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What Our Tools Do For You

In order to keep you guys enjoying the best aspects of the game (ie. war, friends, and war) we have created some very helpful tools limit the time you spend on trivial things like: deciding what gear to craft, how to set your hero skill tree, and how many resources you need to train the amount of troops you want.

Below are all the tools we’ve created for your convenience.

Secret Core Recipes

This was our most recent creation due to popular demand. Players wanted an entire library of the best cores to craft and the recipes required to craft them. With our encyclopedia you will be able to quickly scroll through every recipe you could ever want, and even see the extra bonuses attached to them. There are over 75 core recipes in there!

encyclopedia of cores

Hero Gear Tool

  • Choose the gear that best fits your play style.
  • Find out the best gear you can craft at every level.
  • Understand the gear other players are wearing so you can defeat them.

This is a must read post about the benefits of the Hero Gear Tool.

The Best Troop Calculator Evertroops

  • Find out exactly how much resources and speed ups you need to train troops so can grow to power level you want
  • Find out how many troops you need to complete an event and get the rewards
  • Use it to make sure you have what you need to build the best trap account

This is a must read post about the benefits of the Troop Calculator.

Video of New Hero Skill Tree Tool

  • This is an exact replica of the hero skill tree in game
  • Save your favorite build for each occasion: war, farming, crafting, research
  • Test out which war build is best before re-skilling




Attention Hero

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  1. Brandon Weathers says

    They wanted to do a test

  2. Robert Cital says


  3. Chad says

    Really!? Did you try the Stripe option? We like stripe better anyway!

  4. Catkrazi13 says

    This would be perfect for planning out events! I use a spreadsheet based on this idea to determine if its worth spending the speed ups to go after an event.

    1. Chad says

      Which idea are you referring to?

  5. AnimeOut says

    Are all the items available in the list and is there quality-wise stats available ? Basically can I see what stats a item has for all its 6 qualities ?

    1. Chad says

      All the items are available, but only level 6 stats are shown. The idea you is look for the best gear with a combination of bonuses, then you craft that gear at whatever level you can.

  6. thar bad says

    Relic gear table isn’t working, says page not found.

    1. Chad says

      Hi thar bad,

      Due to the amount of visitors viewing the site in the last few days the server is reaching its max load, I just bought an upgraded server and everything should be settled pretty soon. The server just can’t hang!

  7. Chad says

    Hi Brandilyn,
    There is a log in button at the top of the website! Or if you are on mobile you can find it at the top of your mobile screen in the “go to..” drop down.

    Let me know if this helps

  8. Rob says

    Seems to be an issue with hero skill tree, when adding points to health and defense II, they don’t add up in the boost column on the right.

    1. Chad says

      Fixed! Thank you for informing us!

  9. Chad says

    As of right now you will just have to email us at [email protected]
    In the future we will have a more manual option

  10. Chad says

    Thanks for your support! We will continue “Wowing” you with new interactive tools in the near future.

  11. Ryan Sumida says

    The Hero Gear Tool isn’t working today. The table shows up but the filter/sort buttons aren’t visible. Also, is there an email address or web form for support issues?

    1. Chad says

      Ryan, thank you for informing us. We’ll have it back up asap.

    2. Ryan Sumida says

      Awesome! Nice job taking care of that so quickly.

    3. Ryan Sumida says

      Sorry, not trying to pester you guys but I think I found another issue. The “Category” column doesn’t seem to be populated for all the items. A lot of the items that should be labeled “Equipment” have a blank value. Only 9 items show up when you filter “Category” using the “Equipment” value.

      1. Chad says

        We’re working on updating each item since releasing the relics. It’s just a long and tedious process, but we are on it.

  12. Yoshi says

    chad, where can i sign up?

  13. Chad says

    We don’t store any cc info. It goes directly to “Stripe”.

  14. Gene says

    This will help a lot doing Inverno events. Let’s say you need 50,000 research points to finish. Instead of clicking all over the research tree so you don’t over spend (which can take several minutes just finding, unless you’re going for the top place).

    Another sortable feature can include the next available research that will give more points for the buck. Let’s say as an example there are 2 researches with 50,000 points. 1 takes 2 days to finish, 2nd takes 2.5 days, you would rather use speed ups on the 1st one.

    1. Chad says

      Precisely, we love this idea. We already have it in our schedule to work on it.

  15. Zuffy says

    Cheaper then a gold pack for great content, I am in.

  16. Chad says


  17. Trixx says

    Your ideas are great, just don’t get greedy….. don’t turn into what you were trying to help in the first place

    1. Chad says

      We don’t think anyone could interpret $4 month for the information we give them as greedy! Supporting us with $4 is going to make you a much better player than paying MZ, that’s for sure.

      1. Eric Hedford says

        Agreed, if it means keeping you guys on the job and getting good inside info, I’m happy to pay!

        1. Chad says

          Thanks Eric, we appreciate the support a lot, and you’re not the only one to think that. So far we have a great number of sign ups!

  18. Eric h. says

    Can’t wait!!! You guys rule. Sign me up!!

  19. Gene says

    I think research tree tool, like the new hero skill tree tool, would be an awesome addition to your tools. Where you can select the levels you’re on already, and display available next researches. Have like sorting ability where it shows you the next fastest research that can be done, or sort by the power it’ll give you, etc…

    1. Chad says

      That’s a freakin great idea. We’ll get to work on it!

  20. Chad says

    No, only the things mentioned in the article. Everything else will be free!

  21. tazzy21 says

    So this is a totally new site? What will happen to this blog?

  22. Owen Skinner says
    1. Chad says

      great comment owen

  23. Skeptics says

    Awesome, awesome! Look forward too learning more. My trap acc on #182 rocks it.

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