Weekly Review: Inferno Dragon & Explorer’s Reward Research

SavageArab reviews the new Inferno Dragon and what Explorer's Reward Research provides for GoW Players

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Weekly Review: Inferno Dragon & Explorer’s Research

After a long road of recovery, SavageArab is back in GoW and a lot of things have changed!

Inferno Dragon

SavageArab hasn’t had the chance to go over the new Inferno Dragon, but he has done some initial testing only to discover that it’s strong. It’s very strong.

However, he’ll be releasing another video going over the Inferno Dragon stats very soon. In the meantime, you can always review our guide about the Inferno Dragon’s impact with Cinder’s article, How To Train Your Inferno Dragon.

Explorer’s Rewards Research

In a recent drop, we’ve received a new Explorer’s Rewards Research Tree for players to dive into. Granted, SavageArab is a little confused about the bonuses it does provide, but for those who’re interested, you can acquire this research by receiving three different tomes that can be found through Event Rewards.

The bonuses provided are listed below, but make sure you let us know your thoughts about this new Research Tree in the comments below. Do you agree with SavageArab that these bonuses aren’t very impactful? Or is this a good move to slow things down in the Meta?

Sidenote: From Game of War Real Tips, we want to thank you again for the overwhelming support SavageArab has received during his recovery. We knew he was going to be fine, but it’s always amazing to see how many people came together to show SavageArab some love during his recovery!

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