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Interview with Allysssa – Top Rally Leader K346 Linos United [MGd]


On the evening stronghold 40 (41) was released, this stronghold 41 named Allysssa ported into our kingdom.  She was tagless at the time but had insane kills and stronghold 41.  

So, I sent her an invite. That evening we proceeded to lay waste to everything in our path.  

Then, I asked if I could interview her for the site.  She said, “yup!” 

I wanted to interview her to see what her opinion was on the recent “Annihilation Week” – the week SH41 was released and mega spenders like her were able to one shot zero everyone. I figured she would have some strong opinions on this event because of the radical impact it had on players. More specifically, I wondered if she would hold back, or go all out destroying everyone. More on that at the end of the article.

Allyssa also provides Real Tips readers with updated boosts and debuffs.

Let’s begin.

Interview with Allysssa – One Shot Zero Queen

Allysssa profile Game of War

Hey Allysssa! Where are you from?

Scotland 🙂

How long have you been playing Game of War?

Maybe around 2.5 years. I played a game called Invasion.  It was ok.  Then I saw the advert for Game of War on TV so I downloaded it.

What did you think about the complexity of GoW?

It’s taken ages to figure it all out but I’m intrigued by it.

So you enjoy the learning curve of it?

Yes, and I’m still learning.

In your opinion, is the game more or less complicated now?

I think it’s gotten more demanding by the way the game expands so quickly.  Its frustrating seeing people quit the game, etc.

Let’s talk about “Annihilation Week.” When level 40 buildings dropped along with stronghold 41, many players were caught off guard by the immense power of these top rally leaders. Many players suffered a “one shot zero”. In other words, these players lost their entire army in one solo or rally. How has this time affected from the rally leader perspective?

Well, as you know, I hit Stronghold 41 while in visiting (MGd) alliance.  At first, I couldn’t believe the crazy stats! The targets from (MGd) players were coming thick and fast on screen and we were jumping around like crazy people seeing if we could get another zero

We were testing limits.  (N Q) RoxyRica offered to scout for me so yes we were hitting hard.

How were the reports?

I felt a little guilty that I had zeroed so many people. I received lots of emails. Some were nice but many were hateful and hurtful. So, I took some time off for a few days.  Even now I’m wary of hitting people in our kingdom.  We need our kingdom to fight together in an event.  I’m kind of a team player. I’m holding back somewhat.

Is 346 Linos United your home now?

For the time being yes.  If (MGd) will allow myself and Draco to stay in the alliance LoL.  They are a nice bunch of people.

Super Wonder

Are you interested in participating in the Super Wonder?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the game throws at us next. So many people have left or are leaving. LoL, maybe we will all end up playing another game elsewhere together, who knows.

Oh, I did get all set up for the Super Wonder the time it went totally glitched and was unplayable.  It was so much to set up and it was all wasted. It would be nice to run for it again I suppose, but it takes great management, time, and money.

Allysssa Hero

VIP 75, Hero 130, 1.84 MT kills.

Please leave questions or comments for Allysssa below!

  1. Judge Dredd says

    I applaud the power players, they play the game the way that want to and obviously enjoy it.

    It is sad to see people leave the game, but I don’t blame the players, it is MZ at fault, if anyone. Shields are there for a reason, I have been using them myself.

    Well done on your accomplishments, I know it wasn’t easy to mold your account into a power house. So many upset people blame you for playing the game, but I for one love watching you play and dominate. Keep it up!

  2. Jon says

    MZ ruined it. Of course everyone is quitting when you can get zeroed with 1 solo. Because of that MZ is running another “merge war” but calling it strongest kingdom or something like that because there’s so few people that aren’t shielded. Who wants to play that?

  3. Dean Whitehouse says

    She was 386, then 358 now jumped again . Now 20? Loyalty lol. These accounts are everything that is wrong with game of war. Abusing unreleased stuff to wreck the game. All about $$. Zero skill. On a level playing field these big accounts are bang average players.

    Sh41 was a milestone. So many people zeroed and quit and didn’t rebuild. Hades rings was the next step with monster attack crap today. Now a couple of players rampaging across kingdoms and zeroing everything not shielded. 100mt zeroed 1 hit by Solo is out of control. Superwonder contenders not immune. Players leaving en masse.

    Everyone is shielded. In 2 days I’ve gone from capping rallies and rally filler to needing 10 packs to be able to survive a solo!! Insane. I really feel for the big guys being 1 shotted by ctesse. VIP 85. We can’t even see the stats on that so how can you counter it.

    New merge is going to be funny. Who kill’s the most monsters as everyone will be shielded if they haven’t already been zeroed.

    The heart has been ripped out of this game . So sad to see what was once a great game get gutted like this.

    1. Judge Dredd says

      Abusing unreleased stuff? Obviously it was released or MZ would have undone it.

      How people play is none of your business, some people like to port around and visit other kingdoms and play with other alliances, obviously you have some negative feelings for some reason? But it’s not fair to blame power players for your problems, every game has them, and the game developers shouldn’t add stuff they don’t want people to use.

      Shields are nearly free and in the game for a reason, and anyone who plays just a little bit can easily figure out how to avoid a one shot zero.

      I agree the game needs to be fixed, but crying and talking smack about other players isn’t the solution.

  4. Revo 75 says

    Those using rings leveled up can you identify the stat that is giving the overwhelming strength to the attackers using them?

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