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The Hero Gear Tool

At Game of War Real Tips we are always looking to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Therefore we created a super simple tool that will help you solve all of the fundamental Gear problems that every Game of War player has to deal with.

Use The Hero Gear Tool Now!

Whether you have used it or not, you will soon find out it it saves you TONS of time and money in the game by helping you find the gear you can and want to craft to make the best Hero possible.

Craft The Gear That Best Fits Your Play Style!

Filter the table by as many bonuses as you want, and the tool will show you the item that has the best combination of those bonuses!

Understand Your Opponents Gear So You Can Defeat Them!charcrusher

Once you find a good target, look at their Hero Gear and search for each piece in the tool. By doing this you can quickly understand what kind of Gear they have equipped, then send the appropriate Troops to attack their weakness. See this post about attacking weak points.

Craft What You Can With The Materials You Have!ci_moltencorecage

Search the table for the Materials you have, filter it by your level, and it will generate which gear you can Craft! Conserve your Materials by learning the best Gear you can Craft with what you have.

Use The Tool To It's Full Potential:

Improve Your Hero Now!



Attention Hero

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An avid Game of War player since it's original release. My passion is teaching players how to improve their game play so that the game becomes more exciting and competitive for everyone.

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  1. I have been trying to figure out how some players are able to shield their sh and a resource tile,can you explain how this is done

    • In order to shield a tile you’ll need a 5 piece prospector set. It can be found in the economy set, under craft gear, set gear. You will need to send hero out on the march to shield. If you want to shield multiple tiles you will need the 7 piece set, and additional prospector gems in your gear. For each gem you will gain the ability to shield one more rss tile. You will have to send hero out on first march until the rss tile is shielded, and every tile after that should be shielded; as long as you satisfy the requirement of prospector gems. Hope this helps, take care and happy gaming.

  2. Hi before I could send out millions of troops to gather gold ..
    Now on all troops my max to send out to rally or gather is 480 thousand WTH did I do
    Please help

  3. I need MZ to lower how good the packs are because half the people that try to play and not spend keep getting zeroed and quit the game . And also People that spend 5 to $200 get rallied and zeroed and there goes there money . So I ask MZ plz take the packs down a notch people are getting to good which is taking down the supply of players who can’t spend or spend a little and get zeroed

  4. The Master Architect Gear Percentages are off. But this is a great tool.

  5. I’m in a pretty bad rules, no help, just hostile and attacks. My sh is 21 and my hero is 49, what is the best armor to craft at that level to both protect myself as well as to successfully attack others?

  6. Any idea when the new Xena gear will be added?

  7. Chad,

    Here’s a small suggestion (personally I would find this very useful):

    Allow users input their boosts when they have skills reset (everything at 0).
    This would allow us to add the points on top of our setup (gear, gems.. ), therefore getting a realistic view of how their boosts would look like.

    The way it is right now, although it’s pretty nice, gives only the raw skill boosts value, so if we want to know how we would look like, we would have to actually sum all the other stuff.

  8. Great video Chad!!