Imperial Banners: Purple 4th of July!

game of war imperial banners

The Imperial Banners building allows you to equip special banners that give unique bonuses to your troops. The latest banners are incredible for rally leaders and contain an often overlooked, but very good, benefit to trap players.

Imperial Banners

Banners in Game of War have improved since this building released. What started as providing a bit of extra boost while holding heroes has now turned into a must have for any trap, rally leader or wonder fighter.

The latest banners provide an upgrade of stats over previous "blue" or Ultimate Banners. New banners also provide traps significant defense.  However, any knowledgeable rally leader will be looking for these new purple banners.  So, keep that in mind when setting up your trap.

Which Banners Should I Use?

With so many options now its important to think about which banners provides the best benefit.  The method I use to select the best banners is simple.  Answer a few questions and you will confidently equip the banners you need.

  1. For what purpose do I need a banner?
    1. Rally Attack
    2. Defense
    3. Heroless
    4. Wonder
    5. Tile fight
    6. Economy
  2. What stat is best for my need?
    1. Attack
    2. Defense
    3. Debuffs
  3. What are the stats of my adversary?
    1. Traps/Defense should ask "How much debuff do rally leaders have right now?"
    2. Rally Leaders should ask "how much defense does the trap I'm hitting have?"

Best Defense Banner Discussion

If you're a trap player then its important to know what rally leader's will be throwing at you. Specifically how much debuff do they possess?  Once, you know this then you can prepare your stronghold.  You must remain above the debuff threshold or suffer great losses. If your defense suffers 100% debuff then your troops must absorb the full impact of the rally leader's attack.  Also, its not so important to keep all your various defenses above full debuff.  You can simply focus on one defense if you'd like. However, the more defense types you have the better obviously!

What are the defense types?

  • Troop Defense
  • Type Defense (Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, Siege)
  • Empire Defense
  • Embassy Defense
  • Legion Defense
  • Onslaught? Most likely will we see the defense equivalent of Onslaught Attack soon.

What are the highest debuffs in game at the moment?

This answer will change fairly often, but I provide my current debuffs in our Best Defense Gear for Rally Trap article.  I explain the importance of knowing "maxed" debuffs.  A maxed rally leader is not exactly possible in Game of War.  Content is available if a player wants to chase it, but it will be costly.  In other words, two "max" leaders exist now.  One is a normal "max" rally leader.  This is someone who has the "normal" release content items.  The "super max" players are a handful of super spenders that you won't see much of unless you are in one of the top kingdoms in which these powerful players typically roam.  For purposes of our strategy talks, I'll mostly refer to "normal max" rally leaders.

If you have further questions, please ask in the comments. Each player's empire varies wildly in stats.

Rally Leaders versus Empire

To select the best banners to use against empires, use a simple rule, debuffs are priority until defense is zeroed, then add attack.  Which defense needs more debuff? The exception will be poorly setup traps which is very common depending on your kingdom!

Need help with Hero Skills? Visit our Hero Skill Selection Guide.

Banners Game of War GoW

Which Hero Skills are best for your Hero level?

Barricade, Empire Legion, Brutality, and Ruthless. The following chart displays the stats of each banner.

Ultimate Banners Game of War GoW

Note: The remainder of this article is from before the June 2017 release of new banners. It is kept for historical purposes but is superseded by the above.

Barricade Banner for Traps

Barricade Banner contains 50,000% Empire Troop Defense Bonus.  This is a must have for traps at the moment. You should have about 20k Empire Defense currently from research and paladin avatar collection. Unfortunately, rally leaders have a hair over 50k Empire Defense Debuff. So, with the Barricade Banner you will have about 20k empire defense to help you defend. Also, consider the Marshal's Training Banner listed below.

 Other Banners Available

  • Banner of Questing - Daily, Alliance, and VIP quests become more valuable. The quality of the banner will extend the amount of time the banner is active.
  • Athena's Bounty Banner - Receive additional treasure when collecting Athena's Gifts. The 100% boost doubles your Athena gifts.  The level of the banner reduces the cool down.
  • Warden Banner - receive additional bonuses from your prisoners. Rare, Epic and Legendary banners increase the number of prisoners that provide a bonus.
  • Ultimate Power Up Banner - Troop Attack +840%
  • Hero Health Banner - Health Bonus 700%
  • Power Up Banner - Troop Attack Bonus 420%

Rally and Wonder Banner

Rally Attack Bonus : 500%
Rally Health Bonus: 1000%
Wonder Holding Troop Attack Bonus: 500%
Wonder Holding Troop Health Bonus: 1000%

Legion Attack with Hero Banner

50,000% Legion Attack
1000% Type Defense Debuff

Glorious Rally and Wonder Banner

50,000% Troop Attack
100,000% Rally/Wonder Mobile Trap Health
100,000% Rally/Wonder Troop Health

Marshal's Training Banner

5,000% Troop Defense
500,000 Troop Queue Size, 1.3 Billion troops

Unlocking the Imperial Banner Building

The Imperial Banner building is unlocked when you spend some money in the Gold Store similar to the Speed Up Treasury. It requires a purchase of any amount.

Are Imperial Banners Worth It?

When Imperial Banners first released in Game of War they did not provide much boost, but are improving substantially.  The good news is the banners are permanent.  Meaning once you craft the banner, you keep it.  However, each banner has a cool down based on the level. So switching between banners will require you to wait.

Keep checking back here for more banners as they are added to Game of War!

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Updates - Imperial Banners
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  1. I’m a filler should I just go all T5’s? and how many?

  2. Please do a section on mobile traps, most effective traps today, and how siege plays into attacks. Does strategic troops still outweigh all attacks and is there any new way to set up attacks plus information for us traps to make a combo account…. attack and defense/health?? Thanks

  3. Hey Dark,
    Is there a chat room or group somewhere that discusses traps? I can’t get my troops ratios right and everything I do just seems to make it worse. Thanks

  4. What about the Vanquisher Banner over Devious or Domination for rally leaders?

    • Vanquisher benefits for a rally leader are Rally Attack vs. Empire 150 million and one could argue defense benefits the rally leader as well. This banner has no debuff for rally leaders. Its a good option if you desire maximum attack rally.

      • So your suggestion would be debuff has a better effect for rally leaders due to the chance of zeroing the targets defense rather then over powering it with attack boost?

  5. I’ve been told the rally and wonder banners, as well as power banners, are for rally leaders, and will not help when filling. Is this correct?

    • The troops you send to rally take on the stats of the hero in the rally and the stats of the rally leader. Your gear, research and stats have nothing to do with the rally’s stats if you are just filling. If you set a rally then yes those banners would help, but not while filling. Your banners will help you if you are attacked. However, wonder banners won’t help you on defense and power up banners only help if you have cores equipped.

  6. Which is best to attack/defend…im almost 1T and have a hard time defending and attacking guys my size even. So which one will help most?

    • Marshal’s Training Gear banner provides 5,000 Defense.

      More defense would be best but there just isn’t any banners for Defense so you next best option are banners that provide health. Hero Health Banner.

      That is about it for Imperial Banners for traps. If you use cores you can use the power up boost banners. Legion Attack Banner with Hero Banner increases the Legion Attack of your troops and has enemy debuffs. Your hero must be in your stronghold for it to work. So this banner doesn’t help heroless or hero out rally defenders.

      Another possibility is using the Glorious Rally and Wonder Banner. Its possible you will gain 50,000% Attack even though it states while leading a rally or occupying the Wonder, however, the stats show something different on the banner.

      • Dark,

        How do I unlock my 4th Banner; the activate button is greyed out so I can’t activate a Marshals training banner.

        • Tap where the banner should go to select a banner. Find you Marshal’s banner and equip it. Then you should be able to tap it to activate.

  7. Can the Athena Bounty Banner be used to collect double chest also.

  8. Warden Banner – receive additional bonuses from your prisoners. Rare, Epic and Legendary banners increase the number of prisoners that provide a bonus.
    What are the bonuses you get from the prisoners?

  9. Let’s say I have a level 1 Quest banner that has been used while acquiring my level 6 Quest banner. Now that my level 6 banner is finished, how do I swap it out with my level 1 banner so that I now use my level 6 Quest banner? I keep going to the banners under the forge and pressing ok on my level 6 banner for questing, but nothing going changes.

    I also can’t figure out how to activate the other 2 banners. I have never used them at all, but now I have a level 6 of those too.

    Thanks for any help.

    • The banners have a cooldown period. You will need to wait for this to end. I believe the Quest banner is a 24 hour cool down.

      • I understand the cool down period. What I can’t figure out is how to unequip the level 1 banner of questing and equip my level 6 banner of questing.
        I also can’t figure out how to equip more than 1 banner. But this problem may lie with me forgetting how to equip a banner altogether.

        • Select the banner you have equipped, just above the activate button, now choose the banner you wish to equip. Also, you can only equip one banner at a time.