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Our Dragon in the Dragon Dimension continues to evolve and now it has a new friend! We now have the Inferno Dragon available to us and I am hearing that this Dragon is starting off with a wham. This Dragon is reported to be stronger at lower levels than our current Dragon is at max. We want to take a closer look at this Dragon and how it impacts the game today. However, before we dive in if you are not familiar with the first dragon make sure you do not neglect your first Dragon Baby. Take a look at these articles that cover previous levels of the Dragon. 

How To Train your Dragon Dimension Dragon– This article covers the initial 50 levels of your Dragon Dimension Dragon. 

How to Train your Dragon Dimension Dragon 2– This article takes a closer look at levels up to 100 of your Dragon Dimension Dragon.

How to Train your Reborn Dragon– This article looks at your first Dragon even closer at levels beyond 100. 

The Details- Enter the Dragon’s Den

Dragon DenWhile our Dragon’s Den looks unchanged from the outside once you enter it is now a whole new world. Our Dragon has made a new friend and it is the Inferno Dragon. This Dragon provides a plethora of new skills that our Dragon had yet to see and we will be covering these in this article. 

Open your Dragon and you will see two Dragon Slots. You have your original Dragon (I have affectionately named mine Ruby) and your Inferno Dragon (I have not decided on a name for her yet but I was thinking about Pearl). You can click here to level up or skill your Dragon appropriately. 

Dragon Selection PageThe in-game blog introduces your Inferno Dragon with the following quote: 

The Inferno Dragon wields devastating Attack and Wonder Bonuses. Call upon it to lead your Troops with an array of powerful abilities. Watch as it burns all enemies before you! Take advantage of all the unique skills that this new Dragon has to offer, like Regenerative Tail or Dragon Flight. 

That is quite the build-up! So will our new Dragon live up to its name and blaze a fiery Inferno through our Kingdoms? Keep reading with us as we explore the benefits of this new Dragon. 


The Stats

So what kind of Stats are we looking at when we look at the Inferno Dragon? These stats are separated into different categories similarly to our previous Dragon Skills. The stats have some bang and are worth taking a closer look at. Below you can see a detailed break down of the stats available with the Inferno Dragon and how they will impact us as players. 

Inferno DragonDragon Bond

Dragon Bond Skills are going to be things such as speed, growth, and regeneration. These are the skills that grow your HP, speed up regeneration when you lose HP, and speed up your Dragon when it is marching. 

  • Dragon Bond: Regenerative Tail (Max: 600%)
  • Dragon Bond: Inferno Dragon Growth (Max: 300,000) 
  • Dragon Bond: Dragon Flight (Max: 300%) 

Dragon Spirit

These are going to be your type stats. So these stats will be effective for your troops in various situations. We are going to see three types of type stats here and of course, this is going to apply to your Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Troops

  • Dragon Spirit: Type Attack (Max: 10,000%) 
  • Dragon Spirit: Type Defense (Max: 16,000%) 
  • Dragon Spirit: Type Health (Max: 5,000%) 

Dragon Destruction 

Here is where we really start to delve into specific skills. Here we see stats that are for attackers attacking Strongholds only. Dragon Destruction is going to be an attacker only skill and we will see our Empire Assault Stats here. 

  • Dragon Destruction: Empire Assault Attack (Max: 22,000%) 
  • Dragon Destruction: Empire Assault Defense (Max: 28,000%)
  • Dragon Destruction: Empire Assault Health (Max: 13,000%)

Dragon Courage

With Dragon Courage stats we are going to delve into some general combat stats that will help to strengthen your troop stats in various situations. These are stats that are going to be beneficial in multiple situations. 

  • Dragon Courage: Troop Attack (Max: 12,000%) 
  • Dragon Courage: Troop Defense (Max: 16,000%)
  • Dragon Courage: Troop Health (Max: 7,000%) 

Dragon Carnage

The Dragon Carnage stats are where we will start looking at Wonder Specific Stats. These stats are only applicable in various Wonder Battle Situations. 

  • Dragon Carnage: Wonder Rally Troop Attack (Max: 25,000%) 
  • Dragon Carnage: Wonder Defender Troop Attack (Max: 25,000%) 
  • Dragon Carnage: Wonder Troop Health (Max: 25,000%) 

Dragon Purge

Next up, we have Dragon Purge stats. These stats are quite interesting. What makes these stats interesting is that they mostly strengthen infantry stats with some dragon stats as well but there is no equivalent for Ranged or Cavalry Troops in the stats. It begs the question of whether this will be evened out in subsequent levels or dragons. However, we will only explore what is currently available to us. 

  • Dragon Purge: Infantry Attack vs Battle Marked Target (Max: 25,000%) 
  • Dragon Purge: Infantry Attack (Max: 20,000%)
  • Dragon Purge: Colossal Inferno Dragon Growth (Max: 500,000%) 

Dragon Ego

Finally, we have Dragon Ego Stats. These are very similar to the Dragon Purge stats in that they strengthen only your infantry troops. 

  • Dragon Ego: Infantry Attack (Max: 18,000%)
  • Dragon Ego: Infantry Defense (Max: 23,000%)
  • Dragon Ego: Infantry Health (Max: 10,000%)

The Cost

We are currently working on collecting costs for this Dragon. However, we will provide you with the requirement that we have already obtained. 

Inferno Dragon Costs
1Free Unlock265m
Game of War Realtips

**These numbers are community gathered. Please let us know if you are able to help fill in any blanks and we will update costs as we are able to do so. In addition, please let us know if any numbers are inaccurate and we will update them. 


The Inferno Dragon For Defenders 

While this Dragon is advertised for attackers and Wonder players we are able to defend with more than one Dragon. While this Dragon is not defense focused it does have the ability to help defenders. We did some tests with our Inferno Dragon to see how things played out. 

The Test

For Defenders, we wanted to see if it was worth it to unlock and use the Inferno Dragon even if it was at lower levels. We took three hits to test this, in this scenario our defender only had a level 2 Inferno Dragon. We did a hit with both dragons defending and then a hit with only the Reborn or only the Inferno defending. 


TestInferno and Reborn DragonReborn Dragon Inferno Dragon
Defender Overall Loss855,432858,908851,957
Troops Lost000
Troops Injured783,153783,153783,153
Reborn Dragon HP Loss37,87775,755
Inferno Dragon HP Loss34,40268,804
Attacker Overall Loss1.28m1.26m1.26m
Attacker Troops Lost1.24m1.24m1.24m
Attacker Inferno Dragon HP Loss39,67822,49424,125

The Results are pretty self-explanatory but for those of you who need the breakdown here it is:

  1. For Overall loss, the best result was when only the Inferno Dragon was home. 
  2. Even though slightly more was lost when both Dragons were home the defender was also able to kill off more of their attacker’s march with both dragons home. 
  3. Reborn alone is the weakest scenario. 
  4. When it comes to defending with your Dragons it is beneficial to unlock your Inferno Dragon and skill even at low levels. With these tests, we believe if you are taking reins it would be most beneficial to ask for Inferno Dragons skilled for defense. 

The Skills

So when we skill our Dragon for defense what skills should we hone in on? Dragon Spirit is type stats that will help defenders and should be skilled. In addition, Dragon Courage is going to boost your overall stats. When looking at your other skills you can use the Infantry skills to strengthen your Infantry troops from Dragon Purge and Ego, however, focus in on Dragon Courage and Spirit first as they will give you a boost for all your troops instead of just one type. 

The Inferno Dragon for Attackers

Next, up we are going to take a look at the Inferno Dragon for Attackers. On paper, this Dragon has a lot of amazing stats that are going to help out attackers. We took a look at whether or not reality was the same. 

The Test

We ran two tests in this scenario. In the first hit, we had the attacker send a maxed Reborn Dragon. For the second test, our attacker sent a Level 13 Inferno Dragon. 


TestReborn DragonInferno Dragon
Attacker Overall Loss1.28m1.28m
Attacker Troop Loss1.24m1.24m
Attacker Reborn Dragon HP Loss47,008
Attacker Inferno Dragon HP Loss39,678
Defender Overall Loss791,887855,432
Defender Troop Loss00
Troops Injured724,978783,153
Reborn Dragon HP Loss35,06337,877
Inferno Dragon HP Loss31,84634,402

Once again the results are self-explanatory, however, we are going to break it down for you:

  1. The attackers Inferno Dragon took less of a hit to HP even though the overall Loss was the same for both hits. 
  2. When the defender was attacked with the Inferno Dragon the troops affected and Dragon HP was increased. 
  3. Based on this we recommend that as attackers are able to level their Inferno Dragon they switch to this Dragon. We have heard of the Inferno Dragon being more effective as low as Level 7. Make sure you are testing and seeing which of your Dragons is stronger as you work to get to that point. 

The Skills

When we look at stats for attackers we are going to prioritize the following stats:

  • Dragon Destruction
  • Dragon Courage
  • Dragon Spirit
  • Dragon Purge
  • Dragon Ego

All of these skills are going to be beneficial to our attackers so make sure you are skilling them to as high a level as possible. 

The Inferno Dragon for Wonder Players

Unfortunately, we do not yet have any tests for Wonder when it comes to the Inferno Dragon. The Dragon has some amazing stats so for our Wonder players who are reading make sure you are skilling and testing to ensure that you are using the Dragon that will best benefit you in Wonder Situations. 

The Skills

When we look at skills for the Inferno Dragon and wonder we are going to prioritize: 

  • Dragon Carnage
  • Dragon Courage
  • Dragon Spirit
  • Dragon Purge
  • Dragon Ego

Make sure that you are skilling and reskilling and testing as needed! 

The Inferno Dragon is a beast and worth taking the time to test and use. Make sure that you are skilling for the appropriate function! What other questions do you have about the Inferno Dragon? Let us know in the comments and we will do our best to keep you updated as we discover more. In the meantime make sure you join us on socials. 

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