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Imperial Troops – Is your Empire Ready?


Get your empire ready because Imperial troops are here! These troops are stronger than ever and have maximized some old boosts to make them even better! Today we will take a look at the troops, stats, and benefits of this tree.

The Troops

Imperial troops or T19 troops arrived on the scene just in time for The Kingdom of Champions. This is the troop that everyone will want for this event. So what do you need to know about them?

  • T19 troops require Tier 3 RSS to train
  • T19 Troops require Supreme Speed ups
  • T18 Troops when fully researched offer 1BTT in troop attack, however, T19 when fully researched offer 120TTT in attack which is exponentially larger! Even on level 1, these troops will hit harder than T18 offering 600BTT attack on level one!

The Stats

So with T19 Research, we get 240TTT more troop attack in addition to what we currently have. However, due to THE HUGE amount of attack in champions research, while this 240TTT helps and gives leads more attack, it feels like a drop in the bucket, to be honest. So unlike the champion tree, this will not require massive adjustments.

On the defensive side, we get 1.8MT resolute defense. Once again, this feels small but right now we will take every bit of defense we can get as everything is currently burning. There are still some places where it is possible to get much more defense such as banners and champion research.

The Benefits

Overall the numbers in this tree aren’t going to send anyone running for the hills. If I had a choice between choosing to max my Champion research and choosing to max my T19 research I would definitely choose to upgrade my Champion Research first as that has massive benefits compared to T19 research.

Rally sizes will increase by 3.6 T troops and 1.8T traps march size for this research. Once again these numbers are smaller compared to other march increases offered but bigger marches are always welcomed by leads.

One notable stat in this research is Prisoner capacity. Many people may wonder what is up with this stat. If you think back we get bonuses for holding heroes in our prison. However, with the numbers increasing so dramatically that stat became minimal and not worth it, this research increases this by 500% making it relevant once again.

Be sure to check out our twitch video as we test out these new troops, and see them in action

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