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I Wish I had Known…


We have all been there. We have had our I wish I had known this before, moments.

I wish I had known … 

 Vampires suck before I had used all my silver training them.

I lose defense at level 50 when leveling Athena’s gear before I went to level 50.

I wish I hadn’t turned my gold purchase verification off and used all my gold training t5.

All of us have had these moments (even Eagle don’t let him tell you different).

Here is what we want to know, What was that moment for you? Bring your humor, your tears, and your tear my hair out moments! We will compile all of this into an article for everyone’s enjoyment! Will you make it in?

How it works

  1. Submit a comment of your, “I wish I would have known” moment. Please avoid derogatory comments and rudeness, those will not be included.
  2. Include your Game/Line Name
  3. Entries will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card to the Winners choice of iTunes or Google Play
  4. Submissions are due by Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 5pm PST
  1. Ty Bucher says

    I wish I had known that a lot of people who play this game which I really enjoy would be complaining about the game all the time


  2. Crystal says

    I wish I knew everything I know now about the game because I wouldn’t have been like Alice in Wonderland and fell down the rabbit hole.. stay out of the dang rabbit hole.

    Line name: bristal22
    Game name BriStal1

  3. Deanna Hoogerhyde says

    I wish I would’ve known how addicted to this game I would get before I started playing. MuthaLove

  4. Jesse Donnellan says

    I wish I had known before buying a 99.99 dollar pack one 5 minutes later popped with the same things in the 99.99 pack but for 20 dollars

  5. Iceman says

    I wish I had known I could win money to play game if war with!

  6. Crystal Chandler says

    I wish I would’ve known how addicting the Game Of War was before I spent my first dollar…… Ladeedreem

  7. Goat says

    – I wish I would have know T4’s weren’t used as meat anymore before I lost 180KTTTT in one hit 🙁

  8. Samantha says

    xJadex line name

    I wish I would have known how expensive this game was before I got addicted to it Lol

    No? Ok ok

    I wish I would have known…..hmmm nope that’s it Lol

  9. HELLRAISR56 says

    I wish I had known that back when My main account had 35 M power that throwing on a shield doesn’t guarantee that your troops are free from being destroyed. Thought it was a glitch but it wasn’t. If the opposing march is cl9se enough to your front gate and they sneak in just as you push the button on an 8 hr shield, all their is to do is watch the devastation happen.

    Plus I had a ton of fun back then in kingdom Lydia during a burning event. it was awesome taking on all those high level 2 B power players and leaving them burning and scratching their heads. I started out the night with 50 M power. i took a gang of them to knock my power down to 35 M.

    Cinder and his Team are awesome. keep it up. very informative. Thank You.

  10. Harl3yQuinn says

    I wish I had know how useless the cities would be. MZ camped them up and made them sound unbelievable, but in reality they were just a RSS vortex and a huge waste of time. When cities were first released every alliance leader pushed to get them completed and leveled. I will admit I did this as well, sending rss, using speeds, tapping. Uttons to refine things as quickly as possible to out so our competitors….only to find out they were and still are completely and utterly useless.

    1. Harl3yQuinn says

      Oh.. my game and line name are Harl3yQuinn..

      Sorry for the misspellings..

  11. KHII says

    I Wish I had Known, When the nerf came way back when,I wish I had Known How not to burn when the ratios were not known. For All we Know they Did Not exist.

    LINE NAME Khiibots

  12. Piko73 says

    I wish I never spend any money on this game !! You want so much and give us nothing !!! And you going so fast !! Why ??
    You put so many daily updates and you are cheating us all this time !! Give us back our game like before !! You put updates in one day more then before in all month !! And your game is full of glitches !! And you never help us any of us !! And this now also !! Hahaha you will give us 25$ gift card !! Hahahaha you will not give that to anyone even in dream !!

    1. Cinder says

      We are not MZ. I am sorry you are unhappy with the game but that is not us. We only write the tips and strategy

  13. Mark Baines says

    Game Name: Pink Floydius
    Line Name: Bainesly

    I wish I had known that Guardians were going to become second class Holy Citizens of Little To No Hope before I trained 250 MTT of them, and had to dismiss them all….

    And maybe, I wish I had known enough not to give BOTH my game name AND my Line name…but hey… it’s just a game. Or IS it???

    1. Piko73 says

      And Holy are not second class they are 4th class my friend !!!! And soon they going to be 5 or 6 who can count any more !!

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