If everyone is a hyper you are more likely to catch at least one of each rss on at any give time.

    Also you may find that farms are always a need even if you may think they’re not. As you get bigger you will need them. Like I said before people have lives and can’t be on all the time.

    Sorry for the long post I hope this helps.


  5. I would suggest you purchase gifting mode for each farm, then raise to sh 15 , upgrade bank to level 2 and invest in the bank. use the gold from the interest to gift peace shield or any other resource.

    the con is your hero can be captured and executed.

  6. Brian – You can do a 4-person or 8-person setup without a Bank. I did a 3-person setup (we each also had some smaller farms) very effectively and grew fast, and helped a few others grow fast with our excess rss. A Bank becomes important when the full alliance is working together, and also gives you a place to send extra rss during kill events (when you don’t want to be holding on to much of anything).

    As for Silver, I’m going for t4 right now and even if my full alliance sent me all their silver I wouldn’t have enough — the research requirements are crazy! Banking silver is done during kill events but otherwise, I can use silver faster then silver is produced, so rarely is there a need to bank that silver.

    Our alliance asks members to gift a 1-day peace shield to the bank. I’m guessing only about half of the alliance has gift-mode and does but so far we have been able to keep that bank shielded.

    NOTE: The 8-hr. peace shield in the Alliance store is expensive (and a bad use of alliance points); the gold cost is 500, the alliance cost is 200,000 making that item 400x more expense in the alliance store. Look to use your alliance loyalty on items that are 125x more expense in the alliance store (or less), such as the Attack Boost, Gatherer Boost, March Size Increase, Alliance Chance and Daily Chance.


  7. Great post. I am wanting to try this and have a few questions:

    – We are not going to do a whole alliance so is there a minimum number you need to be successful? I am thinking you would need 8 players so that you have a backup for each rss type, instead of relying on one person.
    – Having a constantly shielded player would be very costly. Would you recommend having each player gift shields to that player each month. At 45,000 gold for each 30 day peace shield I’m trying to make the math work. Might also want to use the 8 hour ones from the alliance store to compensate.
    – For silver, why isn’t that going to the bank where it is protected and can be redistributed?

    Would love to hear more pros and cons to this kind of setup. It appeals to my style of play instead of having 5 accounts (1 main and 4 farms) that I’m constantly keeping up with.

    • Macraider, thanks for your time in typing this up. I like to hear about players that have done this in a smaller group.

      Peter, are you talking about using farm accounts? My goal here is that we use our main accounts to specialize in one rss and then augment using farms, like Mac describes above.

      Firedawg, thanks for the lengthy reply. Keep in mind that we are likely to be a small group so if we end up with a bank it will not be a whole alliance gifting shields to that bank but a small fraction. And we also don’t live in a large hive so distributing to a lot of players in need might not be an option for us. But we can work that out. I’m not in charge of our alliance and we are going to stay a mixed lot, with some doing hyper farming and some having multiple farm accounts.

      Casey, I’d say this is a coherent post for writing it while drunk. I like the tip you give about transporting the bank to the hive burnings so as to protect the rss immediately.

      Thanks for all the great information and discussion!

      • Brian – We started with three of us, and setup a chat room for just us to communicate needs. We were always asking the questions “What are you building today?” and “What do you need?” so the we had a handle on requirements. We also were all mid-level players at the time, so our production was low. We compensated by rotating builds; one person would focus on an upgrade, then once that was being built all rss would go to the next person for their upgrade. (In a post-Casino era, where some people are still flush with speed-ups, the approach needs to be tweaked a little to handle the demand.) Generally, we were all very active (logging in a few times a day), and in the same time zone (though the chat room helped when we were not on at the same time). But what really made this work was that we identified one person smaller in our alliance to help build up with extra rss when we didn’t have a need amongst up. That person grew to become an R4, and bigger than everyone in our group except me. Sharing with your alliance what you don’t need helps the alliance grow, and makes friends for when you need some quick help.

    • You can keep a Bank shielded 24/7 by getting a 3day shield and shield it every 3 day, cost you only 25,000 gold instead of 45,000 gold.