Elf on the Shelf’s Adventure in Game of War and other Christmas Fun

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Christmas quickly approaches and the festivities have begun. Elf on the Shelf is a fun Holiday tradition for many families with children. This year, our elf Buddy decided to pay a visit to Teamrealtips. While visiting he had his own adventure in Game of War. Buddy asked us to share his adventure with all of you. He had quite the tale to weave. In addition, join us after Buddy tells his story for some classic Christmas carols, Game of War style.

Buddy Visits Game of War and Meets a Dragon

Buddy Rides a DragonBuddy looked about and saw so many things to explore. After the screen had loaded he was taken to a world that seemed as if it would be fun to explore. He found a dragon egg just waiting to be hatched and had dreams of flying about on his very own dragon. He saw people farming and people attacking.

Buddy was not sure how he felt about the people attacking, it did not seem that Santa would like that very much but then he noticed that some of the people liked being attacked so he thought it must be okay. Buddy sat and pondered the dragon. After a moment he decided he would come back to this but that he wanted to explore the rest of this world first.

Buddy Visits Kingdom Chat

Buddy Visits KCBuddy was drawn to laughter and chatter and he soon heard much of it coming from a room people referred to as Kingdom Chat. He decided that this was a place he should visit. Buddy saw people laughing and saying silly things. He thought this must be a nice place to spend time.

Buddy continued to watch the chatter and the people that were in this room. However, soon his cheeks began to flush red. It seemed not all the people in this room were nice, in fact, some of them were quite naughty. Buddy was not sure what he would report to Santa about this. Naughty or nice, he was not sure but in this room it seemed there were all types.

Buddy Meets Jingles the Hero

Jingles the HeroBuddy decided that he no longer wished to spend time in this place they called Kingdom Chat. He knew that his friend, Cinder, from Teamrealtips, was somewhere and decided that he should pay her a visit. Buddy wandered the kingdom looking for Cinder everywhere to no avail.

However, soon Buddy remembered that Cinder had told him she sometimes changed her name. He began his search anew and on his hunt for Cinder he encountered a Hero named Jingles out hunting the monsters that roamed about.

This name seemed familiar to Buddy and so he followed Jingles. As they walked Buddy remembered that Cinder had shown him pictures and she had a hero named Jingles. Could this be her hero, Jingles, he wondered? Jingles soon headed home and Buddy saw that this did indeed look like where Cinder would be.

Buddy decided to pay Jingles a visit. He watched Jingles and saw that there were different outfits that Jingles changed into when she was doing different things. He also saw that Jingles had two friends who would sometimes give her a break. Buddy saw that each of these friends had their own special skills and did something different.

Buddy Visits the Forge

Buddy Visits the ForgeBuddy was curious about the equipment that these heroes wore. He decided that it was time for him to visit the Forge. You see Buddy was a very curious elf indeed and he wanted to know about every little thing. So away to the Forge he went for some lessons on crafting and gear.

Buddy soon found himself covered in soot as he explored all of the materials and items that were contained within the forge. He learned how to combine things and learned what cores were for. Buddy learned that there were a lot of different things the Heroes could wear and that each thing had its own special use. He saw that different colors were better and that sometimes if you had a whole outfit it gave you extra special abilities. It all seemed quite magical to Buddy. He wished that he could have his own set of special gear.

Buddy Visits the Wonder

Buddy Visits the WonderWhile at the Forge, Buddy saw gear sets with special abilities for something called Wonder. Buddy wondered what in the world was a Wonder. So he decided to find out and began to wander about looking all over for something called Wonder. Eventually, Buddy stumbled upon a forest. Since he could not find the Wonder anywhere else he decided to check out the forest. Buddy slowly tread his way through the trees. It was a lot slower exploring here then it was in the rest of the kingdom.

After a little Buddy began to see a clearing ahead. He came to the edge of the forest and in the middle sat what he decided must be the Wonder. Buddy watched and saw that there were lots of people here and that occasionally someone would gather soldiers together in a rally and attack the Wonder. He watched as the Wonder changed hands and different people became king.

The kings all wore the Special Wonder Gear and carried special banners. Buddy was fascinated watching the back and forth.

Buddy Decides He Would like to Be King

Buddy As KingAs Buddy watched the back and forth between the different players he decided that he would like to be king as well. Buddy decided to begin to gather a list of the things he would need to be king. Well, the first thing was he would need some friends in an alliance so he could rally but he was sure that he could convince an alliance to take in a small scout elf with dreams of making it big.

As Buddy planned his rise to royalty he got distracted and began to dream of himself wearing a crown with his new friends at his side. He would give them all their very own titles too! Buddy wished there were enough titles to give all the nice people in this Kingdom. However, he was not sure about the negative titles, Buddy thought it would be very naughty indeed to give those out so he decided he only would if people really wanted them. Buddy imagined all the fun he would have as king and decided that was a goal he would need to work on. However, for now, it was time to report to Santa.

Buddy Writes to Santa

Buddy Writes to SantaBuddy had a long day and needed to report to Santa. He wanted to spend more time here though and so he decided that he would write Santa a letter just for today.

Dear Santa,

Today I have visited a place called Game of War. At first, I was not quite sure about the things that go on here. They fight and attack each other and seem to enjoy setting things on fire. It all seemed quite naughty. However, as I explored this Kingdom more I saw that some of the people here actually like being attacked and set on fire. 

I am not sure that I really understand it but it made it seem less naughty since it made others happy. I visited a place called Kingdom Chat and some people there were very nice but others, well Santa, I’m sad to report they were quite naughty. 

I rode dragons and learned that here you can take turns being king. It has been quite the adventure Santa and I cannot wait to tell you more. However, for now, I must explore more, I plan to become king too! 


Buddy the Scout Elf

Christmas Carols Game of War Style

We hope you had fun reading all about Buddy the Elf’s adventures in Game of War. We also have some additional fun for all of you! We have taken some classic Christmas carols and rewritten them in the style of Game of War!

Rally and Burn

(To the Tune of Jingle Bells)

Dashing Through the Kingdom
On One fast Medusa
Over the Pixels we go
Laughing all the way
Fires Rage Tonight
Making Spirits Bright
What fun it is to Rally and Burn our Kingdom to the Ground

Oh.. Rally and Burn, Rally and Burn
Rally and Burn all the way
Oh what fun it is to burn our Kingdom to the Ground

Let it Burn

(To the Tune of Let it Snow)

Well the Rally Outside is Frightful
But the Fire is so Delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn

When we finally log out for the night
How we hate putting down our phones
But if you really burn it right
All night long I’ll be warm

The Holidays fast approach and we hope you enjoyed the festivities! We had some fun and were a little Silly with Buddy’s Story and our very own Christmas Carols. If you were to write your own Game of War Christmas Carol what would it be? Comment Below and Let us Know!

Happy Holidays to the Game of War Community from TeamRealTips!!!

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